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  1. Alex retired from AtariAge quite a few years ago. Mitch
  2. I had a very hard time finding a bit to open mine. I finally found one at McMasters-Carr. I think it is called tri-slot. Mitch
  3. What are you cleaning it with and are you allowing it sufficient time to dry? Mitch
  4. So are these compatible with a Catbox Catnet connection? Otherwise how are you connecting more than two systems? Mitch
  5. For the record, I have never programmed any 7800 games. So you can probably take me off of the list. Mitch
  6. The 1984 Pole Position 2 is a released version. The 1984 Centipede manual and the 1984 Joust box both appear to have been released in short supply. The Joust box even has a price tag on it. The other four 1984 carts appear to have been samples and not generally released. I do not own copies of them. Mitch
  7. I am pretty sure that the first release of Joust was on two ROM chips. A 16k chip and an 8k chip. Later, when ROM prices dropped for larger chips, they went with a single 32k chip. Mitch
  8. I guess you missed my web site. http://www.atari7800.org/museum.htm I do have the 84 Pole Position 2 manual scanned, though I never got around to uploading it. Mitch
  9. Here is the original Skyfox box. https://atari7800.org/screenshots/Sky_Foxscreen.htm Mitch
  10. I would have no problem paying shipping to get my items back. Mitch
  11. It is one of those borderline cases since it did get authorized by Atari before they discontinued the 7800. Mitch
  12. The skycopter proto was up for sale a couple years ago. Mitch
  13. I had a few things on loan to Curt as well. I have not received a response from Marty yet either. Mitch
  14. The first map is always the same on cart. It is randomized after that. It is also different between NTSC and PAL. Emulation is likely going to be different as well. Mitch
  15. I played quite a few of these. Space Quest 3 was probably my favorite. Played a decent amount of Gold Rush as well. Mitch
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