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  1. I would pay a extra $50 to $100+ if the ADAM option came with a actual working ADAM core. Until that ADAM core is created it would be better to just buy the ColecoVision (CollectorVison) version for $50 less. Also the only difference is cosmetic, and the black ColecoVision (CollectorVision) version should be able to run ADAM software sometime in the future once the ADAM core is created. I ended up getting busy with other projects and forgot this item was being released.
  2. Yes that makes sense. In 1983 Spectravideo manufactured their own power supplies using that special 4 pin connector. Then Spectravideo in 1985 must of used the exact same power supply with their business agreement with Blue Chip, and the only thing that was changed on the power supply was the brand name on the label. I have not purchased a 3D printer yet, however I may do so in the future since there is a growing amount of uses for the 3D printers. Where does one find the public domain STL file for the special 4 pin connector? That is great that someone designed and donated a public domain custom mold for the community. Some USA companies that specialize in power cords would charge up to $8,000 just to design a mold, while of course China is a lot cheaper when it comes to mold designs. Many video game systems use used cartridge shells since new mold designs cost up to $6,000 for a cartridge shell. The ColecoVision is one of the few systems that has a new plastic molds for third party cartridges. The Atari 5200, and Atari 2600 use used cartridge shells. Hopefully with more people getting 3D printers public domain connector molds and cartridge shell molds will become available for many different systems.
  3. The Blue Chip power supply connector has the official Spectravideo name on the connector, so instead of designing their own plastic mold from scratch they decided to use the official “Spectravideo” connector. But still it is my understanding that Spectrvideo had its own brand of power supplies in the United States and the computers did not actually ship with a Blue Chip power supply.
  4. Several companies had a different style of plastic 4 pin mold In June 1981 Texas Instruments came out with their plastic mold for the TI-99/4a computer, then in August of 1982 Coleco came out with their plastic mold for the ColecoVision. In 1985 Blue Chip came out with their plastic mold for the Blue Chip Commodore compatible disk drive. There was also a fourth plastic mold for the Spectravideo 318 and 328 computer systems, which was exactly the same plastic mold as the Blue Chip brand. Even though all the plastic molds are a little bit different, the 4 pin connector is exactly the same and the cable assembly can be swapped between the 4 different brands as long as a different power supply is used (even though the power supply connector fits, only use a TI-99/4a power supply on a TI-99/4a computer, and a ColecoVision power supply should only be used on a ColecoVision ** Placing the wrong power supply on the wrong computer or video game system could fry the circuit board **). The Texas Instrument plastic mold which was the first one that came on the market does not have as good of quality of plastic when compared to the ColecoVision mold. The Blue Chip plastic mold is thicker and bigger. I believe the Texas Instruments and Coleco plastic mold use 20 gauge cable and since the Blue Chip plastic mold uses a thicker cable it might be 18 gauge cable. Last picture Coleco version
  5. I have a minor correction to make to my prior post. When I purchased the Blue Chip brand of power supply, it was advertised as a Spectravideo power supply. However, when I did some more researching I discovered that the Blue Chip brand power supply was made and shipped with the Blue Chip Commodore compatible Disk Drives back in 1985. However it has been verified that the United States 1983 Spectravideo 318 and 328 computer systems power supply has the exact same connector, shape, color, and input/output voltage and current specs as the 1985 Blue Chip power supply made for the Commodore compatible Disk Drives back in 1985. The only difference between the Blue Chip brand power supply and the Spectravideo brand power supply is the label on the power supply has a different brand name. Another issue is I have never seen anyone post a picture of the North America version of the Spectravideo 318 and 328 computer system power supply. All pictures online are either someone posting a picture of the USA 1985 Blue Chip brand power supply or the European 220 volt Spectravideo power supply. Spectravideo had at least two different versions of the European power supply. The first unregulated European version used 36 watts of power, however the second unregulated European version has a slightly better energy efficiency and only used 35 watts of power. Both power supplies output 16 volts AC at 0.8 amps and 9 volts AC at 1.5 amps. There must have been only 50,000 to 100,000 NTSC Spectravideo 318 and 328 computer systems made in the Untied States (The Coleco ADAM had around 500,000+ systems made and was much more popular computer system). In fact there must have been more Blue Chip Commodore compatible Disk Drives made when compared to the USA version of the Spectravideo computer system. Does anyone have an actual picture of the North American Spectravideo power supply that has an input voltage of 120 volts at 60Hz? It would be nice to see. One might need to purchase a NTSC North American version of the Spectravideo computer system in order to see what the power supply label looks like.
  6. Here are some pictures of what the 6 feet Gold Plated 5A left angle USB-C cable looks like. The cable can be plugged in the opposite direction on the Col USB plug to make it a right angle cable. Also pictured is the 10 feet Gold Plated 5A USB-C cable that uses a higher gauge cable so there is no measurable voltage drop when electrons are traveling a extra 4 feet.
  7. The following is the direct website in Germany for the Col USB power converter and power regulator. Then you purchase the 17 watt USB-C power supply and USB-C cable from Amazon. https://www.dragonbox.de/en/accessories/power-supplies/colusb-usb-power-supply-for-the-colecovision-power-supplies
  8. Tonight I verified that the Gold plated left angle 6 feet 5A USB-C cable that was mentioned in the first post works perfectly fine with the ColecoVision USB-C plug. The left angle 5A USB-C cable has the exact same quality cable as the straight Gold plated 6 feet USB-C cable that is rated at 5 amps and 100 watts of power with a nice thick cable for around $9 delivered. While the straight 6 feet cord connector is around 1.25 inches between the Col USB plug USB-C socket and the end of the USB-C cable connector. The advantage of the left angle 6 feet cord connector is it only sticks out around 0.8 inches between the Col USB plug USB-C socket and the end of the USB-C cable connector. In addition, the left angle USB-C cord can be plugged in either direction so that it becomes a right angle USB-C cord for people that prefer right angle cords instead of left angle cords. One is reducing the total power supply solution depth by a ½ of inch (0.45 inches) with the left angle cord design. For some a ½ inch less space taken up in the back would be important, for other people it will not matter, it all depends on how much space one has when storing or connecting their ColecoVision. The Gold plated 10 feet USB-C cable that is rated at 5 amps and 100 watts works perfectly fine A Gold Plated 10 feet USB-C cable that is rated at 5 amps and 100 watts of power with a nice thick cable costs around $10 delivered. There is no voltage drop between the Cable Creation 10 feet cable and the 6 feet cable. The 10 feet cable only costs $1 more at the time of this post. The reason for there being no measurable voltage drop between the 10 feet and 6 feet cable, is because the 10 feet cable uses a thicker and higher gauge wire to compensate for the extra 4 feet of length. The Roller Controller worked with games like Slither on the 10 feet cable even when the Expansion Module #3 ADAM computer was connected. The Expansion Module #1 ATARI 2600 adapter worked fine with and without the ADAM computer connected. The Expansion Module #3 ADAM computer worked with the keyboard and MicroSD Floppy Emulator using the ColecoVision Col USB plug instead of an ADAM computer DB9 power supply (However not enough power to power things like the Digital Data Drive with the Col USB plug). Also, the Col USB plug was never designed to power the ADAM computer and there may be some hardware variations of the ColecoVision and Expansion Module #3 ADAM computer that would not work 100% correctly). I recommend people use the 6 feet 5 amp 100 watts cable since shorter cables have less resistance and cost less, however for those that need 10 feet length, because of the higher gauge cable there is no voltage drop going 10 feet and real world testing shows there is no problem using a 10 feet cable as long as the power supply and cable are good quality.
  9. The low cost TRIAD WSU090-1300-R works with both the Sega Master system and the Sega Genesis system one The TRIAD WSU090-1300-R regulated power supply puts out a stable voltage of around 9.2 volts DC under no load and any load up to 1.3 amps. The input voltage of this power supply can be between 100-240 volts DC at 50/60Hz. The plastic plug mold is a perfect fit for both the Sega Master System and Sega Genesis system one. Besides having the required energy efficient level VI rating from the Department of Energy, the adapter also is FCC certified, uses UL approved material(conforms to UL standards), and is certified to Canadian CSA standards. In addition, the adapter has the ETL listed certification mark which some people claim ETL listed is just as good as UL listed products (Also a RoHS product). The 20 gauge power cord is listed as being 6 feet long in the spec sheet, the sample I measured was 5 feet 9 inches long. Most TRIAD power supply cords are around 5.5 feet long when measured (so if one rounds up it is a 6 feet cord). TRIAD offers a 5 year warranty on their power supplies, and they have an excellent build quality. When the 9 volt DC (negative tip) 1.3 amp TRIAD WSU090-1300-R power supply is connected to the Sega Master System, the adapter puts out the needed 0.85amps (850ma) for the Sega Master System. Everything worked perfectly fine with this adapter while using the Sega Master System. This TRIAD adapter also worked fine while using the Sega Genesis system one including while using the Power Base Converter expansion module. The Sega Genesis system one draws 1.2 amps from the 1.3 amp TRIAD WSU090-1300-R power supply. ** Click here to see the official spec sheet for this TRIAD WSU090-1300-R power supply. ** For around $9 plus taxes and tariff fees the TRIAD WSU090-1300-R can be purchased from Arrow.com and the ones I received have the energy efficiency level VI logo on the power supply (Free shipping on orders over $50 and larger adapter QTY’s get a discount).
  10. The ADAM News Network sales the Micro Fox Virtual ADAM Disk Drive that uses microSD cards (or full size SD cards with a third party adapter). Its the best ADAMNET product that I have seen so far. http://ann.hollowdreams.com/adamsupplies.html Where does one purchase the ADE Pro, is that another ADAMNET SD drive product? I like the ideal of using a ATARIMAX style menu screen instead of a LCD display on the device itself. Where does one purchase this ADE Pro? Or is it in BETA form only?
  11. Update on power adapters for the Sega Genesis System One As of August 2019 the selection of power adapters has not changed. The required level VI energy efficiency and negative 9 volt tip is limited to only some high-end models from the TRIAD brand. I just recently ordered from Digi-Key, and they still have old stock for the top of the line 3.5 AMP TRIAD WSU090-3500-R (I received level IV energy efficiency power adapters instead of level VI which is mentioned on their website, so I returned the TRIAD WSU090-3500-R for a refund). I have been buying many different adapters over the years from Digi-Key, and they are better than most suppliers are since they normally send you exactly what is listed on their website and company spec sheets. In fact, the TRIAD WSU090-3500-R is the only adapter that I have purchased from Digi-Key in the last few years that was advertised as level VI and instead I received level IV (That type of problem occurs more often with many other companies, and does not happen to often with Digi-Key). I have completely given up on trying to find a dealer in the USA that offers the top of the line TRIAD WSU090-3500-R adapter with the required level VI energy efficiency as the claimed spec sheet from TRIAD mentions. Instead, one is sent level IV energy efficiency from old pre Feb 2016 stock. For the first time ever I was able to find a USA dealer that has the 2 amp TRIAD WSU090-2000-R with the official level VI energy efficiency rating. As far as I am aware Digi-Key is the only supplier shipping the TRIAD WSU090-2000-R with the official level VI energy efficiency rating (when other dealers clear out old stock of level V energy efficiency adapters then they should be getting in modern level VI adapters). TRIAD changed the design of the WSU090-2000-R adapter and the current in production adapter no longer works with the Sega Master System We live in a complicated technological world. The old TRIAD WSU090-2000-R adapter that has the official level V energy efficiency rating, it works perfectly fine with both the Sega Master System and the Sega Genesis System one. However, the current TRIAD WSU090-2000-R adapters manufactured with a level VI energy efficiency rating does not work with the Sega Master System because the plastic base where the metal tip is attached at the end of the cord is too large (The old level V TRIAD WSU090-2000-R plastic base is thinner and makes a perfect fit on both the original Sega Master System and Sega Genesis System One). Another thing that has changed is that all TRIAD adapters use to be UL listed, and when TRIAD switched to energy efficiency level VI they decided to drop the UL listing which is an optional certification in the United States. So all level VI TRIAD adapter models that I have seen so far use UL recognized material instead of paying for an official UL listed certification process. When specs change on electronic products like power adapters, then manufactures should be required to change the model number. Here we have the exact same model of adapter with a 2.1mm x 5.5mm x 11mm metal plug, but because on the new level VI version of the adapter plastic base is made thicker where the metal tip is attached, the exact same model of adapter that use to work in the Sega Master System will no longer work at all since the plug no longer fits. Therefore, at this time only the Sega Genesis System One works with the TRIAD adapters. I mentioned before that I have no plans on trying the lower end 1.3 amp TRIAD WSU090-1300-R adapter which is around $9, however since TRIAD made changes to the 2 amp TRIAD WSU090-2000-R so that it no longer works with the Sega Master System, I am now planning on testing the lower quality TRIAD WSU090-1300-R which uses a thinner 20 gauge cord compared to the 18 gauge cord on the other TRIAD adapters. Maybe the TRIAD WSU090-1300-R might use a thinner plastic base so that it might work with the Sega Master System. Maybe one day more electronic manufacturing might come back to the United States China makes both high-end products and lower end products in their automated robotic factories. When it comes to electronics, the entire world including Japan, Europe, Australia, and the United States gets many of their products made in China. Close to 100% of consumer electronic products are being made in China. If tariffs were to keep increasing on China products, then perhaps gradually over decades companies might decide to make more automated robotic factories in the United States. One day many more products might be made in the United States again if the manufacturing sector returns to the USA. Inflation is occurring on high-end Chinese parts. One of the power adapters I have been purchasing for a non-Sega related product use to cost $9.99 plus free shipping back in January of 2019. Today in August of 2019 that same exact power adapter costs $13.99 plus shipping. That is around a 30% price increase. I asked the company why the product went up around 30%. They mentioned it might be because of 25% Chinese tariffs occurring. This year some USA dealers raised product prices from China between 10% to 30% because of tariffs. However many Internet based companies are charging consumers up to a 10% tariff tax fee right next to the sales tax on the invoice if the product comes from China. Some companies instead of raising their product pricing on their entire website are collecting up to 10% tariff taxes at the checkout for Chinese products (When consumers are charged around 8% sales tax in some states on top of 10% tariff tax, that is around 18% in taxes on the product they are buying). For example purchase a Chinese product from Digi-Key like a TRIAD adapter, you will see the 10% tariff tax at check out right next to the state sales tax. Many other web based companies are doing the same thing that Digi-Key is doing. As tariffs increase on Chinese products more consumers will start buying more products made in the USA and more companies will start building automated robotic factories in the United States. Building factories can take over 10 years and sometimes decades as manufacturing slowly returns to the USA.
  12. If ADAMnet is not emulated then all the existing ADAM software on SD cards and microSD cards would not run. There is existing ADAM software on SD cards and the MicroFox Adamnet Floppy Drive emulator reads those SD cards. If for some odd reason ADAMnet is not emulated by the CollectorVision ADAM core then a new operating system and a software patch would need to be installed to all existing ADAM programs so that ADAMNet could be bypassed. Its just logically that the ADAM core would emulate ADAMnet and that would be the method I would be personally interested in to maintain 100% compatibility with all existing ADAM software. One should be able to take a SD card or microSD card out of the MiroFox Floppy Drive emulator and stick the SD card in this new CollectorVision ADAM computer that has a ADAM core, and the new ADAM computer should be able to read the SD card. Now since the CollectorVision ADAM compatible system does not have a built in LCD display, a onscreen menu system similar to ATARIMAX’s SD Wafer Drive would need to be created so that one can change between disk images.
  13. In theory the ADAM core should emulate ADAMnet and the SD card slot should work similar to the MicroFox ADAMnet Floppy Disk Drive emulator. However instead of having a LCD display the ADAM software programs would appear on a onscreen menu system just like the ATARIMAX USB and SD cartridges.
  14. PS/2 keyboards are currently out of production and have been replaced with USB keyboards. However it might take a few years until PS/2 keyboard inventory is depleted online. It might be possible to use a USB keyboard by purchasing a USB female to PS/2 male adapter converter if the keyboard driver is compatible. A Laser printer in theory could be connected to the expansion port on the CollectorVision system and with the proper driver installed ADAM owners would be able to print to a Laser printer just like existing ADAM owners already use modern Laser printers. The ADAM core could load Smartwriter on boot and possible one day a new version of Smartwriter could be created that supported 80 column video display over HDMI and also built in spell checker that underlined misspelled words in red. The ColecoVision came out in August of 1982 and then in October of 1983 the Expansion module #3 ADAM computer came on the market. The ADAM computer had better games then the ColecoVision with Supergames like Buck Rodgers, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Junior 5 screen, Zaxxon, Subroc, Jeopardy, Family Feud, and many other classic Coleco games made exclusively for the ADAM computer. Some ADAM games have been ported over to the CoelcoVision in recent years thanks to Team Pixelboy .
  15. It sounds like this CollectorVision game system might ship in August with a ColecoVision and ATARI 2600 core. I hope that a Coleco ADAM core is also planned, especially with a nice looking white ADAM case. However if a ADAM core is not planned then it would make no sense to purchase the white ADAM case option. Sometime in the future I might be interested in purchasing the black ColecoVision case and white ADAM case (that is if a ADAM core is planned).
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