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  1. I just tried the Peacock web app. It gives the error Sorry, Linux Operating System is not yet supported on Peacock. Anyone else get this error? Showtime also crashes on launch.
  2. That's using it wirelessly, and not plugged in with a Lightning cable? If so, I haven't had the same experience as you.
  3. I can't even get my Logitech MK470 with USB dongle to occasionally boot into bios pressing ESC on startup. I plugged my Apple wireless keyboard in with an iPhone lightning cable, and it worked the first try. Any help would be appreciated..
  4. I know you listed them as compatible, but I just bought this keyboard and mouse setup: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1507973-REG/logitech_920_009437_mk470_slim_wireless_keyboard.html It has a dongle, so the VCS treats it like a wired keyboard and mouse combo. I sometimes have issues connecting to Bluetooth with my other keyboard/mouse, so this totally fixes it. I am about to copy my Windows 10 install to the internal m.2 drive, so I need the escape key to work to choose my boot drive.
  5. I figured out what was going on with the sound. I used to use an old Mac mini as my media center. I installed windows on the VCS, and planned to use it instead. I run a USB turntable to my computer to pipe the sound of my records through the stereo system through a computer program called EZ Vinyl/Tape Converter. When the USB cable is plugged in on VCS mode, the sound doesn’t work, but works fine under Windows 10. Any Idea why that would be?? The USB cable is a long one, and it has a a fat part on it. I wonder if that makes any difference at all.
  6. Just a quick update. The girl at Atari Support is stumped by this problem. Apparently, I'm the only VCS owner in the world this has happened to. She has to run it by engineering to see if they have a solution.
  7. Here's a little update: I tried a factory reset. It would only let me delete the user profile, and keep the apps installed. The other option where you wipe out all the downloads was greyed out. That didn't change anything with the sound. I tried a different HDMI cable. When I rebooted, a buzz came through the speakers, like the sound that happens when you're trying to plug in computer speakers that are turned on. Then the sound never came back. Is there a way to reinstall the software? Maybe that would fix this. Like I said, Windows is working fine on my flash drive.
  8. Thanks for the replies. I have an Apple magic keyboard that has volume and mute, but they don't seem to do anything. I've never had any type of bluetooth speaker, or any controller except the Atari ones. I'm wondering if a factory reset would fix it? Has anyone else done one? I don't see anything about sound in the control panels, unless I'm missing something. I think it might be my last resort.
  9. I installed it. I posted in another thread that it shows up as Jetpack Joyride in my apps. Totally weird, but it works well. I even tried uninstalling and it didn't fix it.
  10. I sent an email to Atari support, but I'm sure I won't hear back until at least Tuesday, with the holiday and all. Hoping one of you guys can help me. I have sound when booted into Windows 10, but nothing when I boot into Atari OS. Has this happened to anyone else?
  11. Now my Bluetooth devices are taking forever to connect, and I don’t have any sound when booted in Atari OS.. The sound works booted into Windows. I was hoping to have fun with this today, but there’s too many gremlins..
  12. At least your mouse was working. My bluetooth mouse or keyboard wouldn't do anything until I pushed the power button and restarted.
  13. Every time I unplug my USB flash drive with my Windows 10 install to boot back into Atari OS, I get the error EFI USB Device (USB) boot failed. If I hold the power button and restart, it boots into Atari OS just fine. Anyone else experiencing this? Wondering about possible fixes.
  14. I followed the user guide on Atari's website: https://atarivcs.com/content/PC-Mode-Create-Windows-Boot-Drive.pdf I had to install Windows on my Mac to do it. I wasn't able to create an installer drive and install Widows directly to the m.2 drive I installed. Seems like to only people that got it to work made a boot drive like the one in the link and cloned it to the internal SSD.
  15. I know I’m just replying to myself right now, but maybe this will help someone. I did the update Windows optional quality update 2021-06. Apparently, this update fixes some of the stutter and lag problems people we’re having, regardless of system. I find it amazing that it’s an optional update. Windows is strange and perplexing to me. Who wouldn’t want this?
  16. Actually, after messing with it for a while, it seems to be stuttery, and I have to restart the Atari to get it to run ok. It also seems to take forever to do anything when you click on something, even stuff like the settings app. Maybe this flash drive wasn't a good solution. I'll try to clone the drive to the internal m.2, and see if that fixes it. I'll report back, if anyone is interested.
  17. I was able to get Windows 10 installed on my USB 3.1 flash drive. following the instructions on Atari's site. Seems to run fast.
  18. Can you post a link to the one you are using? I don't want to leave anything to chance.
  19. From what I’m reading, a USB 3.1 drive should be theoretically as fast or faster than an internal SATA 3 drive. Does that sound right? https://monopricesupport.kayako.com/article/128-how-much-faster-is-usb-c-compared-to-previous-generations-of-usb-to-sata-and-to-thunderbolt I just did all of the upgrades, and I’ve been pulling my hair out trying to install Windows on the internal M.2 drive. Hopefully this is as good of a solution.. https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-128GB-Ultra-Flash-Drive/dp/B07857Y17V?th=1 Let me know if the drive I bought sucks.
  20. I was also having problems with the controllers connecting. I just upgraded the ram and installed an M.2 drive. I removed the bluetooth chip while I did it. When I reinstalled everything, I used my Torx screwdriver to push on the antenna connectors. Once I rebooted, the controllers connected immediately.. Thanks for these posts, or I never would've done it.
  21. Thanks for the tip. A lot of things in the UI aren't obvious to me, but I'm slowly figuring everything out.
  22. I did uninstall and re-install it. Still coming up as Jetboard Joust. Totally weird.
  23. Good news. I just got my VCS from the last batch, so I'm guessing I will have it as well.. It would suck to take it apart to find that I need to order one.
  24. Is anyone else's Apple TV app showing up on the home and app screen as Jetboard Joust?
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