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  1. I just got this game on a whim......on a side note, I never really got into the original Civs.......and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!! My past couple weeks have been used playing Halo Wars, Dead Rising, and Age of Booty constantly but I'm afraid this game is going to keep me occupied until Kingdom Come.
  2. Don't worry about the timed missions and protect missions. After awhile, you'll beat the levels and get over it. The "bread and butter" is in the skirmish and online multiplayer. There is no time limit on your fun there.
  3. Yup..........free download for the trial....but you have to pay for the full game. My only gripe is if you have to pay 800 points for EACH game. I wouldnt mind paying 300-400 points per game but 800 apiece. Sadly, I'll still find myself getting Battleship, Connect Four, etc. etc. M$ has my moneybag, sadly.
  4. Bravo, my good sir!!!! I love that thesis, by the way.
  5. I want a FF Tactics game, too. And............did I mention Crystal Defenders is a helluva lot harder than you'd think!!!!
  6. Anyone who wants to play.........hit me up for a game. My gamertag is DixieWhiskey81. I can't find anyone to play this with...........other than random goobers online.
  7. I love anything Watchmen so of course I got it. It's great if you love brawlers. A bit short but still fun. I don't know if it was really WORTH paying that much but it is a very nice-looking game....also plays good. Makes you think, "Wow!! This is JUST a XBLA game..." The graphics are top-notch for being XBLA. The story is done via panels and dialogue....looks like straight outta the graphic novel.
  8. Crystal Defenders isn't a knock-off of Final Fantasy Tactics......it's made by Squaresoft....and just uses some of the same classes as FFT. It's formula is totally different though........and obsessing. It uses the same formula as this 'ballon-popping' game that had cannons. I can't remember but it was a java game that someone posted on here awhile back.
  9. Most expensive games I've bought: Watchmen - because I love ANYTHING Watchmen Penny Arcade Episode 1 - impulse buy...........haven't played longer than 5 minutes
  10. Mission 3 was easy. Personally, I LOOOOVVEEEEEE this game!!! And I'm a HUGE RTS fan.
  11. One of my new favorite options in this game, for the UNSC, of course, are the ODST drops!! I love how in the middle of a losing battle I can drop 4 to 5 ODST units from the Spirit of Fire right into the heart of battle. And only for the cost of 150 resources. Definately a unit that can turn the tides. Unless the enemy has a damn Scarab. Those things are easily taken care of...........IF you have the right retaliation.....otherwise, you're screwed.
  12. Let's pray they take this to heart. I'm hoping for another campaign, too. Maybe even a downloadable update allowing you to play as the Flood in some form or the other. Versus is the bread and butter of this game, after the campaign is over. And I LOVE it. Back on campaign, I just got to Mission 14.....haven't played it yet. I also lost the first time on Mission 10, too. Those paths are confusing and detouring your attack to make way for the Gremlins is basically futile in the end.
  13. i played some dude last night for about an hour and it was back and forth....my army attacking and then his army attacking (though, he never made it to my base except for one time). When I finally demolished him and his base....I began to go to his last base to crush it and guess what? we had another quitter on our hands.........instead of allowing me to deal the final blow (which I would've let him do if i were in that position)....he quit early........i mean..c'mon!!! it woulda probably only lasted a minute longer....why quit?? I asked him and he was like 'I was bored and i was losing'................and i was like 'it woulda only lasted a couple more minutes...why bail out?' oh well........it still chalked up as a win........i'm currently 5-0. p.s. the computer A.I. (as an ally) sucks ass!!!! I started a 2v2 game with a computer ally and he was defeated in no less than 5 minutes. so now it's up to me to take on two fronts at once. at least i won in the end
  14. Other than Wasteland......which is a given....being the predecessor to the best game series ever, Fallout.....I'd say Lost Vikings. I always want a new Lost Vikings with more strategy and everything.
  15. Damn.....all those aspects that were cut were what made Dead Rising.......well, Dead Rising. No driving....no photography.....no free weapons.....no jumping!?!?!?!......and zombie animals.????? I can understand the animal part.....but that should only be if the store had a pet store....which it didn't.
  16. If that's the Super Scarab level......I loved it, too. I thought I was doomed a couple of times but I prevailed in the end.
  17. The Elephant is the unit that 'locks down'......and allows you to produce troops as a mobile base. The Cobra's 'lock down' works similar to the Terran Siege Tanks in Starcraft. It sets itself up as a unit perfect for shelling buildings to pieces. I'm currently getting my ass whooped on Mission 10......mainly because there's a time limit in which you have to complete the level. You have to rescue 3 squads pinned down in various areas that are rife with the Flood. The time limit can be raised but not by much. After quality time as both the Covenant and the UNSC on Skirmish......I still prefer the UNSC over the Covenant.....though the Covenant units saved my life on various occasions....thanks to the mighty Scarab. That is one POWERFUL unit.
  18. This game kicks serious ass. It makes up for Starcraft 2 only being released on the PC.
  19. I liked the time limit......it kept you on your toes all the time. I do think they shoulda added a mode in the game without a time limit, though.
  20. I know today....I pretty much think I screwed myself outta the right ending I was going for. I had done everything I was supposed to and the only thing I didn't do was go back to see what Isabella was yapping about, therefore she wasn't with me at 12:00. The thing that happened was when the clock struck 12:00.....the pilot didn't see me and I got Ending C where he dies and the story never gets out......but I was like "Why doesn't he see me.....I'm on the helipad roof???" Then after I thought about it, when it says be on the helipad by 12:00.....it means to actually be ON the helipad at noon. Correct me if I'm wrong. Therefore, in the end, I screwed myself outta getting Overtime mode and I'll have to spend forever to beat the game again. I was planning on playing Overtime mode, dammit.
  21. Maybe they'll start makin' new Maniac Mansion episodes. ( crosses fingers )
  22. I've been playing this game on and off....basically since it came out. It's one of the best games ever and I can't wait for the sequel. This is one of those games that never gets old and keeps testing you to do better and better each time around. One question is about the downloadable content: I got online and there were 3 different outfits to download. Then I read an article stating that when the downloads first came out back in '07....there were 9 costumes to download. What happened to the other downloadable suits????? I checked and re-checked and only found the 3 I have right now. My other questions are more of a poll: 1. Favorite psycho: The Vietnam Veteran with the machete.......he was actually kinda creepy the first time I fought him. 2. Favorite weapon (Mega-Blaster aside....that weapon's a life-saver) : Sword......it's got that barbarian vibe to it 3. Most used weapon (same as above) : Hunting knife 4. Favorite character: Frank......he's just so full of unique/WTF dialogue 5. Favorite Frank line: After asking if he knows how to use a gun....."Of course I know how to use a gun.....I've covered wars, ya know?" 6. Most annoying survivor: Ken the photographer.....because he reminds me of someone I used to be friends with and despise now 7. Are you a genocider? Yep!!! 8. Favorite move: Used to be the good ole' knee drop but now I'm liking the zombie swing
  23. I wish it was the original. And while their at it.....release both Maniac Mansions and Full Throttle.
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