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  1. this game kinda sucks......maybe thats why its never been on here. I was hoping for a 20th Century Fox game.
  2. 11,850...............first go around.........level 3 is tough
  3. I LOVE THIS GAME.....ohhh its on now!!!!! I always kinda sucked at this version because it is harder than the NES version, IMO.
  4. I used to suck baddd at this game.......been years since I played it.....have to give it a another whirl in a while.
  5. we shoulda had Bugs Bunny in here as well...or Snoopy..........they would have made for a wee bit easier Cartoon Week than Spider-Man
  6. couldnt beat my Taz score so I tried Spider-Man again.....got a little better 180
  7. I remember back in the day when I moderated this club. Participation was bad, even back then.....I don't know why. These games are classic and fun as heck!!!
  8. I've been using my Atari Flashback 2 controller whenever I use Stella on my computer. I was just playing Pole Position and I heard a pop when I made an extreme turn. Everything seemed fine. I was used to my older 2600 controllers making that noise alot. How sturdy are these Flashback 2 controllers? Was that pop normal....given the game and the situation? Am I safe or would I think about investing in getting another controller.
  9. my highest on Spider-Man was 90. A whole ninety flippin' points. I'm too ashamed to even take a snapshot.....but I told ya'll I suck at Spider-Man. Time to get back to Taz and Smurfs.
  10. But I stink even worse at Spiderman....lol......I might just stick with working on my Taz score on this two-weeker.
  11. Taz - 43,300.....I usually do better but I was kinda tired.
  12. just my two cents on the next games for the other weeks: Week 16 = M Network. (since we already played MY personal favorite M Network game, Dark Cavern....I suggest either Lock 'N' Chase or Burgertime.......both excellent games Week 17-19 = Wild card with rarely played games. OH no! (two of my favorite games rarely get any attention when it comes to Atari.....Bank Heist and Fantastic Voyage) Week 20-21 = Paddle games. (no preference) Week 22-23 = My Favorite Games as a kid. (cue Vocelli) Week 24-26 = Anything Goes (other than my obvious favorite games, Pressure Cooker or Berzerk. How about a nice old homebrew like Squish 'Em or Ladybug? But heck, there's wayyy too many great homebrews to pick from.)
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