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  1. Indy 500 is your game. Requires driving controllers (if you pick up Indy 500, make sure to get a working pair of those controllers). My brother and I had a blast playing that game when we were kids.
  2. Thanks, Mr SQL! And thanks Karl G for making this, I look forward to giving it a go! Absolutely it is a great example of the holiday spirit, I love this kind of stuff. Would love to see more (or, you know, some) games focusing on Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Tết, Lunar New Year, the works. Any and all suggestions are more than welcome! Merry Xmen!
  3. Hello there! I was just wondering if the ROMs for some Christmas-themed homebrews and hacks have ever been made publicly available at any point. Specifically: Holiday QB Christmas Adventure Santa Bros. Santa’s Scabs Santa’s Workshop Space Santa Just curious. Thanks! Merry Christmas and all the other holidays!
  4. Got it. Not sure why I wasn't smart enough to figure that out, but there you go. I thought I might have downloaded the wrong version or something. I'm just tickled to death to see the cement pie factory level on the 2600, as well as the elevator level. I really do prefer the Japanese order of the screens. I never knew why the U.S. arcade version was ordered so strangely.
  5. Very nice, and I am enjoying, but um, I only have one life. How do I select more? I tried the select switch and that selects the level. Am I missing something?
  6. Thank you, kenfused, from six years in the future. I just got my Atari 8-bit Ultimate SD Cart from MacRorie, and one of the very first games I tried was Gremlins, and I was disappointed that the sound was so wonky. I figured that someone had posted a fix here sometime over the years, and I found it here! I'll give this fixed version a try. By the way, another issue with certain 5200 games converted to 8-bit games is, what about games (such as Gremlins) that used the upper fire buttons? On this game, for instance, how do I use the flash cubes? Thanks!
  7. I've been wanting something like this for a very long time now but unfortunately I haven't been terribly active here lately, and I just now saw this. I am very interested. Am I too late? Please put me on a list. I will send a PM.
  8. Thanks to all who responded, this is exactly the kind of info I am looking for. I realize that wanting to know what the paddle games are for the 2600 is a perennial topic, and the response is to point them in the direction of the controller page, which is why I specifically wanted to know of any more recent homebrews/hacks that weren't on the list. There were a couple of hacks from way back that I knew of, for example, like Betterblast and ROL Out. If any of you know of any more, I would sure appreciate it. I would love to see a master "special controller" list that was kept up to date, including paddle games, keyboard games, trakball hacks, dual joysticks, other controllers, etc. I had heard of Brik 180 and had planned to check that out, but I was totally and pleasantly surprised to learn of the existence of Circus Atariage. I was well aware of the 7800 version, but didn't know there was a 2600 demo out there. I am a huge fan of Circus Atari and eagerly await its completion and release. I'm just a huge fan of all paddle games in general, Breakout-type games in particular. JJJJJS, I can find very little info on the 2600 Polybius (I know all about the arcade myths) and no info on PGRE Smash Hit.
  9. Thank you, I have already done exactly that (I've seen the question and response posted before from a few years ago); I just wanted to know of any homebrews and hacks that are not on that list, if any.
  10. Of course I know all the regularly-released games that use paddles (as do we all), but I was wondering if there were a list of all the other games (homebrew and hacks) that also use paddles. I'd like to put them all in a paddle folder on my Harmony cart (in the same way I put all of those sweet Trakball hacks in their own folder). Is there some sort of master list of all the special controller games (including games that use dual joysticks)? Thanks!
  11. I just got a nice, possibly never-used CX22 Trak-Ball and am itching to use it. I would be rather tempted to get the Centipede TB cart, but only if there were an option to get rid of that white border, which has always bothered me very greatly. I always thought it made it look like you're playing in a small room, and I have the same problem with Galaxian for the 2600 (although I think there is a hack that removes the yellow border). Also, I think I did see a hack of 7800 Centipede which enables trak-ball control AND gets rid of the white border, but I wouldn't be able to play that until I get a Concerto Cart, which I am awaiting patiently (any new news on that?) Any chance you could put them all on one cart and call it "Atari Trak-Ball Classiks?"
  12. I would have it trigger a congratulatory message to pop on the screen, saying to call an 800 number to receive further secret instructions. The person would excitedly dial the number, only to hear a pre-recorded message of Skeletor cackling.
  13. I'm wanting to order the Crazy Brix cart from the AA store, but was wondering if they are the fixed version (that was posted on April 27, 2016). If so, I will go ahead and order post haste!
  14. AHA! THANK YOU! This is exactly the Rosetta Stone I was looking for. It will be completely unnecessary now to mess with converting any of those old .wav files. Everything I had was current up to April, 2005, so this is far better than I expected. I was just planning on converting whatever I needed, and then go through and try to catch up on everything since then. It will be much easier to catch up from 2013 than 2005. All I really wanted was the path of least resistance: what would be quicker, to (hopefully) do a batch conversion of those old files, or go through and re-download them again one by one? Thankfully, it's now moot. Thanks again!
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