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  2. Yes,A single screen Pepper does sound more like a nice prequel game. I guess that I wanted to see a Pepper III sequel type of game, with more mazes, and possibly more character options. (Pepper II was always one of my favs!) Thanks.
  3. I would love to see a Pepper homebrew, possibly SGM compatible. Both my friend and I would each buy a Pepper homebrew game!
  4. Mecha-8 looks incredible and addicting! Battle of Hoth will be an excellent port to the Colecovision. And, Ghostbusters on the Colecovision, means it's time to get slimed! Happy New Year, and Thank you for the excellent games!!
  5. http://www.atariage....-command-arcade Yurkie, I found Missile Command Arcade, in the 2600 hacks section, and tried it today with a T&F controller. Nukey Shay did an excellent job with this Missile Command hack! Wish it was available on a cartridge.
  6. An excellent controller, perfect for Q*bert with the 4-way joystick. Newport Prostick III eBay Auction -- Item Number: 280970799002 Thanks.
  7. Although I'm still curious what made the game freeze up, after I brought the Chalice into the Red Castle (Level One), I could not repeat it. I spent almost 3 hours with this excellent game today, but the bat kept taking the Chalice!! Level two was excellent. The Dragon killed me, and was done very well. Can't wait to see this game done!
  8. Thanks! Are you talking about the dark mazes in the red castle or the top room of the castle with the torches? The dark mazes light area flickers so you can see the item you're carrying (player0 is always displayed over player1). In the rooms with the torches, the walls change colors from light to dark for a "torch effect." Was it one of these two things? If so, they're part of the game. The top room of the castle with the torches. After I took the chalice into the castle, the entire game was frozen/locked. Nothing would work. I thought since I had brought the chalice into a castle this might be the end of a level. It looked very nice, but I had to reset the game on the console, instead of going to the next level.I am going to try it again and see if I can repeat this, and find out exactly where it is. Excellent game!
  9. EMRII is excellent, and will make a great game when finished. I enjoyed the gamplay very much last night. It was hard to stop testing this fine game. The one thing that did stop me was when I took an item (trophy/cup/chalice) into the red castle, the game screen started flashing, while displaying the chalice. Was that supposed to happen? I had to reset and start over. Thanks.
  10. Colecovision Arcade Joystick #14 has arrived safely, and works great! The Joystick control is wonderful, as I tested several games, they all worked great. All 4 buttons work fine. And, the cable connection is fine, no problems at all. (Wish I could test the side buttons.) Everyone (retroillucid, coleco_master and 5-11under) did a great job bringing the arcade experience home to enjoy on the ColecoVision! Thanks!
  11. Everything here has been sold. Thanks!
  12. Space Rocks looks and plays great! This game is addicting and I hope to see it available on a cartridge. Excellent work!
  13. Yes, those are some nice pictures! Toby is doing an excellent job! I can't wait to try this arcade controller.
  14. Bought one custom controller from Ax. He always does a great job, with the controllers, and shipping them. Thanks Ax.
  15. My controller arrived, and it looks great! Ax did a fantastic job creating the custom "Space Invaders" themed NES/Atari 7800 Conversion Pad. Thanks Ax!
  16. The 30th Anniversary Patch has arrived, and it looks great! A nice collectors item that will not be sewn onto something. Great job!
  17. eBay selling sounds like a good idea. More Colecovision fans and collectors would see it, and enjoy buying the T-shirt. The XL size should be the most popular. Both RelliK111 and myself(purenergy) would like to buy XXL/2XL size T-Shirt(s). Anyone else here @ Atariage want an XXL size? Thanks
  18. Got mine and am enjoying another great game from Bob, Thanks! Congrats on your new job!
  19. I would like to buy one Rip-Off cart. Bob always does great work!
  20. My favorite would be the Black shirt with the Large Grey Logo on the front. Thanks!
  21. The black T-shirt on the bottom is my favorite. Thank you for making these.
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