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  1. hates broken cartridges.

  2. hates broken cartridges.

  3. Ooh yeah! Or a VCS screensaver that is grass growing, and occasionally a guy with a lawnmower comes out and cuts it. Actually that would be a really hilarious homebrew and I hope someone does it -- "Ever thought something was as fun as watching the grass grow? Well you ain't seen NOTHIN' yet!" Actually, Hover Bovver might make a fun 2600 port!
  4. His camera probably isn't set with the time.
  5. Mine's right on the shelf. I always hated it. Such a crappy gimmick... You have to scan so many to get one of those NES games, and my SMB3 cards never seemed to work with my copy of SMB3 GBA.
  6. Yep, a simple pin replacement is all you need. http://shop.ebay.com/i.html?_nkw=nes+72+pin&_sacat=0&_trksid=p3286.m270.l1313&_dmpt=Video_Games_Games&_odkw=nes&_osacat=0
  7. I was playing out how that could work in my head. Unfortunatly, the Wheel is a very colorful thing. Due to color limitations, I'd say you would ether have to make each slice of the wheel the same color, or just draw every other one as it spins. Don't bother trying to rotate the pieces, just keep them stationary and switch out the colors. Perhaps only show the top half of the wheel as it spins. Hey, does anybody know how big sprites can be? The wheel is kinda something that takes up the whole screen.
  8. Let's see some Wheel of Fortune on the 2600. Yuck.
  9. What makes me twitch is when they get the information clear wrong because they don't know what their talking about. I watch thing kids review on the Jaguar . . . and he didn't look up anything before posting. The best was "This console came out in that weird time period of 1996 ~ 1997 when you add all those weird consoles that weren't quiet 3D but were . . ." Jaguar came out in 1993 . . . But yeah I saw an Atari 2600 review where the kid said Atari had lost from the start since the NES and Atari 2600 were released the same year . . . -Disjaukifa Can you folks post URLS to those videos? I'd like to watch them.
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