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  1. Yeah Hyperforce is far from a great game. I tried to like it, couldn't. You want it to be good, it just isn't. Interestingly enough that makes it even more dull than a total trainwreck like Trevor MCfur or something where at least you can marvel at the fact that they bothered to release such a desaster.
  2. Wondered about the Japanese 3DOs as well. There was one a few days ago relatively cheap with two games from the UK for 160 Euros or something like that but of course I did not pay attention ah well...
  3. Yes, someone above mentioned that too and I agree. From time to time I was looking out for a 3DO but haven't found one yet for a price I was ok with. But yeah considering the topic I probably didn't choose the best option for a first encounter on emulator and on my PC-LED, it's true...
  4. Interesting. Honestly I don't even know why I was so surprised but probably the reason why I wanted to share the sentiment. I had to laugh a bit about myself. Of course what was I expecting from a console from the mid 90s but somehow I was expecting something else. Well still interesting to see all the "could have beens". But then again realizing that we didn't miss much on Creature Shock and Demolition Man and ... wasn't Virtuoso also announced for the Jag. Oh my god... what a crapfest. I'm reall ylate to the party with these haha
  5. This is only semi Jaguar related but I wanted to hear about your thoughts as I made a rather curious observation for myself a few days ago and I wanted to hear how it is for you. As a kid I used to drool over the screenshots in videogame magazines and marvel at some of the graphics and probably also having the imagination running wild. Of course in owning a Jaguar at some point I would get to know how those games really looked. And while for example the graphics in AvP weren't as "photorealistic" as I imagined and the frames of animation of the sprites left a bit to be desired I was still floored by the graphics. A part of that remains to this day. And of course because I own the games and could play them over the years I still see how beautiful the graphics in Rayman are or let's say what they tried to achieve with Skyhammer so it carries on to this day. I missed these "in between steps" with the 3DO so I have only the magazine screenshots from back in the day and my recent play with an emulator and I was kind of shocked how bad some of the stuff is looking when in my head I always had this sort of really sharp and almost photorealistic look attached to the 3DO images. I guess it is not a big relevation but I wanted to try some of the games that were announced or rumored for the Jaguar and made it to the 3DO and was a bit shocked how muddy, pixelated and different than expected some of it looked (Especially everything with FMV in it like Rebel Assault but also stuff like Quarantine which I at least remember from the PC). Made me wonder if that is how I would look upon the Jag games if I hadn't grown up with them and just tried them out today for the first time. Still wish we would have gotten Return fire.
  6. Sounds like a cool wife and daughter if they try to keep you from getting rid of it all. :-) Hope you don't regrett it someday.
  7. Good for you if it closes easily.:) Mine never did, I have to push down the button when closing and releasing it afterwards. Been like that since day one and only discovered that it is supposed to be different at the first Jagfest when I saw someone else's machine.
  8. It does indeed I also like it a lot, the only thing that I don't quite like is pulling the legs to the front when jumping, it is unique somehow but the Turrican fan in me wants to see them go slightly to the back. Nice to follow in any case.
  9. I never gave very much on getting points in most games and with Tempest most of the time I'm happy, if I make it through alive on a hard web. And jumping is such an integral part, I don't even know how or if some situations can be solved without jumping. It is also a lot of fun, when I was playing it a lot I was amazed at how preciesley you can jump in and out of some situations and that was with a standard controller. Always hated that a "hover"-feature that was designed for Tempest 3000 instead of the jump. But this thread made me aware that in all the Tempest games I played T2k, T3K, TxK, T4K and if you want also Space Giraffe I make it through the whole game at some point but I am always really bad at amassing points. 🙂
  10. Ah ok, then that's it. I'll try JCP then, never looked back once the GUI was available.:D
  11. So tonight I propably am going to try out all the stuff I hadn't had the chance to in the last few month. Nice game and very smooth controls but man do I suck at it. I got old or something. 🙂
  12. Ok, so finally I got my Jaguar connected again, although it is not without shortcomings, my new TV does not have a Scart input anymore so I have to use one of those Scart to HDMI boxes and somehow using that, my TV refuses to be set to a 4:3 image but well, I'll find a way eventually. Now I tried to load your demo onto my Skunk (Using the Gui) but all I get is a black screen. I also tried power cycling and holding Up + A but still just a black screen. Any Idea what I can do?
  13. Little love letter to: Mutant Penguins is no easy pickup and play. First you need to understand the game mechanics. You have to collect little blue gremlins then you have to put several of them in chests to open those, in there you find letters for your weapon, once you have all the letters you get the weapon and then you have to charge the weapon by hitting penguins. Only then will you be able to kill the enemies. This happens while all the while the bad guys start to walk towards the scale of doom. You can also use the gremlins to feed traps to kill enemies while you don't have a weapon yet. It's all pretty chaotic and not very self explanatory, but once you get the hang of the mechanic, it's a funny game. I enjoyed the different themes and the humour and the sound effects when you hit a penguin with a pan. It's a quite unique game so it has a really soft spot with me. Also someone mentioned the minigames in between are also a neat break. I just wish there would be a whacky background music (or music at all) and ultimately more levels...:)
  14. I can relate to the fatigue feeling but then I am someone who is not complaining if a campaign is "only" 6 or 8 hours long, if the game is fun I really don't mind. Then again I never buy games for the retail price but wait to buy them used or in a deal online so I probably can't relate to those people who expect a long game for their 60 bucks. Also I can spend hundreds of hours in a Dark Souls game and even if sometimes I get mad that I tried something way to often, it never feels like time wasted because I am engaged, developing new strategies and curious to go further. At the same time I never understood the appeal of "real" open world games. I really do not enjoy traveling for hours by foot, car or horse to get to a certain point where something happens. If it is a fetch quest even worse. I discovered that I am not made for those. I tried several AC games, GTA back in the day, Red Dead Redemption and MSG5 and each and every single time I got bored by having to travel around, then at some point you start trying out what kind of different things might work and then I never touch those games again. And latley I see myself drawn to 2D titles like Dead Cells, Valfaris which trigger something from my childhood in me while being new games which is a really neat and enjoyable combination.
  15. Just saw this, I am StoneGaia over there. Rarley play online but who knows. 🙂
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