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  1. Just use Atarimania.com Mitch
  2. Mitch


  3. Yes, it seems to have a high failure rate. Several of my Commodore monitors had the same issue with the same part. I lucked out and was able to pick up several when my local electonics store was clearancing them out. Mitch
  4. I noticed that the "Who's Online" at the bottom of the main forum page is no longer alphabetized. Mitch
  5. I was pretty sure that Batari wrote a new banking file for the CC2. I thought Chad had released some tech documents for the CC2 when he ended support for it. Mitch
  6. I have a loose Kung Fu Master available. Mitch
  7. I have an ABS file for Brain Games in my Jag folder. I don't think I have ever tried to play it though. Mitch
  8. I guess I was just wondering why you had to convert it down to 48K to work on a cart. 128K carts are not hard to make. Mitch
  9. Why does it need to be 48K? Mitch
  10. It took me quite some time to track down a copy. I forget which game I ended up getting it with. Mitch
  11. Mitch


    I tested with Bentley Bear on a versa board. It is too tall to fit in a cart shell with a socket, probably be OK if it was soldered in or maybe with a low profile socket like the CC2 uses. Mitch
  12. Mitch


    I'll try it out and see. Mitch
  13. Mitch


    I notice that the package for the PokeyOne is slightly larger than a regular Pokey. I am unable to close the shell of the CC2 with the PokeyOne installed. Mitch
  14. Sorry to hear about that. I know what it is like, I was in the hospital for almost two weeks last month after my heart attack and it is definitely no fun. Mitch
  15. Mitch


    I got my PokeyOne today. I didn't have much time to test but I dropped it in my CC2 and ran Ballblazer and Commando and didn't notice any issues. The audio sounded great on both of them. Mitch
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