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  1. Coupon code: CPLAY10 $10 off $50 for a single item from ebay. It is only valid on 11/13/2014 and 11/14/2014. Purchase must come from the Video Game Console, Video Game Accessories or Video Games categories. One use per account. Source is here
  2. Life of Pixel has already been mentioned in this thread, but it's available over at https://indiegamestand.com/deal/ for $1. This will get you a Desura key and DRM-free copy. It's pay what you want, and you can pay a little extra for the soundrack. It's only up for about 12 more hours.
  3. Glad to hear you're keeping your main Creativision items, best of luck in your new life abroad!
  4. Supervision: MWRMC 8-in-1: A switch-selectable flash cart for the Watara Supervision. This means you can use the burner (MVBD) to write to the flash cart (MWRMC), and then use the on-board switch to select 8 different games. The MVBD is a USB MSD Device, which means you simply plug it in with the MWRMC attached, and Windows will recognize it like it would any USB Flash Drive. From here you can drag and drop your Supervision ROMs up to 64kB each onto the MWRMC and you're good to go! You can purchase these devices here. Keep in mind that the MVBD can also be used with the MVRMC for the Vectrex. Vectrex: MVRMC 4-in-1/16-in-1: A switch-selectable flash cart for the Vectrex. This means you can use the burner (MVBD) to write to the flash cart (MVRMC), and then use the on-board switch to select between your games. The MVBD is a USB MSD Device, which means you simply plug it in with the MVRMC attached, and Windows will recognize it like it would any USB Flash Drive. From here you can drag and drop your Vectrex ROMs up to 64kB each onto the MVRMC and you're good to go! The 4-in-1 accepts 4 64kB files while the 16-in-1 accepts 8 64kB files or 16 32kB files. You can purchase these devices here. Keep in mind that the MVBD can also be used with the MWRMC for the Supervision.
  5. That would be amazing, but I don't know that regular roms can be played off of the Neo Geo CD. I would still be interested in one if the ROMs can't be used, especially if the load times are fixed. I'm on my CDZ like "T-T-T-Today, Junior!"
  6. Hey guys, updated a few links. To those who are interested in seeing Wonderswan and Lynx flash carts from Flash Masta, please fill out the survey here: FlashMasta Survey
  7. Yes, it's on my to do list, it's overdue for an update. I'll get to it soon.
  8. StoneAgeGamer has the 3DO USB mods. The FZ-1 is not available, but the Goldstar and FZ-10 are. You can see them here, http://www.stoneagegamer.com/more.../3do/3do-systems-accessories/
  9. I do believe that's a Saturn. That would be amazing. I was worried the Saturn wouldn't get any love. Edit: Wait does that mean he's planning on hitting the TurboGrafx CD as well? Wow.
  10. So, getting back on topic, here's some news on an option to connect an IDE hard drive to your Dreamcast: http://www.dc-swat.ru/blog/hardware/874.html Dreamshell has been updated to handle the new G1-ATA adapter. This adapter looks like a very passive solution (I count zero chips), so my guess is the price should be pretty cheap. This does not require the removal of the GD-ROM. The use of multiple roms with the Dreamshell menu is a feature we've all been waiting for. Again, credit goes to the amazing retrocollect.com which also has a video of this product in action: http://www.retrocollect.com/News/how-to-attach-a-hard-drive-to-the-sega-dreamcast-a-load-games-via-dreamshell.html
  11. I'm a much bigger fan of these than the Black Label Neo geo MVS. There are at least significant improvements over a regular NES, not even considering audio/video. It pretty much has all of its bases covered, Famicom expansion compatibility is pretty nice. Sure $500 isn't the cheapest, but I'm not sure what more you could ask for with an NES. Looking forward to reviews and incompatibility lists. Christoph, is there a way to disassemble it in case we muck up the 72-pin? Just curious, are you planning to make more Neo Geos after the initial runs of the Nt?
  12. http://www.amazon.com/Sandisk-MicroSDHC-Memory-Card-Adapter/dp/B000WH6H1M/ref=sr_1_4?ie=UTF8&qid=1399221193&sr=8-4&keywords=8gb+sandisk If you look on the right side, there's offers for 8gb microsd cards for $5 with free shipping. That's the same price as the 4gb and 2gb. I'd buy 2 8gb microsd with adapter for $10 and rest easy knowing you can definitely fit all the games and more in there. I always like buying MicroSD instead of regular SD, it gives you more flexibility if you ever upgrade your flash cart or want to re-purpose the card. You'll just need to make sure it comes with the SD adapter as well. Grats on the everdrives! Just to be sure these are the SNES Everdrive and Everdrive-MD, not the SD2SNES and Mega Everdrive right? The MSU-1 roms can take a bit more space, and not all cards work with the SD2SNES.
  13. You should ask AVGN, I'm sure he'd have a few choice words for you:D
  14. Well I'll be...an actual Sega Pico Flash Cart: http://team-europe.blogspot.com/2012/10/flash-cartridge.html Unfortunately his "how to" links to a manga...I'll see if I can track him down some how? Edit: Found an email, hope I get a response!
  15. I didn't realize the GDEMU was up for pre order yesterday, so I won't be receiving one either. Kind of a bummer, but I'd like to have a menu, so maybe waiting isn't such a bad idea.
  16. I was wondering myself, looks like he's making a limited production run: http://dknute.livejournal.com/ On March 15, he posted "Decision has been made, there will be a short production run of GDEMU soon - as in, a few weeks. After that, when I can tell just how many people are actually going to pay for it, I will decide if I will continue or not. More details will follow once I get everything sorted out."
  17. I'm interested, I would love to see more pictures better describing the condition of it. Did you disassemble the kiosk, are you sure all the pieces are there? What about bolts and screws and miscellaneous?
  18. For those who would rather order the Deluxe Edition from Stone Age Gamer, preorders begin on March 29th (today or tomorrow for us late nighters) at 12:00 pm EST. You can order either the Deluxe edition or the board-only version. If you get the Deluxe, you pay the board-only price now and pay the Deluxe edition premium at a later point in time. http://www.stoneagegamer.com/everdrive-gb-preorder.html Thanks for the heads up, goldenegg!
  19. You guys may have noticed jfmateos post about a new Vectrex multicart roughly 10 posts up. He has expanded upon his flash cart system and created a Watara Supervision multicart. You can use the existing MVBD USB cart burner with the MWRMC 8 in 1 Watara Supervision cart. To my knowledge this is the first flash/multicart solution for the Watara Supervision. Visit the AA link below for more info and Ebay links! http://atariage.com/forums/topic/223165-watara-vectrex-flash-cart-rewritable-multigame-cartridge-available/
  20. I really like what you're doing here. At first I thought this was just another Vectrex multicart, but as soon as I saw Watara you piqued my interest:D The fact that the burner stays the same is an added bonus. Do you have any other systems planned? Ordered and thanks!
  21. http://slickdeals.net/permadeal/115708/ebay---ebay-coupon-additional-savings-on-select-video-games-or-consoles $5 off $20 on items in the Video games and Video Game Consoles subcategories underneath the Video Games category. I believe it only works on BIN items that you pay for with Paypal. Once per account. The coupon is valid until 3/16, but it has a limited number of uses so use it as soon as you can. The coupon code is CPNGAMES. Please refer to the slickdeals thread for more info! Just used it on a Sega Genesis TeeV golf package from a random seller. Worked fine for me!
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