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  1. Updated. Atari Game Cheats.pdf Thanks again EddyFree !!
  2. Maybe those 3 Dat files are in a hidden Directory located elsewhere on the disk. Might be some form of protection to keep people from hacking (modifying) the program disk. Don't know, I'm just giving suggestions.
  3. Thank you for doing these. Rom Images do load more consistent from multi-carts. Wrathchild is correct on this one. My XL locks-up on this image. Works good on 800.
  4. I use this TurboBasic program and the Altirra Emulator on my tablet at work every day for simple calculations. I'm a machinist in the Dayton, Ohio area. Dayton.atr
  5. Updated. Atari Game Cheats.pdf Thanks again EddyFree !!
  6. Updated. Atari Game Cheats.pdf Thank You EddyFree !!!
  7. Try this Atr in OsB mode with Basic Cart. Crush, Crumble and Chomp! (1981)(Epyx)(US)[!][BASIC][OS-B].atr
  8. Got mine also. It was mailed Nov. 20, 2020. tf_hh is a class act!!
  9. These conversions you did are great! Are there more to be done? I hope you find the time to do more! Thanks, Doug
  10. Thank You. This is huge! Been waiting for this Rom to be fixed to work both in an 800 and XL/XE for many years. Now if I want, I can burn my own cartridge to be played in either computer. Thanks again for all your time and knowledge on this conversion!
  11. Updated. Atari Game Cheats.pdf Thank You EddyFree
  12. My top 5 were: 1. Atariwriter 2. Atari Basic with Monkey Wrench 3. Printshop 4. Syncalc (for my home budget) 5. Omnimon Special Mention for me are: 1. Super Archiver 2. Disk Doctor 3. Mydos 4. Microfiler Just for giggles I put together a PDF file of the Programs listed in this thread. The top 20 are: Atariwriter/Atariwriter+ Turbo BASIC XL Atari BASIC cartridge Printshop Bobterm SpartaDOS/X Syncalc Dos 2.0s/2.5 Mac/65 MyDos Basic XL/XE Express BBS(es) Rambrandt Amodem Disk Wizard II Mini Office II Action! Assembler Editor Newsroom Omnimon Top Non-Game Apps.pdf
  13. Yea, I thank that's the Homesoft version in post #3, posted by Mclaneinc
  14. Wilheim, Your file is great. Thank you for doing this. I think the problem I was having with the 61800 cheat code was as soon as the file finished loading, I pressed System Reset. Then I entered the cheat. I can't get the cheat to work if I do this. If I enter the cheat code first without pressing Reset it works fine and the cheat still works after pressing Reset. I think your file is great as is. Thanks, Doug
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