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  1. Yes, though most (all?) of the SCART 7800s also have the RAM daughter board. Mitch
  2. You should be able to edit the first post now. Mitch
  3. Mitch

    RAM chips

    I have two of them. One that was on loan to Curt and the other has the Atari warranty sticker over the screw hole that I didn't want to break. Mitch
  4. Mitch

    RAM chips

    No, it was an RGB signal that was output. Mitch
  5. Mitch

    RAM chips

    Yes, there was a riser board that replaced the RF modulator. It had an Atari ST 13 pin monitor port on it. That model 7800 shipped with an ST to SCART RGB cable though. Mitch
  6. I only see the store link on the AtariAge default skin. I don't think the other skins have a lot of the extra customization. Mitch
  7. Mitch

    RAM chips

    The pictures that RJ posted are what I was thinking of. I pulled my PAL 7800s apart and they both have the same RAM chip model just different date codes. The one with the riser board must be one of the 7800s I had on loan to Curt. Not sure if I will ever see those again or not. Mitch
  8. Mitch

    RAM chips

    Have you seen the RAM daughter-board that is on a lot of the PAL 7800s? I thought I had a picture but can't seem to find it at the moment. Mitch
  9. I would guess audio but Saint would be the one to know. Why not wait until he releases his conversion tool to find out. Mitch
  10. Yes, most of the 1986 release have some color on them (mostly red). In 1987 they switched to black and white. Later games they went to full color. Mitch
  11. If you got them before last year you should send them back to Batari for a hardware upgrade. Mitch
  12. That means either your console or controller is slightly out of calibration. Bounty Bob is very picky about the calibration. Mitch
  13. Yes, that is not really correct. You can now play PAL 7800 games with the Asteroids bios but not necessarily play them well. It does not modify your NTSC console to PAL format in any way. Given that only one 7800 game was a PAL exclusive (Sentinel) and that game is available as an NTSC proto repro. I am not sure why you would want to play PAL 7800 games on an NTSC 7800. Basically the only benefit to the Asteroids bios is the built in Asteroids game. Mitch
  14. The normal NTSC 7800 bios will not load PAL 7800 games due to the encryption check. Using the Asteroids bios removes that restriction. Other than that and the built in Asteroids game there is no difference to the normal bios. Mitch
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