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  1. They should have added a track-zero sensor before they added the toggle switch. Ever tried formatting a new disk in a 1541? It's painful! Commodore were grand masters of eliminating absolutely every non-essential (and several essential) parts from their machines to maximize profit and minimize the price.
  2. Yes, and its picky as hell. Couldn't get mine to work under Win2000 or XP at all. Ended up taking an old Dell laptop and installing DOS6 on it, then running Star Commander, which allowed me to transfer singe PRG files, but then timed out after each transfer. Since alot of people got theirs to work ok, either im doing it all wrong, or my desktops have something in the parallel port/windows drivers thats interfering.
  3. I had this before - if I recall this was the fix: Keyclick Setting When initially using this program, I had a problem with "screaming Js". I won't go through all the details, but if you have such a problem, try changing the key-click to "Quiet" or "None". I know this tip has helped at least one other person besides me. I don't know what causes it, but it does fix it.
  4. Yes it does, you can download the ATR images down to an SD card and then use the device to mount them as though they were real floppies. Solid state technology means no mechanical failures and SD card capacity is so high now you can pretty much have your entire collection on a couple of cards. Much simpler than the old cassette systems! HTH.
  5. Questions. This is a joke right? If you want to try this for the hell of it, then cool - but have you considered you will not only need to transplant or emulate the SIO supporting circuitry, but also the FSK circuitry. If the 1010 isn't working, why not get a 410 or XC11 deck instead. Why are you using a tape drive at all? Get an SIO2PC or SIO2SD device and ditch the deck.
  6. Works great on my setup. I have a real E/A cart.
  7. Borrowing same format: Here are my test results: ATARI 1200XL (NTSC), 256K RAM, 800XL OS ================================================== Title screen with sheep -> O.K. Rainbow animation -> O.K. Title screen with plane -> O.K. black screen ATARI 1200XL (PAL), 256K RAM, 800XL OS ================================================== Title screen with sheep -> O.K. Rainbow animation -> O.K. Title screen with plane -> O.K. black screen
  8. Try this one. Atari Cracked (19xx)(-)req. PHM 3055 option 3DSK1.ATARI.zip
  9. You need a DOS disk. The exact procedure will depend on the DOS in use, but DOS 2.0 and derivatives is the most popular. If you boot with BASIC you will end up at the READY prompt. Type DOS to access the DOS menu and then select I for "Format Disk". MAKE SURE YOU PUT A BLANK FLOPPY in the drive. Once formatted you can select B - Run Cartridge. Then once you have written your masterpiece: SAVE "D1:MYPROG.BAS"
  10. See this: http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/104583-tipstricksproducts-used-in-restoration/ BTW, I had a damaged and largely non-functioning 1200XL keyboard in one of my two machines. I bought a replacement from Best Electronics a month ago. I am happy to report that the new keyboard works flawlessly.
  11. The stock TI drives are SS/SD. I believe the controller can handle DS/SD, but not double density. If you want DS/DD you will need a upgraded controller, such as a Corcomp or Myarc controller, and a DS/DD drive too. These controllers tend to fetch high prices on Ebay these days and are really quite rare.
  12. Oh wow - finally a good use for the PBI port! Now I wish I had bought a 1200XL PBI extender! Great work, I am going to want one for my 800XL. And I expect I will have to take out the Wizztronics expansion that is currently in there.
  13. There is a program called YLOAD that runs in XB that allows you play most EA/3 and EA/5 games.
  14. http://www.mainbyte.com/ti99/supercart/supercart.html My tips: Don't try a chip seat for the 8K device - the case isnt big enough. Skip the battery if you don't need the device to keep its contents when the console is turned off. Use a newer case without the dust guard - it catches on the solder joints. Enjoy.
  15. Didn't Atari at some point consolidate the 1400XL and 1450XLD motherboards into one? I thought the 1450 had an extra daughter card to provide the parallel disk capabilities?
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