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  1. No, it just got moved to the 7800 forum. Mitch
  2. I haven't actually played it but since it is an alpha build I would guess it is still fairly early in the dev process. Mitch
  3. Welcome to AtariAge Bob! Thanks for sharing inside info on these titles. It is always nice to hear what happened behind the scenes. Mitch
  4. I believe Al said that they would be shipping out next week. Mitch
  5. Try here: http://www.atari7800.org/other/HighlanderPCalpha.zip Mitch
  6. The BIOS detects whether a 2600 cart or 7800 cart is inserted and switches the system to the appropriate mode. For example; the TIA which is one of the main chips for 2600 mode is used only for audio in 7800 mode. Mitch
  7. I found it but it is too large to post to the forum. Let me figure out somewhere to put it. Mitch
  8. No, it does not have a seperate board. Mitch
  9. I think I have it somewhere, I'll have to remember to check when I get home. Mitch
  10. I was in General Chat and hit the back button on my browser to return to the main forum index. Refreshing the page fixed it. Mitch
  11. Just had it happen about one minute ago. Mitch
  12. Sounds like it could be a bad wire in the cable. Mitch
  13. UAV is the best one currently available. Mitch
  14. I think the AtariMax dumper is the easiest one to use. Mitch
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