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  1. A1 thru E2. Not sure what we are supposed to offer up by way of evidence, but I scored 11,901
  2. 262,950 I can't seem to get past round 15.
  3. Hangman and Kingdom from Atari. The Lone Raider was also 16K but I think it doesn't work on NTSC.
  4. I would expect most cartridge games from 1980-1982 would run in 16K, including ones from Atari, Parker, Imagic and Thorn EMI. For cassettes, English Software had a number of 16K games including Air Strike, Diamonds, Dan Strikes Back and Batty Builders. Clowns and Balloons from Datasoft was a 16K cassette game too.
  5. Does anyone have the details of that mod? I tracked down the article to the San Leandro Computer Club(SLCC) - Atari Newsletter 1988. I found a scan of the news letter at the Internet Archive But the scan isn't very good, apparently we have to: * The wiring required is: (from the bottom of the XEP80 board) * Pin t and 2 of 9 pin socket to pin ? of U6. * Pin 7 of 9 pin socket to the pad 1/4 inch to the left of pin 8 of U6. (This pad is the same distance to the LEFT of pin 8 as pin 7 is to the RIGHT of pin 8*) * Pin 8 of 9 pin socket to pin 9 of U6, * Pin 9 of 9 pin socket to pin 10 of Ud
  6. 56,270 clearly I need some practice at this one!
  7. 534,800 Okay so I pointed my phone at the TV, and recorded a video. I then broke it up into segments to comply with YouTube's 15-minute limit. The audio is horrible, and the video isn't great, but you can see what's going on. The video is unlisted so you'll have to use the links to find it. I'm sharing the whole thing, warts and all. So I expect you all to hit 400K by Sunday night! Enjoy! Let's play Mr. Do - part 1 Let's play Mr. Do - part 2 Let's play Mr. Do - part 3
  8. I don't have a good way to record my Atari. I tried using Altirra and recording that but the input lag is horrendous. The best I could manage was about 230K. I'm using a pretty new i7 Windows 10 gaming laptop with the CX40 USB joystick and the game is almost unplayable. If you are using an emulator any tips for getting a more authentic experience?
  9. Man, my number 1 slot isn't going to last!!
  10. 498,600 Still a long way off Fandal's record...
  11. 265,400 I like this game much better than Donkey Kong.
  12. Seems to me Tandy Radio Shack couldn't get out of their own way. My perspective is from the UK where I grew up. In the 82/83/84 Home Computer craziness, the Tandy CoCo seemed a distant also-ran. I might agree with those who say the Atari, Commodore, BBC etc were superior machines, but I am biased. What I do know is that the TRS80 Model 1 had a successful clone in the UK called the Video Genie, which is the machine I used to learn BASIC programming. I don't know if the Video Genie was a licensed clone or not, but I suspect it wasn't. EACA also went on to add color the Video Genie to produce the Colour Genie, an interesting exercise in what might have been had Tandy Radio Shack followed the same principles. The CoCo spawned the Dragon 32 and 64 machines, and despite any claims that other machines were technically superior, the Dragon was a very successful machine for a while in the UK. So why didn't RS benefit? My memory tells me that the CoCo was offered in 4K and 16K models at prices that were not far off the list price of a BBC Model A. For a long time it seemed they were massively over priced for the market. I am having trouble verifying that statement as when I look back through old copies of Your Computer, C&VG, Home Computer Weekly etc, I see not a single ad from Tandy. Other machines were sold through a variety of distribution channels both mail order and high street. The Tandy models it seems were only sold through the Tandy stores or catalog, and Tandy perhaps believed they didn't need to advertise. I also recall going into Tandy as a kid. That was back when they still carried a lot of components in the store. They also had HiFi systems, those table top electronic kits for kids, calculators etc. I don't recall the computers ever being shown in a significant display. In fact I don't recall ever seeing one turned on. Over at places like WH Smiths, Boots, Rumbelows, Dixons and Woolworths they had ZX Spectrums, VICs, Dragons, Commodore 64s and some times other machines, all there to explore, with lots of games to buy. Even later then Tandy did achieve considerable success with their PC compatible line, the UK market was dominated by Amstrad and other low-cost PC-clones. I don't recall ever seeing a Tandy 1000EX or HX in the UK.
  13. Depends on what inputs you have on your modern flat screen TV. As Paul says, a simple solution is the composite video option, if you have composite-in (yellow or green/yellow plug) and the resulting output is acceptable to you. Some modern TVs still have SVideo inputs, although they are getting very rare nowadays, and that will offer a slightly better display for an Atari 800 or 800XE, but not all 800XLs had separate chroma/luma outputs, so you need to make sure your Atari has the requisite monitor port wiring, or be willing to add it with a bit of modding. If you are in Europe then you might have a SCART option. I don't know if they still fit those plugs to European sets, but if you have one, it usually supports composite video. If you want HDMI then you need either an upscaler or a Sophia video mod. Upscalers will up-convert your composite video into HDMI adding scan lines to maintain resolution and try to address the blurring that occurs when you plug composite video into a modern high-res TV. Prices range from cheap, to the Frameister XRGB unit which is very nice, but also very expensive, and not for the casual/occasional user. The Sophia mod will allow your Atari to output DVI natively, but it is difficult to fit to an original Atari 800 due to the shielding. If your 800 is a genuine original 800, with flip up cartridge door and 48K of RAM, the Sophia will be a challenge to install, but it has been done. For 800XL or 800XE machines it is much simpler. The DVI output can then be converted to HDMI with a simple adapter I believe, although to be sure, I have not personally tried this, as I still use CRTs for my Ataris.
  14. 38,100 after four or five attempts. My score doesn't seem to be improving...
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