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  1. Besides my Atari 8-bit collection I currently have: TI-99/4A, with CF7+ as well as a Corcomp 9900 MiniPEB and 3.5 inch drive 2x NTSC VIC20s and 1x PAL VIC20 with uIEC, 1581 drive and MegaCart Commodore 64 with uIEC, 1581 drive and EasyFlash3 Previously I have owned: Acorn Electron Timex Sinclair TS1500 Atari 520ST On my fantasy wish-list (one day when I have a lot more space and money) Camputers Lynx 96 (for some reason just always wanted one of these) Sord M5 Colour Genie Commodore Max I never got into the TRS machines, but do have fond memories of the Video Genie clones with their faux wooden casings. Having the Commodores and the TI helps me appreciate both the Atari's strengths and shortcomings. The C64 is a great machine, but for some reason it always feels clunky compared to the Atari. I have been playing with the EasyFlash 3 system for the past few days, and as much as I appreciate the development efforts that went into it, it feels clumsy compared to the elegant Atarimax Flash cartridge solution that the Atari 8-bit has. The SIO2PC solution remains one of the simplest and most elegant solutions to providing a mass storage to a classic computer, that few have been able to match. That said, what HAL labs got out of the humble VIC20 puts much of Atari's software to shame!
  2. The drive belt in my Indus GT died tonight. The mech looks like it might be identical to the 1050. Does anyone know if the ones Best Electronics sells for the 1050 - the CB101140 (Tandon) or the CB101149 (World Storage) - are a suitable replacement?
  3. I have, what appears to be, an unopened Atari XDM121 daisy wheel printer. The box is unsealed, but the printer appears to be in original condition with styrofoam inserts, owner's manual and plastic wrap. Free to anyone who wants to come collect it.
  4. I have a working Sony PVM 1344Q 13inch color monitor. It takes PAL, NTSC, SECAM. Composite (BNC) and SVideo inputs. Gives the best picture from my Atari and Commodore 8bits, surpassing the 1702/1084 monitors. Cosmetically in good condition. Works well but occassionally needs a light tap to get it to recognize the input signal. Asking $45. Local pick up only as these things are heavy.
  5. I switched to a second PAL GTIA adapter on the second 1200XL (512K RAM/800XL OS/stock video) and it appears to generate a stable PAL colour image. Any suggestions on video mods that are compatible with a PAL 1200XL? The colours are over saturated with a good deal of noise in the display. Thanks for the help on this!
  6. I installed Dropcheck's 1200XL PAL GTIA board in a 1200XL with an Ultimate 1MB. The machine had a Clearpic 2002 upgrade, and the ANTIC and timing crystal (Y1) was replaced as part of the mod. With the U1MB in place, the machine already had a 600XL/800XL ROM set as default. After the mod the system was generating a PAL colour display, but the image switched to monochrome after a few hours. I checked the install and could not determine any problems, but did also notice that the 1200XL would emit keyboard clicks, with no characters displayed, after a few mins of sitting at the READY prompt. So I pulled the mod, and set the 1200XL back to NTSC. The key click went away and that machine is ok again. I then installed the mod into a second 1200XL, again with an 800XL ROM, PAL ANTIC and the replacement timing crystal. Again I have a color display for a few mins, then it goes to monochrome. No keyboard click this time. What could be the cause of the color signal going away after a few minutes? The GTIA was pulled from a PAL 800XL that worked fine. The symptoms occur on both a Sony PVM 1344Q monitor and a Sony KV-AR25 multi-standard TV. Thanks Graham
  7. If you want to boot the 130XE with BASIC disabled and without holding down OPTION, you can cut or lift pin 11 of U23 - the PIA. This mod will permanently disable BASIC, so you will have to use BASIC loaded from disk or cartridge if you need BASIC again.
  8. Also: Amidar Well it seems I imagined that conversion.. shame, I love that game and the Traxx conversion on the VIC-20 by Jeff Minter
  9. Mario Bros Also, using different names: 1942 (Screaming Wings by Red Rat) Circus (Clowns and Baloons by Datasoft) Scramble (Caverns of Mars II by Atari APX) Space Panic (Apple Panic by Broderbund)
  10. Seems to work great! Been playing all your MyIDE II conversions and so far everything has been playing great, thanks for making these available
  11. From memory: Sinclair ZX80 Timex Sinclair TS1000 (ZX81 with 2K RAM) Timex Sinclair TS1500 (ZX81 in a Spectrum Mk1 style case with 16K RAM) Timex Sinclair TS2068 (Spectrum with added sound processor and a cartridge port)
  12. The relevant segment is also on Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4cYYPpZ8rFI
  13. The Alcatraz facility is maintained by the National Park Service. A good deal of it was left to rot after the prison closed, and the occupation in the 70s did more damage to the structures. Some of the facility has been restored and it makes for an interesting day exploring if you are fit enough to climb up and down lots of stairs. The island has some golf cart style vehicles for those who have trouble walking, but they won't get you into some of the areas such as the vegetable gardens which are very steep. The dining hall has been preserved and some of the cells, and the rangers give very detailed tours. You can also just explore on your own which is nice. Quite a bit of the facility though was still in ruins when I visited in 2012. A lot of tourists consider it a must-visit site. If you pick a good weather day and catch an early boat ride you can certainly enjoy a few hours of relative calm on Alcatraz Island, and the views back to downtown and of the Golden Gate Bridge are cool. But the boat charters are private and they will make you stand in line, you will have your picture taken and you will exit through the gift shop! Hence you have to put up with a lot of hassle, but if you loved the movies and the history of the place then it may be well worth it. If you are going in the summer you should book in advance as the tours get very busy. Sometimes they have cancellations so you might be lucky. The island has minimal facilities so eat before you leave. As for the whole PCH/Route 1 thing. I5 from the Bay Area south to Los Angeles is about the most boring drive imaginable short of taking I90 through South Dakota. If you have the time and the opportunity, grab a Camaro Convertible and take the coastal route. The rental lots only offer the pedestrian V6 versions of the pony cars, but the coastal route doesn't lend itself to excessive speed anyway. I work and regularly visit my teams in San Francisco, San Jose, Pleasanton, El Segundo, Irvine, Ontario and San Diego. Most everyone knows what you are talking about if you talk about PCH or "The coastal route". True it is known officially as SR1 and by a variety of different local names along it's length and there's always the pedantic purist.
  14. The old Atari HQ buildings are still there and look exactly as they did in 1982, but new tenants now occupy them and when I visited I got strange looks from the lunch crowd eating at the benches in the parking lot. However I expect I am not the first stranger to pull up, get out and start taking pictures with a cell phone. The Computer History Museum in Sunnyvale is worth a visit. They have some nice exhibits including an Atari 800. If you have the time, take PCH from San Francisco down to Los Angeles, and skip I5. The coastal route will take several hours longer but is so worth the time. Watch out for speed traps as many small California towns fund the police department on speeding tickets to tourists. Downtown SF is good. Chinatown is overrated. I like "The Stinking Rose" restaurant in Little Italy, probably a cliche by now but still good food. If you like wine and you have the time, a visit up to Napa or Sonoma is also time well spent, but avoid the larger vineyards and try a few random smaller ones. Bistro Jeanty is great for lunch or supper, and more accessible than The French Laundry which is usually booked months out. I enjoy Golden Gate Park and especially the Japanese Gardens. You can rent a bicycle and ride over the Golden Gate Bridge. Personally I would skip Alcatraz unless you really want to stand in line for hours. 4Jays retro store is in Antioch CA, and I enjoyed visiting the store. Apparently if you call in advance they will give you a tour of the warehouse. As others have said you can also call in at Best Electronics if you make an appointment. Los Angeles isn't so much a city and more a disjointed collection of suburbs. Santa Monica is full of tourists and the pier is overrated. The Lazy Daisy is a good place to grab lunch or coffee. Newport Beach further down the coast is a more pleasant place to walk about. The best cheeseburger in LA is in Buena Park. Portillo's - a small family run chain from Chicago opened a location there a few years back. Get the bacon cheeseburger with all the options! Hope you enjoy your trip.
  15. The clip shows him standing on a Microbee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MicroBee Not a TK2000.
  16. Is it just a case of de-solder and toss? Or is there more to it?
  17. Is this what you are looking for? Tigercub 0972 - Electrical, Electronics (19xx)(Tigercub Software)(PD).zip
  18. Is there a simple way to reset it to zero? No high score is higher than "UUUUUU0"
  19. I have one of the Pac-Man remake cartridges and it is one of my favorite games. But has anyone seen the same issue I have; yesterday I had it running on my Atari 400 most of Thanksgiving Day, and when I powered it on this morning, the high score has reset to "UUUUUU0"? Game is still playable, but its annoying.
  20. Adding the 800XL OS and MMU to a 1200XL does not disable the F1-F4 keys, the L1/L2 LED flash, nor does it require you to hold OPTION on startup. Pin 18 of the MMU is what controls the need to hold OPTION, and unless you connect it to pin 11 of the PIA, the 1200XL will continue to boot up with as if you held OPTION down on an 800XL. The F1-F4 keys work under the XL OS. The LED lights will work unless you install a 256K memory expansion which uses those pins of the PIA for memory bank control.
  21. Doesn't the XEGS have composite video/audio out as a pair of RCA jacks?
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