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  1. Love it!! Thank You for all the time you spent on this.
  2. Until you find your converter program, try this for a demo. I hacked this years ago from my SP disk. Strip Poker Demo.zip
  3. Here is one in Basic that I used to use. COLOR ALIGNMENT GENERATOR.bas
  4. Try this https://atariage.com/forums/topic/181978 Actually mine is set-up like this; altirra /kernel:xl /hardware:800xl "%targetcar%"
  5. JAC! Is there any way to get this "Bounty Bob Strikes Back" on this ATR to work with TheCart! This is the best ever file version of BBSB. It survives the Reset Button pressed. All others after reset is pressed locks-up on screen #2 hydraulic lift. Plus you can use the easter egg cheat codes. BOUNTY.com GAMES049.ATR Thanks, Doug
  6. Yes, me too. Loved to print out Basic Listings that had Machine Language strings with LIST "G:". Also would print out in the Font that was being used at the time. It would look just like what was on the Atari TV Screen.
  7. Hi Phaeron, When I load an ATR disk file, I would love a feature where I could click on "TOOLS" and then have an option to view that specific disk (Directory). I know about "DISK EXPLORER" under "TOOLS" (Great Feature), but then you have to find that ATR file which possibly is in another directory. It would just be a convenience for me. Thanks!
  8. Watch this video. http://www.wudsn.com/index.php/productions-atari800/tools/thecart
  9. Wow, You just made my ignore list.
  10. My favorite is "Copymate Xe V3.7 (1997-11-03)(Kay, Jason)". "Single, Double and Enhanced (1050) Densities are all supported. COPYMATE is Density Smart, it will determine the correct density of the source disk when you insert it and press START ." You can skip errors or retry up-to 7 times per sector. Copymate Xe V3.7 (1997-11-03)(Kay, Jason)128k.atr
  11. Your color map utility is very useful in creating color menus. Thank you very much!!
  12. Try this. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/192052-atr-tools/page-8?do=findComment&comment=4048340
  13. This might be the last version of it. Top-Dos Pro! v1d (1986)(R.K. Bennett)(B & C Computervisions).atr
  14. I believe my Rom in this link survives the System Reset issue. It works on the 800 and XL with no mods. Monkey Wrench ll XL & Rev C Basic ($8000-$BFFF).rom
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