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  1. GameBoy actually is a bit better than NES for sprites rendering. It can hold 10 sprites in a row, NES only 8.

    Do not seems much difference, but it improves a lot the overall sprites size you can draw without flickering.

    But yeah, I like the GB version Capcom did.


    I've posted a new version with flicker management code I just finished. It happens when more than 8 tiles is drawn in the same scanline.

  2. That's great!

    The lamp made by 2x sprites, wide spacing, was very clever! I wish I thought that :)

    The car sprite is missing, I had some ideas for it, perhaps you could implement on your work.

    I'm afraid BUS stuffing will not work, because several TIA revisions, anyway you don't need to set any doors as red, you could select 1 for left and 1 for the right, that's fine.

    I mean, you don't need to change the PF color for all doors, only 1 for each side of the elevator. That's perhaps is enough to make the game run on DPC+?

    Can I be one of the beta testers? I would like to see the progress of your game.

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  3. The more is better?

    I've tweaked the sprite to resembles more the original source.

    I could draw her hair taller and so on, I'm just testing with NES hardware.

    Anyway the ROM was updated with Krusty, Marge and Milhouse sprites.

  4. I wish the enemy was Mongul, would be much cooler, he is stronger than Superman, would makes sense in this plot (an enemy that needs more than 1 hero to defeat), and they would save the actual story we saw for later movies, with justice league set up and running.

    Lex could bring him to the Earth messing with the kriptonian tech, opening a portal or just make him interested to visit the Earth.

    Also no one would cares if was exactly like the comics or not.


    I liked the movie until the fight between Batman and Superman, then the movie was ruined to me.

  5. IMHO 4K is overrated and has two big problems:

    1. Not much visible improvement at normal viewing distances

    2. Lack of content (particularly inexpensive & not stream)

    I also don't know if all of the "early adopter" connectivity & compatibility issues have been worked out.


    You're right, it's becoming difficult (if not impossible) to find CRTs. One place where CRTs (not necessarily TVs) get used is in old arcade games - although it appears there are drop-in LCD replacements available for those too. (Although I think some light-gun games won't work with LCDs.)


    I think 4k is overrated too.


    For gaming, only next gen consoles will take full advantage of it, in next 4 or 5 yrs?

    The price of 4k tvs will drop alot in this time.


    I forgot the arcades, that will be a problem, I think running with lcd the games will looks like emulation, not the real deal.

  6. Sad.

    I was thinking the huge difference to speak with someone, know what's his intention, to kick the door and throw a C&D letter and walk away.

    From what I read, their excuse was this guy would be a potential competitor.


    And the worse, as far I know, WB holds IP of all Atari games released after 83, because they bought Midway in 2009.

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