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  1. It is done. Here is the amazing artwork for the game made by Zemial. And another surprise I was holding : The cart will comes with label in that golden paper you see in games like Quest for the Rings. I'm so happy finally see my game featuring a professional artwork and all these little details. Pre-orders info soon :)
  2. There is a mode you can read from external RAM and copy to VDC. It's the P16 bit, according Dan Boris O2 DOC : P16: Copy mode enable. Setting this bit to 1 enables the RAM to VDC copy mode. To use this mode you must also set P13 and P14 to 0. In this mode all external reads come from the external ram and all external writes go to the VDC. This allows data to be copied from the RAM to the VDC easily. So : movx a,@R0 ;Copy from extra RAM movx @R1,a ;Writes to VDC R0 = points to ExtRAM, R1 points to VDC. Tricky EDIT : VDC should be OFF, hence it is done during Vblank, usually.
  3. The idea behind the external RAM is you don't need to deal with VDC registers directly, you set the processor to use external RAM, set all values you need there, and during VBlank you send these values to VDC (like a mirror). Naturally some values like GFX data for sprites need to be written directly to VDC or you will not have enough extra RAM to store everything. Forget speed when you're dealing with Odyssey2. If you want more RAM and speed, look the design behind Harmony cart for Atari2600, it features a ARM processor you can code in C, and the Atari side is just pick the values from cart RAM and store to the registers. This way you can boost Odyssey 2 as well, as you can change stuffs "on the fly" (while screen is being drawn) and have almost no ROM limits.
  4. This is my new RPG game for Odyssey2 / Videopac Originally my plans was to port Pedit5 (the first CRPG ever) but this game is too RAM consuming for O2 and the combat mechanics is almost non-existent.   So I come with my own thing, although the graphics are very close to Pedit5 ones (there are original monsters created by me BTW). The maze is the same from Pedit5 because it's well designed and a very challenging place.   Well, as you can see, the game is very complete (I would say 85%). The objective of the game is collect more gold as you can, find treasure chests, kill abominable monsters and try to find the "Amulet of Eternity" which grands to you eternal life.   But it will not be easy, as deep you go inside the dungeon, the more difficult enemies will come.   The game features weapon and armor upgrades, and 3 types of spells to help your quest :   Fireball - Combat spell. Not effective on all enemies. Heal - Increase the hero's HP. A rare spell. Light - Defensive spell, it helps in combat by making you a bit stronger, also reveals more easily secret doors and gives you a bit of rest, making some difficult enemies to not appear. But the effect stands for 1 minute only.   The combat also features random critical hits for both, player and enemies and naturally, the enemies/chest position are totally random every time you play.   There are others features such one Beholder that roam the dungeon, and can find you even if you're not moving. And one Final Boss (not working yet). He's the amulet holder.   Here's a gameplay Video :   https://youtu.be/VaddvaIi8SA   Note the game is not finished yet. I'm currently working on sound effects so, they might change a bit in the final version. 
  5. This is the game I was working, my first Odyssey 2 homebrew (pictures : Left = emulator, Right = running on tv):   [attachment=351665:Deathrace.png][attachment=355407:DRaceTV.jpg]   Death Race is an Exidy arcade game released in 1977. The objective is drive you car and kill most people gremlins as you can in 99 seconds. This game works fine on O2Emu emulator as well on real hardware.   Controls : Player 1 is the blue car and player 2 is the red car.   Press left to rotate the car counter-clock wise or right to rotate clock wise Press action (fire) button to move the car (gas pedal) Hold down to reverse gear. Press up to start a new round or restart after time over   Every time you collide with a gremlin, a new crosses will appear. Dodge the crosses and playfield boundaries to avoid an hit pause. You can push back (reverse) to disable the hit pause and quick return.    Basically I tried to port the game most perfect as possible, I hope you enjoy. My high score so far : 41 kills.   EDIT : ROM UPDATED - 08/26/2014   - Gremlins walks more randomly - Bug fixes - Volume equalized for real hardware (some sound fx was too low) - Others small stuffs I don't remember right now.
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