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  1. I always found the Alien to be the hardest scenario. You can't refill energy and when you hatch from an egg (and you have to wait for the alien to grow) after dying you are set back and have to go the find the way all over again. That part made it a bit tedious for me. Wilcos tips are good, especially the saving in the elvator. As a marine learn the way and clear out all enemies before you attempt to get to the escape pod... Don't get trapped in an airduct without ammo and health
  2. You might want to take a look at the post linked below. I also had a problem with my Repro Pro Controller as some others but the fix is really simple so no need to retire it... Fixing Repro Jag Controller
  3. The ring of flames wasn't too bad though.:D
  4. Never got the hang of Gods (also didn't buy the remake on modern consoles) but I have really really fond memories of Chaos Engine at a friend's place Amiga. And while I can't afford keeping up with jaguar collecting it's really nice to see all this titles finding their way over to the Jag.
  5. I didn't like the "puzzles" and the forced jumping mechanics for some segments...it's well done but from my point of view platforming doesn't realy work out in a FPS, never has, still doesn't. I know original Doom also had some puzzles and searching for switches but it never felt like you are halted in blasting away demons where Eternal does...and it is not like you don't blast enough demons but these sections didn't feel like a change of pace or relief but merley annoying trying for the tenth time to do a jump over someplace to continue the action. But talking about repeating and trying...I'm hooked to Dark Souls (Remastered) again...
  6. Nice...never heard of The Mummy Demastered...will check it out. Video looks cool. (Not really related but I just saw a video after that of the Turrican Flashback Collection and completly gutted it's not available on xbox...ack) About the homebrew topic, it might have to do with people already tinkering on the jag with the BJL and and Jaguar server and whatever they had back then long before the jag was made open. You had the "Jaguar underground" and it was all homebrew... But then again maybe it is just a lable. I'm no historian but if memory serves me right "Indie game" is a rather young term compared to homebrew, at least that is my perception. So from the point I see it you had the homebrews were someone was tinkering with something at home and only a few people had access or it was free or whatever and then in the last few years this other leg of the industry would slowly rise were you wouldn't have a huge team and a costly development but still produce a hit game... in my head it is nothing else than a homebrew only that it sold millions of copies...for example something like Limbo done by three people if I am not mistaken. But you can call you your effort every way you like it looks kick ass no matter how it is labeled. And it is on the Jaguar.
  7. Yes really, in hindsight it is crazy that there was no way to go than 3D back then blocky, crude, when you could have perfectly beautiful pixel art... and then Atari said...make it look like a playstation game and texture everything. Really nice progress, I enjoy these videos very much. Haven't seen the roll jump before I think also nice and I dig the music.
  8. Well it is not the same ship as one can see in the screenshot but it reminded me of it with the wings at the rear of the ship and with something on the top... then again why would anyone reference Crescent Galaxy....
  9. Well I guess technically it's not lost as the coder, I remember a post by Scott LeGrand, made it very clear that he took measures to preserve the code but yeah to everyone trying to do something with it it's lost. 😕 What you are describing is something I had hoped to get with the expansion CD's. Or actually I even hoped the game itself would be more like that when I didn't yet know more about it. I thought it would be more mission based and it turned out more like an arcade game. Thinking of source code for the Jaguar there is already quite some source code out there but aside from Doom it doesn't look like anyone really did anything with what is there so I wonder if it would have been any different with Battlesphere. I think there is source to a lot of games, don't know how complete though but nothing came out of it after all this years. Here's some and I think there might be even more ...Tempest 2K, Iwar, Fight for life, Crescent Galaxy, Club Drive, Checkered Flag, Breakout 2000, 2600 emulator, BIWN... So I'm not sure how helpful the source to that other game would have been in that regard or we might already have gotten a better 3D fighter than FFL turned out to be despite it somewhat solid 3D engine.:)
  10. I played some 25 levels of Defender 2000 tonight also and at some point I lost all my dudes and went to limbo and I constantly got killed by this kind of ship and it seemed somehow familiar to me. What do you guys say? Did Jeff Minter throw in a little reference to Trevor McFur? Also I realized that I do not completely suck at D2K thanks to the power ups whereas I completely suck at the original defender or protector or any game in that vein.:) Oh and something else occured to me today. This game somehow feels much more toned down and "mainstream" than any of the other Minter games I have. Aside from some sound effects, the giraffes at the end of the game, the bonus stages and obviously the pause graphic it feels different in its tone somehow, maybe the rendered graphics or something but it never occurred to me until today that this one at least in this version feels a bit different. (Defender plus with its tripy visuals looks more the part.)
  11. So, I had a go at it today after talking about it the last two days... Interesting that I remember some things differently than others. For example I like the music much more than I remember caring for it before. On the other hand I found Gauntlet to be rather tedious with its almost always repeating waves of enemies and the odd different wave in between. Back in then it was cool to discover the new ships like the sharks and flying saucers and so on, I felt getting bored faster this time around. Alone against the empire still held up and to me seems the best mode now for a few rounds. Also interesting, I tried to play the game differently today than I used to but quickly reverted to proven strategies. I don't know how people play the game flying forwards, I constantly find myself flying backwards away from the enemies trying to shoot them. Guess it doesn't matter in space but it seems I would be a shit jetfighter pilot for an airplane.
  12. I don't recall exactly but 7,8 or 9 sounds about right. Probably 8 because we also tried Air cars afterwards and I think that's the maximum number of players there and I remember people being pretty enthusiastic that we finally managed to have a big jaguar Network... On the other hand I imagine we would have been exactly as enthusiastic with 6 or 7 consoles.:D In any case it was a bit of a hassle to setup and a really nice group effort. We had to have enough Battlesphere and BSG carts, catboxes and scatboxes and also the cables. I had mine from the jaglink and fortunately Matthias Domin had a full bag of telephone cables with him as if he had known.:) Also we had difficulties to get the network running because unfortunately Battlesphere relies on all players to press a button at the same time to connect to the network and BS classic and BSG have different times after starting the console. BSG loads everything faster so we had to get everyone in timedelayed synch so to speak. This proved a bit difficult with the consoles going around the corner and not seeing everyone's screen to know when they are ready. But once it ran it was rock solid and a lot of fun. But we also never repeated a network with that many in all the following years. Also to this day I didn't have the opportunity to play the Battlesphere mode with someone, I think that one is only for two players and you can overtake the enemy bases with a virus but I never had enough time with anyone to figure that one mode out. For a game that simple at the core it wasn't ever really something to just pick up and play aside from gauntlet and free for all.
  13. The level 92 bug was in Battlesphere classic, but yeah somehow nice to have the possibility to patch a cartridge game. Although I thought it was a bit overkill since they did this not to give the level code away and then not long after Saturn found the "run the gauntlet"-code so this was a mute point as you could jump to level 93 if you wanted to. But yes I agree with what you said and it seems we made similar experiences with our carts (although it was BSG for me, so a bit later) It's kinda sad that the whole drama was around this game since it's pretty solid if you like space sims and of course it's networkable. So a wider availability and lower prices would have been cool for jafests and such. (We had a lot of fun with one big network on one of the E jafests after setting everything up. I still have some of Matthias'telephone cords.:D)
  14. For those who have followed this back in the day it's clear that it's not going to happen but as you weren't around back then, don't hold your breath. This whole thing took a bad ending unfortunately. Actually when BSG released for me it was a really good sign of cool things to come. It had the ability to bypass unencrypted CD ROMs which for me was the first possibility to play those things, I dabbled even a bit with Jugs and the possibility to load games to ram. Then there was a chart with announced follow up games from Scatologic and other Devs and the idea to get mission expansion CDs that could be hooked up with BSG. Quite exciting at that time but nothing else ever came after that aside from the release of the Scatbox and a lot of arguing on the internet and sour grapes. So no source for you.:/ Edit: All this talking about BSG makes me want to play it again. Maybe I'll take it out this evening and see on which wave of Gauntlet I got stuck back then.:) Haven't played it in a long while.
  15. The idea here is that you try to defend your bases, while trying to defeat the attackers. So this mode part strategy and part action on your part. On the map you mentioned you can send your ships to certain sectors to protect your bases or attack other ships. You'll not want to send a fighter to battle a supership. It will take a while but they will use the warp speed to go the sector you send them to. And you can also choose the sector you want to go to. In order to warp, you'll need to go to full speed, than activate warp on the keypad and then trying to keep "on course" to not miss your chosen sector. I forgot if you can dock your bases in this mode, I think so, when you are alone with your base and standing still next to it, you can call a robot that loads up your supplies... Not sure about it, maybe it's another mode but in general that's what AatE-Mode works like... It's not as pick up and play like the modes you mentioned but I really liked back then when I was putting some time into the game. This and Gauntlet had me coming back to discover more new stuff und codes.
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