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  1. In fact I had not heard of it until I read your note. Checking into this, it seems Alice Pascal is quite impressive, and now free to download. I just grabbed the disk images and will try to find time to play with it in the near future. I guess one of the problems "back in the day" was getting accurate information. I didn't own a modem and with no local BBS, long distance dialing would have been out of the question anyway. I relied on Page 6 and Atari User magazine, and the guys at BaPAUG (Bournemouth and Poole Atari User Group). Thanks for the tip on Alice Pascal.
  2. I think for me it was sometime in mid 1989. I had an Atari 520ST. I was at college studying a computer science program. The college used RM Nimbus PCs, a mostly IBM compatible machine, and we used Turbo Pascal 2.0 for coding. I found TP to be so much better than any programming language I had on the Atari. I got PC Ditto for the Atari and used it to boot MS-DOS 3.3, copied TP from school and continued working from home. The system was slow and tedious. I got a second disk drive that helped. I got an SM124 monitor which was so much better than the TV. I was seriously thinking of spending the money from my part time job on one of the new hardware PC emulators for the Atari when I had a epiphany; if I am spending all this money and effort to make the ST run PC software, maybe I should dump the ST and get a PC instead. I thought about buying the Atari PC1 but I didn't like the lack of expansion slots, so I sold the ST and eventually bought a used Advance 86B, a horrid, crappy British PC-XT clone. Later I upgraded to a Zenith Z200 (286/hard disk/MDA), then a TriGem 286 (286/hard disk/VGA), then a Zenith Z300 (386/hard disk/EGA), and eventually I salvaged an IBM PC-AT from my first post-grad job which I upgraded (Pentium/hard disk/SVGA/Sound Blaster). That AT, which I acquired in 1994, remained my main PC until 2005 undergoing several upgrades until they stopped making PC-AT standard motherboards.
  3. Let's not forget the Commodore MAX. Based on the same chipset at the 64, but with 2K of RAM, no BASIC, no serial port, no monitor jack and a touch sensitive keyboard, it was clearly intended to be a games console in a similar vein as the Sord M5.
  4. I bought a PSU replacement from Exxos. It worked well enough. It is now in my PC1. Others have used a Pico: https://blog.troed.se/projects/atari-st-picopsu-replacement/ These guys sell auto-switching units: https://centuriontech.eu/product/stpsu-st/ I've also seen people put Meanwell PSU's inside the STe case. Finally I would expect Best Electronics and/or B&C might have replacement units available.
  5. Thanks for the schematic @ParanoidLittleMan I'll try to find some time this weekend to see how to mod the board with these extra diodes. I don't have the board in my hand right now but I don't recall the resistor being there either. If I get it working I'll post an update.
  6. Paranoid Little Man has some games he adapted to run off cartridge on his website. The files are 128K, so after splitting they are 64K. The CO70208 board only seems to accept 27C64, 27C128 and 27C256 chips. In an older thread, @atarifan49 stated that you had to add a 27LS08 chip to the board to make it support the larger PROM chip, but didn't offer up a schematic. Does anyone have that mod to allow the larger PROM chips to be used on the this board?
  7. Looks like I missed the cut off, but 286,710 on Super Pac-Man
  8. A1 thru B5. Could not figure out C5 at all. Final score: 45,680.
  9. Completed A1 thru D4, although I think I scored lower than @therealbountybob With all this talk of Marmite and smörgåskaviar, maybe we need to add Food Fight to the HSC list.
  10. A1 thru E2. Not sure what we are supposed to offer up by way of evidence, but I scored 11,901
  11. 262,950 I can't seem to get past round 15.
  12. Hangman and Kingdom from Atari. The Lone Raider was also 16K but I think it doesn't work on NTSC.
  13. I would expect most cartridge games from 1980-1982 would run in 16K, including ones from Atari, Parker, Imagic and Thorn EMI. For cassettes, English Software had a number of 16K games including Air Strike, Diamonds, Dan Strikes Back and Batty Builders. Clowns and Balloons from Datasoft was a 16K cassette game too.
  14. Does anyone have the details of that mod? I tracked down the article to the San Leandro Computer Club(SLCC) - Atari Newsletter 1988. I found a scan of the news letter at the Internet Archive But the scan isn't very good, apparently we have to: * The wiring required is: (from the bottom of the XEP80 board) * Pin t and 2 of 9 pin socket to pin ? of U6. * Pin 7 of 9 pin socket to the pad 1/4 inch to the left of pin 8 of U6. (This pad is the same distance to the LEFT of pin 8 as pin 7 is to the RIGHT of pin 8*) * Pin 8 of 9 pin socket to pin 9 of U6, * Pin 9 of 9 pin socket to pin 10 of Ud
  15. 56,270 clearly I need some practice at this one!
  16. 534,800 Okay so I pointed my phone at the TV, and recorded a video. I then broke it up into segments to comply with YouTube's 15-minute limit. The audio is horrible, and the video isn't great, but you can see what's going on. The video is unlisted so you'll have to use the links to find it. I'm sharing the whole thing, warts and all. So I expect you all to hit 400K by Sunday night! Enjoy! Let's play Mr. Do - part 1 Let's play Mr. Do - part 2 Let's play Mr. Do - part 3
  17. I don't have a good way to record my Atari. I tried using Altirra and recording that but the input lag is horrendous. The best I could manage was about 230K. I'm using a pretty new i7 Windows 10 gaming laptop with the CX40 USB joystick and the game is almost unplayable. If you are using an emulator any tips for getting a more authentic experience?
  18. Man, my number 1 slot isn't going to last!!
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