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  1. The Wico 2600 trackball is joystick mode only. So no, it will not work with them. Mitch
  2. Try using the default diskjugggler settings. Mitch
  3. Batari mentioned possibly adding it.as well as bup and minnie. Maybe there will be multiple versions. I'll guess we will find out when it is released. That would be a question for Batari. Mitch
  4. If Hokey makes it out this year with full compatibility it will make the pass through device redundant. Mitch
  5. Try cleaning the cart port on the 5200. Some of the 5200 third party games have thinner cart boards and are more prone to failure. It doesn't hurt to clean the cart as well. Mitch
  6. There are a few protos out there. I do not own one. Mitch
  7. Motor Psycho and Pole Position 2 are two different games. Mitch
  8. Which version of Winter Games did you play? The late beta that Atari accidentally released that was missing some audio and had placeholder graphics in a couple of events or the final version? Mitch
  9. Gimme, Gimme, Gimme. Mitch
  10. I think the store is currently closed. Try again in a couple of weeks. Mitch
  11. Interesting, I think SC was for the standalone stuntcycle console. If my memory is correct. Mitch
  12. Interesting, I have been using Diskjuggler for ripping the discs. I even downloaded someone else's rip of the same game and it gives errors in the same places. I guess I need to try a different ripping software. Diskjuggler has been discontinued for years, so obviously there are no updates to run. Mitch
  13. Here's mine. I got it from Curt several years back. Mitch
  14. Did a bit more testing. I tried re-dumping a couple of the problem discs with an external USB CD-ROM drive and got the same errors. So I either have a bunch of bad discs or the converter tool needs a little tweaking. Mitch
  15. I have one very similar to that with the same type of Bios setup. Mitch
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