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  1. Well......after I played the Spire mission to get the Hero of the Will........she disappeared. I guess the protective services really did take her after I sacrificed my wife. At first, they just left her crib sitting in the town square. Oh well.......at least I can do the assassinations again.
  2. I'm going to wait till she grows up and then I'll get her to follow me into an ambush of bandits. That should work.
  3. They shoulda made a Sanford & Son video game. You would play as Redd Fox trying to dodge all kinds of shit that'll give him a heart attack.........make it similar to Journey Escape.
  4. I saw one console at the local Dollar General store for 49 dollars. It was a blatant Wii rip-off called 'The Zone'. It had the Wii shaped baton controllers....basically all the same titles that were on Wii Sports and sat upright just like the Wii. I feel bad for the poor kid who opens that up and thinks its a Wii.
  5. Berzerk Pressure Cooker Frostbite .....hell....pretty much all the Activision covers..... Dragonfire
  6. Heavy Barrel is the best overhead shooter for the NES. That game kicks ass!!
  7. I don't really think they were underrated but I loved them also....Shadowgate and Deja Vu. Also: Hogan's Alley Wild Gunmen Bucky 'O Hare Low G Man Shatterhand M.C. Kids lots of others but those were off the top of my head
  8. damn....they're gone....i liked both those companies free radical did the timesplitters series and was made of the "old breed" from Rare, if i remember correctly. and factor 5 sounds really familiar.....just can't remember off hand
  9. ummm....sorry to topic steal but I've got what seems to be a glitch in Fable 2. you can't kill children. my next assassination contract for the assassination society is my own kid. I looked at the contract and was like 'thats my baby girl'. so i went to her crib and turned safety mode off and started hammering the crib with axe blows but, of course, nothing happened. is this some glitch? i can't get another contract until this one is completed.
  10. I got 75% of them in like 15 minutes. Then I decided to call it a night.
  11. too bad moycon is going to ruin it with those easy-as-hell 'Dash of Destruction' achievements.
  12. That sucks. Is it because the games are about a decade old that's making them hard to run on your PC? That's the reason I never liked PC gaming that much.................always updating....and making some old games unplayable.
  13. I think it's supposed to be an automatic assumption that she comes with the room for the night. Just listen to the dialogue.
  14. The makeup was good.....but the movements weren't as twitchy and stiff as they should have been.
  15. I've never had much trouble from my PS2. Seemed to always be a solid system to me.
  16. Since ya'll seem to like Fallout 3.....let me ask ya'll to try out Fallout and Fallout 2 for the PC. Those games were my fav games till Fallout 3 came out. There's just as much depth in those games as in Fallout 3. The main storylines are much better, IMO, too. And who could forget Frank Horrigan....one of the coolest game characters ever.
  17. After everything is good and hooked up..........one game to rule them all: Eternal Champions: Challenge from the Dark Side
  18. I bought Fable II on a whim and it is kinda disappointing me. I wasn't expecting anything on the scale of Fallout 3 but still.....it seems that this game isn't for some people....and I might be one of them.
  19. what would be cool is to keep it that way.
  20. My condolences. It's sad that there's a horrible, incurable flaw on one of the funnest video game systems ever.
  21. I never got around to beating it. That was the month they released a new AWESOME XBLA game every week. Bionic Commando, Galaga Legions, Castle Crashers, Braid, etc.
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