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  1. this game kinda sucks......maybe thats why its never been on here. I was hoping for a 20th Century Fox game.
  2. 11,850...............first go around.........level 3 is tough
  3. I LOVE THIS GAME.....ohhh its on now!!!!! I always kinda sucked at this version because it is harder than the NES version, IMO.
  4. I used to suck baddd at this game.......been years since I played it.....have to give it a another whirl in a while.
  5. we shoulda had Bugs Bunny in here as well...or Snoopy..........they would have made for a wee bit easier Cartoon Week than Spider-Man
  6. couldnt beat my Taz score so I tried Spider-Man again.....got a little better 180
  7. I remember back in the day when I moderated this club. Participation was bad, even back then.....I don't know why. These games are classic and fun as heck!!!
  8. I've been using my Atari Flashback 2 controller whenever I use Stella on my computer. I was just playing Pole Position and I heard a pop when I made an extreme turn. Everything seemed fine. I was used to my older 2600 controllers making that noise alot. How sturdy are these Flashback 2 controllers? Was that pop normal....given the game and the situation? Am I safe or would I think about investing in getting another controller.
  9. my highest on Spider-Man was 90. A whole ninety flippin' points. I'm too ashamed to even take a snapshot.....but I told ya'll I suck at Spider-Man. Time to get back to Taz and Smurfs.
  10. But I stink even worse at Spiderman....lol......I might just stick with working on my Taz score on this two-weeker.
  11. Taz - 43,300.....I usually do better but I was kinda tired.
  12. just my two cents on the next games for the other weeks: Week 16 = M Network. (since we already played MY personal favorite M Network game, Dark Cavern....I suggest either Lock 'N' Chase or Burgertime.......both excellent games Week 17-19 = Wild card with rarely played games. OH no! (two of my favorite games rarely get any attention when it comes to Atari.....Bank Heist and Fantastic Voyage) Week 20-21 = Paddle games. (no preference) Week 22-23 = My Favorite Games as a kid. (cue Vocelli) Week 24-26 = Anything Goes (other than my obvious favorite games, Pressure Cooker or Berzerk. How about a nice old homebrew like Squish 'Em or Ladybug? But heck, there's wayyy too many great homebrews to pick from.)
  13. Taz is the funnest and after awhile gets the wildest of the 3 games. Why no score posting till Monday? Can we still play the games and take pics and then post them on Monday? I'm actually off tommorrow so all I'll have time to do is play.....and read some Silver Surfer, Dr. Strange, and Ghost Rider in-between....hehehehe.
  14. I've probably got some spare prizes somewhere or the other. I'll find at least something worthy of being used as a prize in one of these contests....even if it eventually does turn out to be one of my 80 copies of Space Invaders...lol
  15. in my opinion, having always played both.....this one is FAR superior AND fun than it's original on the INTV, Night Stalker.
  16. 209,000 final score for the night.........love this game to death
  17. Elevator Action Dr. Mario RC Pro AM Mach Rider Punisher Yo! Noid NARC off the top of my head.....since those are the games sitting by my system....lol
  18. that was my second go round for a 15 minute stint. My mortal enemy, Deteacher and his un-Godly scores still taunt me to strive for excellence. peace out and I will try to hit the 200k mark later tonight.
  19. oh boy....this is my game.....i get crazy when I play Dark Cavern. Ya'll must have read my mind. Time to get crackin'.
  20. wow...it's been a while............always love seeing new Pitfall Harry comics how've all ya'll been doin? me.....S.O.S. (same ole' shit)
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