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  1. Watch this video. http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/thecart
  2. Wow, You just made my ignore list.
  3. My favorite is "Copymate Xe V3.7 (1997-11-03)(Kay, Jason)". "Single, Double and Enhanced (1050) Densities are all supported. COPYMATE is Density Smart, it will determine the correct density of the source disk when you insert it and press START ." You can skip errors or retry up-to 7 times per sector. Copymate Xe V3.7 (1997-11-03)(Kay, Jason)128k.atr
  4. Your color map utility is very useful in creating color menus. Thank you very much!!
  5. Try this. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/192052-atr-tools/page-8?do=findComment&comment=4048340
  6. This might be the last version of it. Top-Dos Pro! v1d (1986)(R.K. Bennett)(B & C Computervisions).atr
  7. I believe my Rom in this link survives the System Reset issue. It works on the 800 and XL with no mods. Monkey Wrench ll XL & Rev C Basic ($8000-$BFFF).rom
  8. Sorry about that, my disk drive has been acting-up lately. (35 years old) See if this file is any better. Dos25Extract.atr Thanks for your patience, Doug
  9. Thanks MrFish for bumping this thread. Thanks DjayBee for the last crack you posted. You're a rock star! I have not fully tested but it seems to work. Also here are the files I made with your disk. Dos25Extract.atr This video shows the protected disk loading on a real Atari XL. And this video shows it being copied.
  10. I really enjoy using Atari FontMaker1.3 on my PC. Atari FontMaker 1_3.zip
  11. Here's some I've collected over the years. Fuls' 1307 Atari Font Images.rar
  12. Here is a photo of an original Monkey Wrench 2 XL "Quick Reference Guide", selling on Ebay right now. It looks as though it was printed on the back of an updated "The Monkey Wrench 2 User Guide". The one I had was on an orange insert stuck in the manual. Here is the link. https://www.ebay.com/itm/The-Monkey-Wrench-II-Atari-800-XL-XE-w-Users-Guides-Smart-Terminal/192658156534?hash=item2cdb522bf6:g:pJIAAOSwi~FbnD9m:sc:USPSPriority!45373!US!-1
  13. The disk is protected and needs cracked, but I do have this. MMG Basic Commander and Debugger (1983)(MMG Micro Software)(Robert Martin).atr Hope this is what you want, Doug
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