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  1. I have yet to find a Voice module that didn't work. Big thing is to clean the connections on it and keep the cartridge slot covered when not in use. I recently broke out my O2 and played Turtles with my kids (3 and 6 years old), both of them really enjoyed the old system. Congrats on the purchase and hope you continue to enjoy it!
  2. I'd love to see pics of the Pink Panther and other protos whenever you get a chance. It'd be great for this game to see the light of day, finally. Did your neighbor have any of the Odyssey3 equipment as well, since some of the mentioned games were Odyssey3 titles? It's great to see things like this come up after all these years. Best of luck with whatever you decide to do.
  3. if you truly have Pink Panther and the others listed, there should be ample interest in those outside of eBay. PM me please!
  4. I'd be interested in the Killer Bees prototype if you are willing to part with it. drop me a PM.
  5. True, they had a single programmer on the job to long. More third party support would have been better for the sales. Although in europe we had parker brothers and imagic. The odyssey2 named videopac was far more popular in europe. Here the prototype odyssey3 got released as the g7400 videopac+ and had updated graphics, and was compatible with all videopac games. I agree on their needing more 3rd party development, people who would try to push the O2 to do more. Look at the Imagic and Parker games. We had an O2 growing up and I still enjoy having one today. If you have the time to play around on games like the KC Munchkin games and Monkeyshines, you can program custom mazes. Also, the Master Strategy games were pretty unique to mix a board game with the system game. I have a G7400+ and will eventually get one of John D's multicarts to try it out. It'll be interesting to play around and see what we missed with the O3 never hitting the market (yep, my folks had plans to buy one).
  6. I decided to clear out my classic gaming collection. It isn't the most impressive but there are some goodies here. INTV: INTV System 1 in system 3 box w/ styrofoam (works pretty good, could use cleaning) Loose games: World Championship Baseball, Centipede, QBert (w/ inst), Star Strike (w/ 3 overlays), Carnival (w/ inst), Donkey Kong, Beauty & the Beast (w/ inst & 2 overlays) CIB Games: Lock N Chase, Burgertime, Sub Hunt, Tron Maze a Tron, NFL Football, Poker & Blackjack, SNAFU, Night Stalker, Triple Action, Vectron, Royal Dealer, Astrosmash, Adv Dungeons & Dragons, PBA Bowling, Auto Racing, Frog Bog, PGA Golf, Space Armada, Major League Baseball A couple of the CIB games are the Sears version, but I figured all as the Intv brand Asking price is $50 plus shipping Odyssey2: 2 systems (1 boxed, both with attached controllers), 1 Voice Module, 1 Silver detachable controller Loose games: UFO, Alien Invaders, Invaders from Hyperspace, Thunderball, Casino Slot Machine, Quest for the Rings (box/board/some tokens/game), Computer Intro (box/game), Pachinko, Demon Attack, KC Munchkin, War of Nerves, Smithereens, Type & Tell, Speedway/Spinout, Nimble Numbers Ned, Football, Take the Money and Run, Hockey/Soccer, Computer Golf, Baseball, Alpine Skiing, LV Blackjack CIB games: Killer Bees, Armored Encounter, Blockout, Attack of the Timelord, Pick Axe Pete, Volleyball, Baseball, Speedway/Spinout, Out of this World/Helicopter Rescue, UFO, KC Crazy Chase, Football, Alien Invaders, LV Blackjack, Freedom Fighters, Electronic Table Soccer, KC Munchkin Brazilian Games CIB: Frogger, Super Cobra European Games CIB: Secret of the Pharoahs, VP40 - 4 in 1 Row, VP35 - Electronic Billiards, VP33 - Jumping Acrobats, VP4 - Air Sea War/Battle, VP6 - Tenpen Bowling/Basketball, VP3 - American Football Asking Price is $150 plus shipping (mainly due to some of the rares and the duplicate carts that I didn't list) All prices are negotiable and I am open to trades for damn near anything of equal value, especially to local gamers (Phoenix AZ area). I have 100% feedback on eBay (Jagdiesel), Atari Age (Jagdiesel), and DP (Jagdiesel/Reverend Jagdiesel). Anyone who's dealt with me can vouch for my incredible packing jobs and the condition of goods I sell. This is my collection and I really did take great care of this stuff.
  7. I'm with Lemmi on this one.. BTW, Scott, you still have that Jag combo I sent your way long long ago? Also, Starscream, you still have the Intv lot? If so, pm with game list info and price. thanx
  8. And if you need a replacement detachable controller, I have 2 which I'd gladly swap.
  9. Is this going to be a pc or system release? This is the first i've heard of it, so I'd appreciate some info.
  10. I have a G7400+ system (European Odyssey3) with 1 controller. It is a European system, so you'll need a multisystem tv or adapters and a power adapter. Along with this I have a box of loose common Odyssey2 games (17 total). Also includes 2 loose copies of Demon Attack. I am asking $60 plus shipping or make an offer. I also have 2 ColecoVision power adapters, make offer. Hey, I also have a Vader model 2600 and a handful of games. No cords, controllers, or anything, but should work (you cant kill the damned things). 2 boxed Froggo games (Spider Droid/Sea Hunt), and some 5 loose carts (Sorcerer's Apprentice, Roc n Rope, Venture, Laser Blast, kaboom). $20 plus shipping or make offer. Email me at: [email protected] or post here. Shipping is from Phoenix AZ area and will be shipped UPS.
  11. Do you still have the Jag & games? If so, email me with your asking price and maybe I'd be more interested... What NG games are you looking for? I may have access to a few..
  12. Hey, got your email.. sorry for the confusion, but am losing job and doing as little as I can while here at work... I would like to know if you'd take 50 total with shipping for it? I will be trying to disect it and not playing it, so thats about all I could give for it.. again, I am losing my job (Motorola sucks like you wouldnt believe )..
  13. Hey, do you still have it? email me and we can talk off forum, maybe make a deal...
  14. I have the following to sell/trade. Prefer to trade for Odyssey2/Intv stuff. Odyssey2 voice unit, loose, works good. Demon Attack, Odyssey2, 3 copies, all loose. KC Munchkin loose. HES Gridrunner, C64 (I think), loose. Space Fury, coleco, loose. Water Ski, 7800, loose. Sea Hunt & Spiderdroid, 2600, cib. 2 Colecovision power supplies. I need Odyssey2 voice series games, prefer boxed, and some of the later Intv games.
  15. Would you consider trading for some older stuff... like maybe an Intellivision w/ a few games or a 7800 w/ a few games?
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