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  1. There are so many different perspectives on collecting small plastic cartridges that cost more than my first car! I still really want that cart. I really only started collecting Atari games in early October (last month). I should find more time to play my games. Lately, I've been concentrating on collecting games. I don't have as much time as I'd like to devote to playing. I don't like to feel rushed when I'm playing. I'm still learning a lot about the system, it's history, etc... I want to know what it is that I am collecting and I want to appreciate its rich background. I am not from the "Atari Generation". I said in another post that my mother would never let me play with one. I want to see what I've been missing. Right now, I'm just picking up carts as I go. I never turn one down. Should I? I'm having a hard time finding them around here. I guess I'll just have to get up early and hit garage sales. The pawn shops around here don't carry them and they don't buy them either. They told me there isn't enough demand for them. Anyway, I thought I'd post my modest collection of games. I thought I had more, but a few ended up being for the ColecoVision. Pitfall Fishing Derby Demons to Diamons Combat Football Defender Grand Prix Space Invaders E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial Asteroids Ms. Pac-Man Pong Sports Pac-Man Surround Slot Racers Haunted House Sky Diver Canyon Bomber Target Fun SwordQuest EarthWorld Yars’ Revenge Centipede Breakout Frogger Dragonfire Pole Position Night Driver SwordQuest FireWorld Atlantis (Night Scene) x2 Wizard of Wor Donkey Kong Raiders of the Lost Ark Kangaroo Ice Hockey Zaxxon Star Raiders Skiing Decathlon Video Olympics Outlaw Space Invaders (112 Tele-Games) Dodge ‘Em Berzerk 3-D Tick-Tac-Toe Megamania Stampede Amidar Squeeze Box Raft Raider Gopher Porky’s M.A.D.
  2. I too had a bunch of surge protectors hooked-up for all my games. I had my Atari 2600, NES, SNES, SMS, Genesis, Saturn, Dreamcast, N64, GameCube, PS2, and XBox 360 all plugged to an intricate network of surge protectors. I tried to keep the surge protectors switched off at all times (unless I was playing), but I realized that it could and probably was a fire hazard and I didn't want any precious systems getting fried, or my house for that matter.
  3. Quick! You live by the shore and a hurricane is coming. Your house is already beginning to flood from the heavy rain. You've waited too long and can't take much. All your family is already in a safe place. You can only carry your medium-sized backback and you have already put your pictures and other valuables in it. You only have room for two Atari games. Which ones do you take?
  4. Oh, that REALLY sucks! It makes me cringe thinking about that happening to me! I used to work with CAP and the Red Cross here in my city and one year there was a massive flood. They still call it the "Floods of 2002". We went house to house and I saw many people who had stored their precious games in the basement and they were gone. I really didn't appreciate how awful that was until I started collecting my own games.
  5. I've never played River Raid II. So I guess (for now) I prefer River Raid I.
  6. My mom never let my have an Atari when I was young. I remember once my aunt offered to let me have one, but my mom said no. She didn't want me to become obsessed or something. She finally got me a N64 when they first came out. After that I never wanted a PS, GameCube, or Xbox. Then I met my friend Jeanette and she is absolutely obsessed with gaming. She's going to school to become a game programmer. Soon after that I found an old NES at Goodwill for $1.29. So I went searching for games and accessories for it. Then I met my new best friend who sells these retro systems and he gave me an Atari box. I bought the wires and stuff then I began searching for accessories and games for the Atari and eventually stumbled on to this site and then I began playing and putting my collection together. Then I became OBSESSED! This was one month ago.
  7. I usually just put it in a box I've labeled "broken". I'll usually find a use for such items. Sometimes I'll be working on some Atari thing and a small spring or other small part bounces off onto the floor and I can't find it anymore. Those are the times when the "broken" box comes in handy!
  8. I just started collecting Atari Games in October 2006. Yet, I'm absolutely crazy about it! I'm actually getting quite obsessive. I only have a little over 60 games. About 6 are in the 4-5 range. The rest are 1-3. I still don't know very much; mostly about the various formats and how to tell if they are copies, etc... When I first found this site I read about the infamous Pepsi Invaders game. I keep thinking about this game. How does it feel to actually own one? Is my life complete without one? I know I don't deserve one as much as other collectors do. I may just be infatuated with the idea of it. Funny huh? It sounds like I'm talking about an actual person. Is there anybody else out there who REALLY wants one? I know, stupid question, but I mean you would like trade your first born? (Just kidding... really) My stupid question is: how much would you pay for one? My fiance doesn't want me to spend over a few thousand. I'm willing to pay quite a bit more. I don’t want to get ripped off and I’m terrified that I'll buy a fake or something. I’ll admit that currently I don't have the time and resources to seriously search for it and actually buy it... yet. I’m waiting for my fiancé to come home from grad school. I have to support him, my daughter and me... and my Atari addiction. Is this game actually a THAT big a deal?!? P.S. I think Coke tastes like crap! Star Taylor
  9. I'd probably just get the PS3...
  10. I was going to choose something atari related, but I decided to use the user name I've been using since freshman year in high school. I meant airforcejane to be the feminine of airforcejoe. Airforcejoe was a boyfriend from high school.
  11. Ah ha! That is what it is. I'm so dumb. I just started collecting. Initially, the games look the same to me. Now that I'm looking through my collection, three of them are for ColecoVision. *sigh* Now I need a ColecoVision. I know nothing about these... Thanks a lot!!!!
  12. The rarest game I have is the (beveled) Raft Rider with a rarity of 5.
  13. That is too awesome! I’m ecstatic to see the Atari 2600 next to the PS3!
  14. I just started, but I don't ever see how I could ever get "sick of it".
  15. I just read this: Except for Pole Position II, all games Atari produced for the 7800 have a gray background. At the top of the label is the 7800 logo (generally in maroon). Under that is a color graphic unique to each game. Copyright text appears in black placed under the image. The end label is also gray, with the title text in maroon or black, followed by "ATARI 7800" in black text underneath the title in a smaller font. Some games also have the model number in black text on the end label. http://www.atariage.com/label_page.html?Sy...&LabelID=58 This game does NOT say 7800 on it anywhere. Now, I'm not so sure what to think about it. It has a white background, not a gray one. Any ideas about it?
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