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  1. Here you go: https://www.atari7800.org/console.htm Mitch
  2. What startup file are you using? Mitch
  3. If I recall they were licensed ports to the 5200 around ten years ago. Only a fairly small run I believe. If you search the forums here you can likely find the answer. Mitch
  4. I think that is as far as Defender got in development. Bob can confirm that though. I am surprised you were able to get it to work with 78BIOS, I had to use 78QUICK to get it to work. Mitch
  5. I just typed PREH TV3 ME5A SZ2 into google and it pulled up several pictures. Here's one: https://schriefers-fernsehen.de/de/preh-netschalter-fuer-fernsegeraete-identifikation-s-h-bilder-neu-428.html I think under $5 is reasonable. Thanks, Mitch
  6. Yeah, I think I got it at CGE. Email sent. Mitch
  7. Do they have any of the PREH TV3 ME5A SZ2 power switches that the old Atari and Commodore monitors use? I'll take a few if they have them at a reasonable price. Thanks, Mitch
  8. Is this new? My copy of Protector RESURGENCE CD does not have the overlays. I purchased it a couple years ago. Mitch
  9. There are green label 2600 32 in 1 carts. I have also seen 32 in 1 carts with the yellow 7800 label stuck on top of the green label. Your cart is likely legit. It is the exact same cart with 32 different 2600 games on it regardless of which label it has on it. Mitch
  10. First post updated again. We now have a banking file for 32KROM, 16K RAM (7800 Defender) - 7832R16 and EF banking (2600 Zippy). Please post if you find any issues or any other games that are not working. Mitch
  11. Yes, one of the new banking files 78SCP450 supports Pokey at 450 for 128K ROMs. 7800: Arkanoid - WIP ARKANOID 78SCP450 78BIOS 95fd849f Mitch
  12. I just updated the zip file in the first post. It includes two additional banking files and an updated guide.txt file. The two new ones are 144K Supercart schemes that follow the now accepted location of the extra 16K. These don't require swapping the last 16K of an .a78 file to the front of the file. Just the typical strip of the .a78 header. Mitch
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