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  1. The Skyhammer artwork looks like it looks because it is a screen from the game and pixelated. I`ve never seen that particular image while playing the game but I remember a discussion about it.
  2. Looks awesome. Very very cool.
  3. Better try it on a skunkboard or the sdcard when it's here as it's an interesting piece of Jaguar Software but not that much to play. You will check it out and then probably never touch it again. I followed its story for years and when it finally was released to the public I was very grateful but at the same time realised that there is not that much of game there so save your money and check it out when you have the means to upload it.
  4. Chris what's the point you are trying to proof? Feels like a strange kind of personal grudge. Don't you think people had enough time to make up their minds after all these years? From my personal view Rebellion released a flawed masterpiece, a shitty game and had another good one in the pipeline for the Jag that I enjoyed when Carl released it. Post Jaguar I never found any of their games any good aside from PC AvP. From what I see I don't hold them in very high regard as Devs but why care? There is so much good stuff out there. And although I don't care for their later work I can respect that they managed to launch a career out of developing games for our Jag. Cool story at the end of the day...
  5. Function following form...errr...looking good. :-)
  6. I don`t expect the SD Cartridge to be taken out THAT often. And truth to be told I think it looks really cool and finally something different for a change.
  7. Don't have anything on paper but I also heard or read that Atari first refused Worms until it apparently became a hit.
  8. Actually I never thought about it, but when people talk about this I was always thinking about the later releases like WTR or IS2 and so on. I have a hard time imagining that they do new prints of Brutal Sports. There are plenty around I suppose.
  9. I do not have a clue on the programming side of things but Battlemorph was insofar special on the musical side as it had smooth transitions of the soundtrack whenever you would change from flying to going underwater. So maybe whatever triggered your issue might have had something to do with that.
  10. The pins are easy enough to bend in the right position. Many here have wrote about it. Why don't you try that first before you try to change the cables and make another controller unusable in the process? Seems a lot easier.
  11. Cool jut tried it out. Never played an "original" donkey kong ame before so this was a first. It is really interesting how this looks like a snes game. Very interesting. Nice how all these things keep coming for our favorite console. Thanks for sharing.
  12. PeterG

    Moar Minter!

    Has there been the chance to try it in VR somewhere?
  13. The second stick needs to be wired to the number pad. That way you can fire in all directions. When I had Total carnage I got used to using the keypad, but it is not comfortable. Once I played it with the two stick layout on the Xbox midway arcade set I had a hard time going back to the jaguar for this one.
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