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  1. Skyhammer is a Songbird release, unless I'm mistaken Telegames should not have anything to do with the quality of your box on that one.
  2. I really enjoyed that game but I agree, it was attempting something a bit beyond what fighters were capable of at the time. That'd be an awesome project on the Jaguar.
  3. I'd expect a lot more from the finished games than what we saw in the demos (and I know what we saw of Conan was nowhere near as developed as Native), but even then my standards wouldn't be terribly high considering the Jaguar has no side scrolling beat em ups and the standard bearer for horizontal scrolling shoot em ups is... Trevor McFur. Until the Last Strike at least!
  4. Mine has been Conan ever since gameplay footage materialized, but I'm guessing it's a Native situation where the console couldn't handle the finished product.
  5. This was a great time to be a Jaguar fan. There was still tons of in-fighting and drama but there was a sense of us VS the world that was so fun and unique to the Jaguar and that time period. I'm sure many of us, myself included, thought Battlesphere was the one game that was too good to be true, that never would materialize. It was certainly a roller coaster watching its development and interacting with 4Play.
  6. I've had a lot of interest in these but no follow through, making one last push before breaking them up on eBay.
  7. That would be awesome, this is the first I'm hearing about it. Was there an official announcement saying as much?
  8. Battlemorph Iron Soldier 2 Highlander Hoverstrike All are CIB. Iron Soldier 2 is from what I believe was the first run of the game. Boxes for Battlemorph and IS2 are in good condition with a little wear. Hoverstrike and Highlander boxes are pretty worn, Hoverstrike has some slight ripping of the cardboard inside the box, Highlander box as you can see has a slice through the top left. The only disc that has some minor scuffs is Hovestrike. All four were tested last year when I sold my CD unit and all were still working fine. Contiguous US only please. I'd rather sell here than eBay, so expect a discount for selling direct to start with and then another if offering on the lot or at least a package. I'll be happy to provide more pics if requested. Thanks guys!
  9. To the point of the previous couple of posts, is there a complete list of games supported by the pro controller compiled anywhere? I'm assuming any game that allows you to reassign the controls would fall under this category as well?
  10. Awesome! And I guess a more appropriate question to ask you directly is if AstroStorm is a Jaguar exclusive?
  11. Looks very cool! Is AstroStorm the only one of the three releases that's exclusive to the Jaguar? Also Sporadic somewhat off topic but are you still working on your other Jaguar projects?
  12. JI1 or JI2, let's go! I don't think I ever refreshed any page that many times per day in my life. And I'm glad at least some portion of Jagu-Dome still lives on.
  13. That pretty much just describes one developer from that generation, and yeah, I don't think we'll ever be seeing a playable Jaguar title from Dark Knight =D.
  14. Welcome to the self defeating task of trying to be a positive, enthusiastic member of the Jaguar community. =D
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