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  1. Maybe we can finally get some more Starcraft games. Brood Wars is still fun after all these years.
  2. I'm actually pretty proficient at Ninja Gaiden 3. I had it and NG1 as a kid so I had tons of practice. Never did beat it, though.
  3. And Merry Christmas to all yall, too! I ended up with an Atari Flashback X and a small portable TV to play it in on. I think its a sin that the Flashback didn't come with a regular AC adapter, though.
  4. I loved this game as a kid and remember being pretty good but damn....played it today and got to the third world and gave up. One hit deaths are the bane of my existence. And what makes it worse is you start all the way over after a death....even when you get to the boss. Ughhhh.....back to Tetris and SMB3.
  5. I have DoTC and Stooges for the GBA. Both are faithful ports. I enjoyed them both.
  6. I had the c64 Defender of the Crown as a kid. Fond memories of that game. I encourage you to try it.
  7. New hi-score on Puzzle League for the Game Boy Advance...19,261 on marathon mode.
  8. Never really noticed it. I just played the games and never took notice of anything else….like prices going down, games being liquidated, etc. Ignorance is bliss when you’re a kid.
  9. Berzerk, Bank Heist, Pressure Cooker, Keystone Kapers, Ladybug, Fantastic Voyage, Centipede, Millipede, Enduro, Squish Em I included two homebrews....but they deserve to be in my top 10
  10. It’s special to me. A few of my other games have Blockbuster stickers on them too. 8 Eyes and Racket Attack. Got them for Christmas back in the day too. I actually like them with the stickers intact. Call me crazy.
  11. Just figured out it was a problem with that particular ROM file. Bummer.
  12. I just recently downloaded Retroarch on a Kindle Fire HD 10. I downloaded a DS game and it loads up fine but the screen is turned sideways. I tried adjusting the screen on options but to no avail. Can anybody help? Also, what controller overlay do you use for a DS game? BTW, I love this app….works perfect for NES and GBA games thus far! I just recently got back into emulation so I’m unfamiliar with most of the new stuff.
  13. I just got back into emulation with Retroarch after years of just playing my X-Box 360. Now I can get my Advance Wars fix on my Kindle Fire. It feels great to be back! The NES and SNES Classics got my retro juices going and made me want to look for a great emulator for my tablets. New games are great but nothing beats the classics. But that's just my opinion.
  14. Not too long ago, I got an SNES Classic as a gift. After I got to playing it, turns out it was a knockoff. It played regularly but just wouldn't save games or let me add games. I checked the serial number and it turns out it was a knockoff. My question is: would an official SNES Classic controller work on it even though it's not an official Classic? Don't want to spend my money on one if it didn't work. The current controller that came with it is kinda dodgy.
  15. Dune II was excellent. It’s one game that I need to get. I remember the days of renting it from Blockbuster for the weekend.
  16. One game that I loved but it really should have been rated AO was the first Manhunt on PS2. That game was brutal.
  17. I still have my Wii. It’s fun. I also use it for my GameCube games since I don’t have the actual GameCube hooked up.
  18. Judge Dredd, Sim City, Zombies ate my Neighbors,Prince of Persia, Alien 3, WWF Royal Rumble Those should keep you going!
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