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  1. I just got back into emulation with Retroarch after years of just playing my X-Box 360. Now I can get my Advance Wars fix on my Kindle Fire. It feels great to be back! The NES and SNES Classics got my retro juices going and made me want to look for a great emulator for my tablets. New games are great but nothing beats the classics. But that's just my opinion.
  2. Not too long ago, I got an SNES Classic as a gift. After I got to playing it, turns out it was a knockoff. It played regularly but just wouldn't save games or let me add games. I checked the serial number and it turns out it was a knockoff. My question is: would an official SNES Classic controller work on it even though it's not an official Classic? Don't want to spend my money on one if it didn't work. The current controller that came with it is kinda dodgy.
  3. Dune II was excellent. It’s one game that I need to get. I remember the days of renting it from Blockbuster for the weekend.
  4. One game that I loved but it really should have been rated AO was the first Manhunt on PS2. That game was brutal.
  5. Jaws and Top Gun were pretty underwhelming to me at the time.
  6. I still have my Wii. It’s fun. I also use it for my GameCube games since I don’t have the actual GameCube hooked up.
  7. Judge Dredd, Sim City, Zombies ate my Neighbors,Prince of Persia, Alien 3, WWF Royal Rumble Those should keep you going!
  8. I absolutely loved the AvP PC game. Top 5 PC game for me. The multiplayer was so addicting.
  9. Doom Dune II Super Mario Bros. Raiders of the Lost Ark Adventure
  10. Best fighting game ever, IMO is Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Darkside. Other fun games: Spider-Man, Willy Beamish, Flashback
  11. I’m just worried about my shells getting cracked. Since an NES game doesn’t weigh much….stacking my carts that high shouldn’t be a problem. I hear some people say it’s not good and some people say don’t worry.
  12. Mega Man 3, Ninja Gaiden and Shadowgate immediately come to mind for me.
  13. Still have my original with box and manual. Little did I know how expensive it would get. Got it for Christmas back in the day. It was a used for sale copy from Blockbuster so it still has its Blockbuster stickers on it, though. Quirky game….I loved it.
  14. Yea….when I got my Sega cd back in the day….most of those fmv games were very underwhelming and kinda comedic to me. It did have some gems, though. Eternal Champions Challenge from the Darkside and Spider-Man vs. Kingpin immediately come to mind.
  15. Recently, I’ve downsized my gaming area and use a couple bookshelves for Atari and NES game storage. Since I have so much, I’ve had to stack my NES carts around ten carts high per stack and my Atari carts almost 15 high per stack. Is this safe? I’ve started thinking excess weight might warp the plastic shells on the lower carts. Should I worry or is it just my OCD talking? Does anyone else keep their cartridges like this and have any problems?
  16. this game kinda sucks......maybe thats why its never been on here. I was hoping for a 20th Century Fox game.
  17. 11,850...............first go around.........level 3 is tough
  18. I LOVE THIS GAME.....ohhh its on now!!!!! I always kinda sucked at this version because it is harder than the NES version, IMO.
  19. I used to suck baddd at this game.......been years since I played it.....have to give it a another whirl in a while.
  20. we shoulda had Bugs Bunny in here as well...or Snoopy..........they would have made for a wee bit easier Cartoon Week than Spider-Man
  21. couldnt beat my Taz score so I tried Spider-Man again.....got a little better 180
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