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  1. Thanks oyama! Somewhere there is a better (but outdated) post of my collection. It doesn't get too much play time these days. Spend lots of time with my kiddos. Son is now 8 and daughter is 5. Fun times!
  2. Yep, that's why I did the half-blue / half-red thing on the box to match the cart that came that way. Also, I did not do all the homebrew boxes in my pic. I did Lady Bug, Astar, Fall Down, Seawolf, and Four Play.
  3. Just checked out the eBay auction. Yep, that one is one of mine. $324 for those three! I need to make more boxes.
  4. Oh wow! That looks like the box I made for Fall Down. I made just a couple. Bottom shelf near the middle in the picture below.
  5. Yep, I have lots of inventory left. Just shoot me a PM for how many you would like.
  6. Thanks so much guys!! I have plenty of inventory now if anyone needs some.
  7. New inventory is on its way! Costs were more than I had calculated for. Prices adjusted accordingly so I'm not selling below cost. However, I will honor the previous price for all orders placed to date. Thanks everyone!
  8. Thanks guys! I appreciate the compliments. Just waiting on more inventory and I can fill more orders.
  9. Hi all, I made a new cartridge tray for 2600/7800 homebrew games. I put a post in the marketplace here. PM me if interested and how many. I'll be placing an order in about a week with the manufacturer so wanted to be sure to let folks know that might be interested. Thanks!
  10. Hi all, I've created a new cartridge tray that lets you access the game and manual without having to remove the tray from the box. For me, it is much easier to extract and insert both the cartridge and manual with this new design. Pictures below. Old / New The tray looks like this before folding. This is what it looks like after folding. Here is how it looks in the box. Easy to access the cart and manual! This is designed to fit the standard size homebrew boxes for Atari 2600 and 7800 (and carts of course), but will also fit anything of similar dimensions. I am selling these so all can enjoy this convenience! Prices (not including shipping) are below. 1 - $0.85 50 = $40.00 100 = $75.00 Just send me a PM if you would like some. I still need to get the inventory in hand, but wanted to gauge the interest to see how many I should get first. I'll probably give this a couple weeks and then get my inventory up and send out orders beginning of December. Thanks!
  11. Yes!!! We played this back in the original HSC season 9 week 11 (here). Several were able to finish the game. Yes, this game has an end. The top score was 24k. I think maybe around 27k would be an absolute max, but again the game ENDS! It doesn't keep going where you can continually rack up points. Heck, I think 30k is impossible. 1 million?
  12. OMG!!! Yay! Just scoured my e-mails and I've got my confirmation from 10/20/2010. Whew.
  13. I have some cool auctions ending today. eBay Seller: toymailman Thanks for looking!
  14. Finished my last one today! They look amazing. Also, it was nice to take the cart apart to get the old label off. I could then really clean the cart and the contacts. Everything looks new again. Finally, I used the more original springy dust cover carts whenever possible. For six of them the board didn't allow for it, but nine worked great. Pictures are below.
  15. I think the last 5 is a 6 unless he bought this unit from stardust4ever.
  16. For whatever reason, I do not have permission to see these images when I click on them. Can you type in the serial numbers instead? The first one is especially hard to see.
  17. Thank you very much. If you ever open it up, I'd love to see pictures of the modded CX-40 board. Also, do you have a link to the button you used? The ones I searched for on eBay and Amazon seem a little big. Yours looks like it fits nicely.
  18. Actually, I'm interested in what you did to convert the CX-40 2600 joystick to a two-button 7800 one. (the one on the right in your pics) Did you use the standard 2600 board and modify it? Did you use a 7800 board and fit it in the CX-40 case? Also, did you use a 7800 cord to get all the pin functionality outputted? Thanks!
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