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  1. Me neither. But, the award for best Activision title goes to Pressure Cooker.
  2. After playing this, it makes me want Activision to release their 'Activision Anthology' onto the 360. I want to get more patches and achievements.
  3. I didn't even need to save the game to get the Flicky achievement. The game goes so quickly.......that if you lost, it was just as fast to get back to where you were again. Flicky is another game that I find myself unusually attached to. Also, Ristar........man, that game kicks ass!!!!
  4. One game I'm finding I like a lot is Fatal Labyrinth. It reminds me of this Game Gear game I had, Dragon Crystal......one of the first I bought when the Game Gear came out. The gameplay is almost exactly the same except there's no dragon egg following you and the game is a little more complex.
  5. ........quadruple post......... damn...this is getting worse than the octuplets thing
  6. I have the original and got into it enough to play it for about 3 hours or so. Maybe I should get back into it. I just didn't like the alien part......I liked the Ice Pirates.
  7. I thought it was a neat trailer and all but I was expecting some other game.....something more...epic. Something that had 'Top Secret - Under the Wraps' written all over it.
  8. If they want to make it really realistic, they could add in the hooliganism.
  9. If they want to make it really realistic, they could add in the hooliganism.
  10. If they want to make it really realistic, they could add in the hooliganism.
  11. Lost Luggage is awesome if it didn't get so damn hard and monotonous. It had a novel idea and a few tweaks in the gameplay coulda made it the next Kaboom!
  12. The Vectorman achievements were the first ones I went after in the Genesis collection. I always liked the Vectorman series and wished they would bring it back. I always thought Vectorman would have been a cooler mascot for Sega...rather than Sonic. I'll probably never get the achievement for beating MBM. That game is ungodly amounts of hard. Back in the day, I only made it to level 3. Now, I'm doing good to try and get past level 2.
  13. Maybe rentals......I don't think anyone would want to buy that game. And sometimes I think of myself as an "achievement whore".....but then I don't. Because if I was a true whore, I would download the shittiest of shit games just for the achievements.....such as Yaris. I won't go that far.
  14. That's the ONLY way me and my buddy could beat it. It was brutally hard.........it never gives you an inch at all.
  15. It's a bad-ass game. I loaned it out to my bro a few years back and still haven't gotten it back. It's one of the better Contras.......and by far, the hardest. My favorite is still Contra: Hard Corps.....but this ranks up there with all the good Contra's......The Alien Wars, Contra, Super Contra, etc.
  16. I'll play you in Tetris. I've got it and never really tried to play it online. My gamertag is DixieWhiskey81.
  17. One of the latest "dumb-ass" achievements I've run across is in the Sonic Ultimate Genesis Collection.... Each game on the collection has one achievement......so you'd think that the achievement would at least be beating the game...........but NOOOOOO, not on Ecco the Dolphin. You get 'Communication is the Key'.......from talking to another dolphin..........which is basically the first thing you do after starting the game.
  18. And yea.....I pecked away at him with a sniper rifle while he was safely LOCKED in the cage. Why let him out and get my ass whooped? The only fun thing to do with that is let him out while all the raiders are swarming you and let him take care of business.
  19. It's been soooo long that I don't remember which Behemoths I have killed and which are still out there. The only two I am positive about are the one's at GNR Plaza and the one in the cage at the raider camp.
  20. Off the top of my head....get these: (essentials) Dead Rising Fallout 3 Left 4 Dead too many XBLA games to mention
  21. Hopefully you saved the game before the last mission.....so you can go off into the wastes and do the other 95% of the game.
  22. The Gauss Rifle knocks a Behemoth back, too??? Awesome!!! I've killed all the Behemoths but I'll have to go back and play again to see that. I'm still wondering how they're going to pull off 'The Pitt'....since it's in another state. Another simulation would seem kinda silly.
  23. Me and my co-workers are all gonna definately pick this one up. Multiplayer is going to get a whole lot more funner................instead of us ALWAYS playing a FPS online. Not that I have anything against CoW:WaW..........but I want a change of pace.
  24. Kinda like the one for pressing start in The Simpsons? Yup.
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