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  1. The first screen always happens to me when the cart is not properly inserted (or bad connectors). Never saw the second pic problem on my hardware.
  2. Would be great if you have a way to produce brand new cart shells. The problem, 5k is like sell 100 carts at $70 ($20 for the production costs, $50 for pay the injection mould). It is difficult to sell that much in a short period of time. But you can sell the empty carts for homebrew producers, which helps a bit.
  3. Oh my God... Just received the art for the game, it's amazing! Made by Zemial, an European artist, here his website with some of his works : https://www.zemial.com/galeries/ I'll not show the art yet, only gonna post a small piece of it : It's way better than I ever expected. :)
  4. So sorry about lack of news. I'm also getting a little impatient... All I can say, we're waiting the professional artwork cover for the game. Yes, that's one of the surprises I was holding. The game (supposedly) will feature an professional drawing artwork. Also, I'm waiting a dude who (supposedly) is making a title screen music for the game.
  5. We are working to finish the manual and artwork. I hope the game stands the hype
  6. Yes, it does not clears decimal flag at game initialization, I'm aware this bug by long time... This was one of my firsts game ever, I was learning not only how to code for 2600 and also trying to understand 6502 assembly. Decimal flag seems to start at 0 most of times when you power on the console, but at very random event it could start at 1 and then I got problems. I not sure if I fixed it on last revisions (there was like 3 game revisions, the ROM was not released to the public). I only noticed this glitch on my hardware like 2 times ever, and I thought was a cartridge connection problem, which was solved by re-inserting the cart (actually power cycling the console fix it). The lasts Stella emulator versions, in order to perfect the emulation, is randomizing the processor flags, so this bug now happens more often. The game also have others small glitches that really annoys me, sorry about that. Anyway, after 11 years, have one of you guys found the game's Easter Egg?
  7. Thank you very much! Gotcha may be a forgotten game, but played a important role at video game industry as being the first maze game ever, the PacMan grandpa. And the color version is the first time someone messed with RGB signal to display video game color graphics.
  8. I'd rather play it than Fortnite.
  9. I've watched the livestream, thanks for playing the game There's not much to do in this game, it seems moving a object on a screen was entertaining enough for a commercial product back in 1973.
  10. I still want to work a bit on this game, like re-spawn the player at random position, like the arcade (only the "square" is repositioned, "cross" stay in place) And bounce the players around like pong ball during attract mode. I don't have plans to code AI anymore, sorry.
  11. There's no A.I., it's a 2 player game.
  12. Not sure if I'll be there on twitch, but certainly I'll gonna watch later at youtube
  13. It doesn't means much for you guys, but Dungeon of Eternity was featured in a Brazilian videogame magazine Jogos80 this month. Jogos80 is an early 80's videogame and computing related magazine. Thanks to my friend and Odyssey2 programmer Rafael Cardoso, who wrote the article. He was one of the beta testers and followed the game programming since the beginning. Thanks also for Marcus Garret and everyone from Jogos80 for publishing it.
  14. The game will be released by http://www.videopac.fr/ probably early next year I'll keep you informed about it. There are more things I wish I could tell you, but it's a surprise. Let me say it's not like the others releases I did in the past, this time is something special.
  15. They dig internet trying to find most ROMs as they can, and stuff into one multicart, just to say there are more 200 or so games on it. What really makes me sad is I aways put my ROMs online, because I appreciate the feedbacks and like I said, I don't mind people playing my games on emulator, as long they're enjoying my work. Also beta testers help me to make the game better with suggestions and bug findings. Now, everyone looses.
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