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  1. more like HUGEST....most EPIC game ever made
  2. Call of Duty 5 - Zombie Mode Left 4 Dead Puzzle Arcade (i recommend this game for anyone who has ever had even a remote interest in jigsaw puzzles.....this game exceeded my expectations and the controls are perfect)
  3. The game is a 'must-have', IMHO. I bought the game when it first came out and always loved it. Still a favorite to this day. I've also never beat it.....it gets kinda tough towards the end.
  4. Man!!!! That's awesome!!! I'd pay some good money for something like that..............or on a cork board and a whole lotta pushpins.
  5. Small world. Weird................... And then, next thing you know, you're married to the chick from 'Who Shot Johnny Rock?'.
  6. Well.....I guess it was a good thing I canceled my subscription. Same thing happened when I subscribed to the Dreamcast magazine and Sega Visions.
  7. This game RAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!! Played with three friends last night through the entire 'Death Toll' campaign and loved every bit of it. Pure carnage. The build-up before the hordes arrive is always AWESOME!!!! The suspense when there's a witch around. Damn...... Plus, I heard there's a way to 'one shot' kill the witch......but that has to be some kind of trick with the hunting rifle. When the horde swarms over your pipe bomb.....that has to be one of the coolest things ever.
  8. Me too. Battlefront has always been my favorite Star Wars VG series, besides KOTOR.
  9. Probably going to break down and buy this today so I can play with my co-workers. Looks badass!!!
  10. It's a totally different experience compared to Fallout 3. Definately not better than the epic Fallout 3, though, but good in it's own little ways.
  11. I still couldn't find the key. Well....it's January....I hope they announce a release date for the 'Battle of Anchorage' expansion.
  12. I'm still having slow downloads..........that's my only problem, still.
  13. You'd be surprised about Dogmeat. Other than the Super Mutant NPC, Dogmeat has the most longevity of all the recruitable NPCs, IMHO.
  14. I'm trying out Mass Effect. Pretty decent so far....although I was wishing it was more like KOTOR (fighting-wise) instead of real-time.
  15. It may be repetitive but it's damn fun!!!! I love it............especially on the harder difficulty. It kicks my ass all the time.
  16. My least favs: Adventure Double Dragon 3D Tic-Tac-Toe Coconuts
  17. And now I just realized that was you RJ. How bout that Jaws score?
  18. that first video made me LMFAO!!!!!! Especially the interviewer.....acting like she really gives a shit and keeps the seriousness going. "....of course it's affecting me. My anxiety is worse and my OCD is worse."
  19. I'm a lifelong high-scorer. My career, you ask.........................achieving those maxed out scores, of course.
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