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  1. I'm not sure. It may have one or two for beating the simulation or something. I've only had time to play a little bit. When you load your save, you get an emergency broadcast from some Outcasts that are under attack at Bailey's crossings. I'm not sure if that area was previously unreachable or not. I know I found two places that I'd never been to before. The Richmond Arms and the Flooded Metro.
  2. She's probably in her mid-to-late 50's. She'd probably get a kick that someone actually dug up a picture of her from a 30 year old modelling gig that she's probably long forgotten. And then she'd get depressed that she looked pretty damn good back then.
  3. Operation: Anchorage is now available for download!!!!!!! It's 369 mb......if i remember correctly and costs 800 points. I have it ready to download in my queue for when I get off. I can't friggin' wait!!!!!!!!!
  4. this shooting game I used to love never came out as far as I know.... Steel Gunners
  5. Plus....I heard you only have a week to try out the demo.....then it'll be gone till the game comes out. Oh well.....Fallout 3's new DLC comes out tommorrow so that's what I'm psyched about!!!!
  6. I have the first F.E.A.R. and only played it for about 30 minutes. I thought it sucked compared to most of the other shooters I was used, too........but that was just my opinion of the game. I do like Bioshock, though, since you brought that game up. I just never got into F.E.A.R., though.
  7. I can't wait for the game to come out!!!!
  8. A bullet to the temple will do the trick. whoops....... that's my "video game" mind acting up again........
  9. I used to be obsessed with that game. Very realistic for the times. You couldn't even speed by a red light without getting a cop on your ass. Nowadays in GTA-style games, you can speed all over the place like a madman without the cops batting an eye.
  10. I can't wait for Battleship, Connect Four, and all the other Hasbro games to be released on XBLA.
  11. Those were under-rated? nope.....but i just felt like listing them
  12. than how come i can play the games with no problems? is transferring the license basically to "complete the deal"?
  13. Yup....same here. All the ambient noises and everything is what made Rapture so creepy. I loved just walking around and all the sudden hearing a Big Daddy plodding closer. I'd run and hide somewhere with a smile on my face and wait for him to clomp by.
  14. The 27th (5 more days!!!!!!!!) is D-Day for the Battle of Anchorage!!!! I can't wait!!!!!!!!!
  15. And my fav RPGs are all on the PS1: Chrono Cross Final Fantasy 8 Final Fantasy Tactics
  16. I loved that tagline too. Some of my fav underrated games: Syphon Filter 1-3 - I LOVED this series. I always felt it was overshadowed by the Metal Gear Solid series and didn't get all the accolades it deserved. I guess these aren't "underrated" but I loved: Ape Escape (played through that game about 3 different times) Mega Man 8 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night
  17. I knew right off it was that sack guy.....even though I've never played Little Big Planet. Heard it was a good game, though. Great, great job. Looks perfect.
  18. Then I'd say he's pretty damn creepy. ...if we're talking my dad's side of the family here... love ya, gramps
  19. Do I have to do that "transfer license" thing with my new 360? I mean, all my games are on my removable HD, so I would think there would be no need to do any sort of license transfer. Unless there's some sort of signature left behind on my old console that I don't know about.
  20. a really blurry image of the Double Dragon watch: http://www.handheldmuseum.com/Tiger/DoubleDragon.htm
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