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  1. Hey guys, I recently made a wish list for myself so here's what I'm looking for: (Also, I mostly play my collection; so as long as something is in good working order, aesthetics really don't matter to me) 1 - Videopac G7400 - I'm really looking for one already modded for the US, but will consider a non-modded G7400. 2 - 2600 Trackballs 1 - 2600 Remote set - I realize there are many non-atari logo sets out there, but I'm looking for an atari logo set. 2 - coleco super action controllers 1 - 2600 Pitfall 2 cartridge (pending) 2 - atari 7800 joypads I'm trying to complete my odyssey 1 set, pretty much just need the rarer items: complete Interplanetary voyage, complete win, complete basketball, complete brain wave, carrying case, power supply, 2 - red chips, shooting gallery instructions Just shoot me your paypal address, the condition of the item(s), and how much. Thanks:) --Matt
  2. Got my items today, everything was in great shape and packaged well, going back for another order. PM sent
  3. I've been watching your wanted ads for sometime now. I recently purchased mine from CPUWIZ, and I'm glad to see that you found one as well:) Cheers, Matt
  4. Bumping this, I bought the first one, he is great to do business with, item was shipped very fast, and this is really an excellent deal!
  5. PT Barnum rules and the kc's caused atari to put up a lawsuit against magnavox. Fun and ...educational? Someone should grab those quick!
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