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  1. Thanks for explaining, I had no idea the Atari 8-bit was a success over there.
  2. The GD-Emu project has resurfaced. It's a SD-based GD-ROM replacement. This is not related to the Serial Port SD Adapters, but instead is meant to replace the drive itself (similar to the 3DO USB Device). The person who made it does not seem very interested in releasing it unfortunately, so please leave a comment on his livejournal if you would like to see them released. http://dknute.livejournal.com/42609.html
  3. Does anyone have more information on these? I mainly collect hardware, and I'm pretty interested. Does this list systems and accessories? Is there any reason to buy Volume 1 if you have Volume 2?
  4. True, but it's a UK book. The Spectrum ZX is on the front cover of Volume 1. It most likely would not have even a mention is a US book.
  5. I feel the same way, and there's no way I would pay this much for a CIB version of WoF2: http://www.ebay.com/itm/Tiger-Game-Com-Game-Wheel-of-Fortune-2-/201030991671
  6. The computer flash carts have their own list, if you go to the second post in this thread (scroll past all the video game flash carts), you'll see the list of computer flash devices. There's about 5 or so for the C64, though I still need to add the EasyFlash 3, I'm a bit behind.
  7. Devices like the XRGB and mini don't help with the latency issues with HDTVs right? I know some TVs allow a no processing Game mode, but sometimes the latency is still noticeable. Games that require twitch reflexes (Super Mario Bros 2 (jp) or Super Smash Bros. N64) become virtually unplayable on a 100-200ms LED TV. I remember playing SMB2 with a friend on his LED TV after playing it for like 3 weeks straight on a CRT at home, and I kept complaining about the delay not knowing it was the TV itself. Please let me know if I'm wrong, I'd like to ditch the massive CRTs:D
  8. Just a quick update, the APF MP-1000 SD flash cart is coming along nicely. It can load multiple games, and the creator purchased a batch of 50 boards. If you are interested, keep an eye on: https://tech.groups.yahoo.com/neo/groups/apf_consoles_and_computers/conversations/messages (might need to register) An upgraded version of the harmony cart is in the works for our beloved 2600's. Read all about it here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/220696-new-harmony-product-harmony-forte/ Also a little warning, the producer of the pokemon mini flash carts is currently afk (with my and other's money). I don't recommend attempting to order a pokemon mini flash cart at this point.
  9. Fans of Jeri Ellsworth (creator of the C64 FPGA) and fans of augmented/virtual reality may want to check this out: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/technicalillusions/castar-the-most-versatile-ar-and-vr-system?ref=project_bar Only 3 days left!
  10. Are those IBM 5150's on the bottom shelf in the second to last picture?
  11. I can't say much about the CD-i as prices have increased dramatically over the past 5 years on ebay. I think $75 for the N64 package would be good for you and the buyer, if you have 2-4 official controllers, you could probably get a little more.
  12. Congrats on the auction! There is a version of the prototype game out there that is very playable. If you could somehow compare the game on those chips and the available ROM, that would be awesome! If the version on those chips is a later version, you could release it and probably resell those chips for a nice profit:D
  13. I'll take 49, if that's gone any yellow cartridge # will do. Thanks!
  14. Thanks for posting here, I check your facebook page pretty often, but I might have missed it!
  15. You should sell us all of the crazy Zemmix systems, Super Comboys, and also sell me a Samsung N-591 Nuon System w/ Crayon Shin Chan while you're over there:D Seriously though, I bet you could make a bunch of cash on the side just selling Korean systems. http://www.hardcoregaming101.net/korea/appendix-consoles.htm http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1HQ0OJcuXms
  16. You could always get a Panasonic Q Hard to find working ones here in the states. And, it's basically a pimped version of the Gamecube.
  17. I believe the seller has a store that is like 5 minutes away from me, I'll have to go check them out this weekend.
  18. As far as I know, there is not a currently available 3D Imager reproduction. I have the Madtronix version. I'm like 95% certain the Kevin Horton adaptor exists. I think there was another set of glasses available, but I could be mistaken. I'm sure there will be another reproduction set at some point, but as of now, it's probably almost easier to track down an original imager for sale rather than a repro.
  19. I mean sure it's cheaper, but you'd have to have an EPROM programmer, and be willing to burn a new rom whenever you want to change out games/audio programs. I would only purchase that if I was constantly reprogramming a flash cart because I needed to swap audio programs. At $40, this seems like a much better value: http://store.kitsch-...-64m-smart-card Edit: Just as an fyi, I've never used either cart.
  20. Half of mine are like this, I assumed this was normal, but hopefully someone else can chime in.
  21. Here is the game pieces and bag that I purchased from thegamecrafter.com on the actual game board. The gems are basically aquarium marbles. If you are looking for something more uniform, I would try the discs. All of this info is in my above post. Thanks!
  22. He's not coming back, I'm going to try and finish off my game. All I'm missing are the game pieces and the overlays. Each space on the game board is meant to hold a square inch tile. You can google something like "1 inch square tile black" and find some tile, but I'm going with a cheaper solution. Here are some options: https://www.thegamec...arts/disc-black https://www.thegamec...arts/disc-white https://www.thegamec...arts/wink-black https://www.thegamec...arts/wink-white https://www.thegamec...parts/gem-black https://www.thegamec...parts/gem-white From what I can gather from the instructions there are 9 white and 9 black game pieces. I think the gems will work best. They also have a bag to hold all the pieces with: https://www.thegamec...bag-small-black. I'd offer to do a bulk buy, but my order with shipping was only $6.36. There is a Computer Regular font that matches the Odyssey style, but it's $30. The checkbook font is free, and it's a pretty good match. If someone has the overlays and could either scan them or give me the dimensions, I can try to recreate them. I've found a transparency paper that works pretty well for screen overlays. For the rest of the items, the instructions are provided in the OP. The game board is the most difficult to reproduce, it's 18"x18" I believe. It might take a little effort, but you can buy a quad-fold 18"x18" board for $10 here: https://community.th...th.../quad-fold And the alternative is I have a 13x19 printer, and it could be sort of recreated by taping two sheets together... The last item is the certificate of authenticity which is pretty hilarious at this point and will not need to be recreated. I'm considering framing mine:D
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