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  1. Thank you, how cool to see all this stuff popping up all these years later. If only a playable rom would unearth too. I couldn't stop laughing about this one. Guess there is no shortage of people who are mad at Atari :
  2. Really great work on this combo. Looking forward to the finish and the strobe light:-). It is interesting that it fits. When I saw the first pictures I always imagined the CDRom to be raised a bit and I do like the look of how the base unit is somehow just waiting to be completed but I was surprised when I finally had it, how much it was raised, as if they planed for it to be slimmer but that didn't work out for whatever reason.
  3. If anyone wins the lottery with this it would be rather funny. Maybe I should try next Wednesday.:D
  4. How cool that this is going on. I was swept up in a few other things and didn't follow quite as usual. Great news for everyone. Really exciting news, now it is interesting to see if there are enought to go around from the initial order. Just checked my number in line and it is 51, based in Europe, fingers crossed.
  5. Cool find, now that it's there I too wished to see more of it. And I would have liked to see the enemies. There's something dropping from the ceiling but it is too fast and too dark to make it out. In any case very intersting to see that there is more than just a single screenshot and it looks very AvP with motion tracker and slow movement.
  6. Nice one, the french magazine has screenshots I haven't seen yet. Thanks for sharing.
  7. It's not broken in the way that it gets stuck, but it doesn't allow full movement. In tempest you probably don't notice because it is just left and right (and I don't know if it slower than with the d-pad) but for example in Merlin racing trying to turn around a corner the analog Stick won't let you turn as far left and right as with the digital left and right. The plastic opening is too narrow and the stick would need more freedom of movement to let you steer all the way. I hope that description makes sense.
  8. There is a special chip in the nuon controllers, and there is no adapter as far as I know. Your best source of info is nick as he spend years searching on infos on trying to make a rotary run on the nuon. So as far as I know this board is the only device that can make controllers run on nuon aside from the original controllers, but you won't be able to just plug a usb controller in there.
  9. The Logitech controller for the nuon isn't a very good controller. Also the analog stick is broken the way it is. So if someone can make a controller work with the nuon, better pick a good one.:)
  10. I just bought it a few days ago so I assume it is still there. Don't know if it was reduced in price or regular, I paid something like 12€ which is a great price for the game.
  11. That one isn't in the ex version anymore but I really like that they included that one in the original.
  12. A few days ago I saw Sturmwind Ex for download in the Xbox store and also for a very fair price so I had to grab it as I always wanted to see what had become of that game and I could not check it out on Dreamcast. I knew there were some jaguar references in the original version but I only heard about one taken out. Imagine my surprise today when something resembling Skylar made an appearance. Nice touch and kind of warm to see that this game somehow acknowledges its origin. I wonder what other references you might have catched. For me it was the two bosses that we knew from screenshots and the small nuon video of Native. Also some of the enemies and a few background constructions reminded me of the little bit we got in the jaguar Demo. I must say Duranik created a really nice game even though it is not without it's flaws. I somehow didn't like the ship's sprite and it somewhat looks detached from everything else on the screen. Other than that the graphics are exceptional. Although I must say that sometimes I had difficulties to make out what hit me or what is an object that is just background or does damage to the ship. Also a bummer that there are no intro and outro videos but I heard those are in the Dreamcast version. And the life/weapons system is great once you understand it... Really nice game I recommend it to everyone here. What other jaguar references did you pick up?
  13. No one should do something that makes them feel unwell. You have a great product and I am sure you will find a good solution to partner up with somebody to produce these things. I`m looking forward to that day...patiently. 🙂
  14. I think this speaks volumes about the way you think. In your reply above you wrote something, edited it, not bothering but talking about fake people and then decided to edit it again to go on with a wild rant. Most people aren`t that black and white. (Hence why I said that I don`t see any contradiction in the way people react. Afterall everyone on here is interested in new Jaguar projects in general) I don`t hate the guy, it`s just that after all these years on the message board I have my reservations about what he is going to deliver. Why shouldn`t I, there is no personal attack in that, just observation. At the same time it`s not turning 180 degrees and supporting by asking why he doesn`t take more time for the project as two month is a pretty short timespan. Actually that was quite an objective question and participating in a discussion. Vlad even responded with his thoughts. The only one getting worked up about it are you right now it seems.
  15. Well you wouldn't understand as you release unfinished games. But we went from not knowing anything about his projects aside from what was written to seeing a work in progress that is a long time in the making but clearly not near a finished product, so I do not see any contradiction here.
  16. Well from what I remember it was the verdict of some focus group testing, so it would not be so much the eyes of Atari but whoever came to play those games. In any case as zero 5 is quite a different game albeit set in space I'd somehow rather think the compared games would be SW2000 and BS as two space shooters with dogfights etc.
  17. Vlad why would you put yourself under that kind of pressure? Why not release the thing when it is ready? It took so many years to come to this point and while I think it is good that you had something to play at the show, from my perspective this is still quite a long way from a finished and fun game. I mean it sure is good to have a goal in mind but January is two month away... Don`t get me wrong but this sounds like a scenario not unsimilar to the one you described above just with maybe slightly less pressure. Unless I am missing something, there is no real world deadline for this game or any new Jaguar game for that matter.
  18. This would be really nice. It is a shame that the french Bomberman clone project seems to be cancled. From the little we saw it looked nice. And also there had been a bit of talk on Twitter from the original Coder Mike Mika of the Bomberman Jaguar version but I do not know if anything is happening there. For a while it seemed to...
  19. Sad it just disappeared, now that finally someone would do something with it aside from looking at it. Hope it resurfaces...
  20. Looking great Clint, I`m a bit reluctant on the minigames side as I can`t really remember when there was a game that incorporated many different games made up a cool game as a whole, but I really would like to be surprised here and the setting is cool, your renderings and everything is great, so I`ll be wathcing the progress with pleasure.
  21. Growing up playing the jaguar version, I really hated the ceilings when I found out about them in the Xbox 360(?) version of Doom. There is no need for them after my liking.:)
  22. This is getting better and better. Incredible if you think about the fact how great Jaguar Doom was already at release. All these years we thought this might be restricted by memory space or the console to find out now that it probably was "just" about time and money. Looking very much forward to check out all your improvements.
  23. Cool stuff, wondered what was happening with this one. Fingers crossed all goes well. A very nice project.
  24. I'm happy that clicks finally got the official release. Matthias does so many good things and too few see the light of day so at least that one can be crossed off the list.:)
  25. Had the great pleasure to meet Éric Chahi today at Gamescom thanks to a very nice colleague from France. A very nice and humble person whose games I know since I have been a little kid. He gave me an Another World card that he had with him and a bit of promo material for his next game Paper Beast, nice surprise. 🙂
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