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  1. Not transformers. Aaargh, that is at the tops of my hardest/ worst game ever list. lol Anyways, I'm not on that often anymore. How often are you doing NES repros right now shawn? I see a few cool ones, but trying to wait for some bills to go away before i get into games big time again.
  2. His other item is Pepsi Invaders. He says he found it at a mexican flea market.
  3. Ebay and Chase are two most popular ones around here. There is one called Gamegavel too, but it has less people on it. A few auction places in other countries, but those are the ones I know from America that have any Atari stuff.
  4. If the label looks like that, wonder what the rest of the case looks like. This is one of the few games I still need that I'm really looking for.
  5. I'm actually attempting one too. Only real reason I want a portable is so that when I purchase games on the like yard sales, I can halfway test some to see that they work. Maybe one day I can find a pepsi invaders.
  6. The TV you got is one I'm trying to work with too. Just worried about the size of the board as it seems not to be very "friendly" Add the fact one backlight is already out, and I may try to pick up another. Anyone try it with a Ev 500?
  7. Coolness, maybe in a few months for me when I have time over the summer. Do you have any feedback though? Are you going to add any homebrew demos for people to try out with it?
  8. My only negative, that was removed 2 years ago after eBay investigated the dispute, was from a seller in Atlanta, Georgia. I don't see how location means anything and there really is no place for that kind of stuff in this great forum. What exactly did I say wrong? I was just saying where the person was from. Some of the stuff Golden Ax talked about sounded familiar, especially when he mentioned the cop thing. As far as being ripped off, I know a couple of people who from this forum was screwed from someone near Atlanta. Location doesn't matter, they can be from anywhere. Edit: BTW, I still occasionly see that person from Atlanta listing stuff on Craigslist, so he is still around. I know a few people really really want to talk to him.
  9. My only negative ever came from a New York City person too.
  10. I actually got a tron for free last year, just needed a power cord. Guy and his family was moving out of country. Still can't believe how lucky i was. One day I need to get a new monitor shroud though and a blacklight for center area.
  11. Great Seller. Just bought a bunch of CDS from him. No problems.
  12. How often does the color bar generator actually come up for sale? 2 in one week, but don't remember any other than that in a long time.
  13. I know you said you don't want to let anyone know who it is since they deal alot on these boards, but people need to know. If the USPS individually tracked and confirmation both tracked the package to the location then you upheld your part of the deal. I had this same problem with a ebay transaction years ago and is still my only negative showing on my ebay ever. You did your part, now people need to know they didn't do theirs and know who it is.
  14. I really hope you reported this to ebay. Heck, may even do harassment stuff other ways. Person has issues.
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