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  1. Hi, I have not seen a dump of this program, but if you have it just ignore it. This post is about 'The Backup Master' by Allan Reeve. Allan Reeve is well known in the Atari community for his Diamond Operating System Cartridge. The following Disk Picture and PDF File are from Atarimania. Backup Master Reeve Software.pdf This program is a 'Software Only' solution to backing up protected disks. This program might be compared to 'The Miracle' by CSS' (a disk only version of the Impossible), the same company that manufactured 'The Impossible'. I did a demo on the 'Impossible' (Here) and that is a Hardware Solution to Backups. The Backup Master will not work on disks that check for an alt. Operating System(ex. Electronic Arts), but the disks that do work don't need any special hardware to run. The backups have no protection and can be sector copied. You don't have to use a Disk Drive, just use ATX files with RespeQt. Read the PDF file before attempting to use. Here are a couple of disks that I created with 'The Backup Master'. Syncalc (1985)(Backup Master 2.0 Reeve).atr Starbowl Football (1982)(Gamestar) (Backup Master 2.0 Reeve).atr Blue Max (1983)(Synapse)(Backup Master 2.0 Reeve).atr And here are 'The Backup Master' Program Disk Images. Back-Up Master (Main)(Side A).atr Back-Up Master (Data)(Side B).atr I do not have an original disk of 'The Backup Master', so I don't know if this was cracked or not protected.
  2. The last 6 bytes are located at 9FFA or in a Hex Editor at location 8191. They are 00 95 00 04 FE A0. If I recall correctly, on the 800 OS looks at 9FFA location first then at BFFA. The reason is the 800 has a right Cartridge port. Monkey Wrench in the right slot initializes before the Basic Cart in the left slot. Very interesting find. Nice catch Atari_Ace.
  3. Thanks for doing all these. If you press SELECT and put in # of players in K-Star Patrol it seems to lock-up.
  4. Love your work, DjayBee. Are your cracks on archive.org?
  5. Hey I know this quote is 4 years old, but here is a short demo of "The Impossible!". Impossible YouTube Video I used this a lot before I bought my "Super Archiver with Bit Writer". Here are some backups made with The Impossible!. They only work with an Impossible Board. Boulder Dash (Impossible ver.).atr Mr Robot and His Robot Factory (1983)(Datamost)(Impossible! ver.) - Copy.atr Pinball Construction Set (Impossible Ver.).atr Syncalc (1983)(Impossible! ver.).atr SynStat (1983)(Impossible! ver.).atr I wonder if Phaeron could get these to work on Altirra?
  6. Hey, Thanks for catching the typo's. Let me know if you guys see more. Atari Game Cheats.pdf
  7. Thank You so much EddyFree Atari Game Cheats.pdf
  8. Wow, Keep'em coming. Atari Game Cheats.pdf Thanks
  9. Hi, I put together for myself the game patches that have been posted so far in this thread by EddyFree. Thank you for these! Atari Game Patches.pdf
  10. EddyFree, Love what you're doing. It would be nice to compile all these cheats into a text file or database. Then other crackers might want to add to it.
  11. So does this link have the updated fix for RespeQt 5.3? https://github.com/RespeQt/RespeQt/releases Thanks, Doug
  12. Rossum, Love this. The small Atascii Editor Keyboard is brilliant. Plus the Disassembly on Binary and Basic files. I can't think of to many more features that could be added, but is there a way to convert a binary file to Basic Data statements and then added to a Basic Program? Thanks so much, Doug
  13. Rossum, Could you post your latest .htm file. I can't seem to find it. Thanks, Doug
  14. Just playing around with this. Love this new feature of Disassembling Machine Language code in a Basic String. What a neat tool!! One thing though is if the string selected is at the bottom of the page, the dialogue box isn't fully viewable. Is there a way to move the box? Thank You, Doug
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