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  1. You have to fiddle with the dials a lot until the dots show up, and some of the games don't always show dots. I was confused at first as well, but for some reason the range of what's visible on screen is much smaller than where you can position the dots with the dials.
  2. Please post a picture of the dreamcast posters, and let us know how large they are. Thanks!
  3. http://www.xavixstore.com/ System + Game is $20, Games are $10 including the lifestyle manager (scale), and accessories are on sale as well. Great deals to be had on xavixstore!
  4. For those interested in the Oculus Rift and VR: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1944625487/omni-move-naturally-in-your-favorite-game It's basically a device that allows you to physically run and move in a virtual world (VR Treadmill). Incredibly excited about this, and considering it was funded in less than a day, I'd say others are too:D
  5. They just posted a blog post, which makes for a confusing read: http://news.xbox.com/2013/06/license Basically, they've backpedaled as far as they can while still requiring an online connection and giving game publishers the right to limit used games. I won't be purchasing an Xbox One. PS4 has said multiple times that they will not require an online connection. If they have no used game restrictions, I don't see how the Xbox One will survive this generation. PS4 will have my full support. If Sony follows suit, PC Gaming and the Oculus Rift + Virtuix Omni will be my choice.
  6. Hey guys, I bought these from a deal that Best Buy had where you would purchase a 3 month card and get microsoft points for free. So I have a bunch of them for sale. So, I can either send you the unscratched card in the mail for an extra .50 (stamp cost), or I can scratch the card and PM the code to you. I'm also offering a discount for a full year (4 3-Month cards) So here's the pricing breakdown: XBOX Live 3 Month Card Shipped - $13.00 XBOX Live 3 Month Code PMed - $12.50 4 XBOX Live 3 Month Cards Shipped - $44.00 4 XBOX Live 3 Month Codes PMed - $43.50 The cards are all valid and unscratched, here's my feedback: http://atariage.com/...an#entry2477862
  7. Yep Actually it reminds me of this post I found when I was updating the list. Someone copied this list onto a random forum, and they just did not get it: http://supermensa.org/forums/showthread.php?5284-RETRO-GAMING-FLASH-CART-LIST
  8. I haven't received the email either. I think they might be referring to the first email that we got. Yah, as Greg said, I think they have more alpha testing to do. In the forums, they showed a pic of it lighting up on May 3rd, and now this video. So for all we know yesterday may have been the first time it loaded a commercial game. We'll probably have to wait a bit longer.
  9. Great to see it in action, but wow those comments are terrible. To sum them up: "Use an emulator" "Who cares? Make one for the PS4 and then I might care."
  10. Games are mostly pretty common, I'd go with the $60 estimation.
  11. Awesome, thanks for sharing. Looks like he has floppy emulators for Apple II and PC-6001 as well. Also according to his blog, he created the M5 Flash cart in August 2012, and it appears he sent out a few carts for beta testing. So hopefully he'll have finalized stock soon. Here's the M5 blog posts (Japanese): http://ameblo.jp/nishidaradio/theme-10058177734.html
  12. My mistake, I saw this and this. Didn't realize it was never up for purchase. It is available for back order though.
  13. Hey guys, I've been silently updating this list for a while now. I updated the PSIO, Pokemon Mini, and the Famicom Dendy cart, but here's the main list of changes: M-1000/MP-1000: IN PROGRESS: APF MP-1000 SD Cart: I was surprised to find that a APF yahoo group member has created an APF MP-1000 SD flash cart. They are currently working on a redesign of the cart, and hopefully we will be able to purchase version 2.0 in the near future! Game Boy: Drag'n'Derp flash cart is an updated cart mainly intended for music. It is a driverless microUSB cart which means you can drag and drop files from Windows, Mac, or Linux. The downside is you can only use 1 game and 1 save file, and it's pricey in comparison to other carts. Atari 400/800/XL/XE: MyIDE-II CompactFlash Cartridge: This is an update to the MyIDE+ cartridge. While the MyIDE+ had an IDE connector which allowed you to use CompactFlash cards through adaptors, the MyIDE-II does not have an IDE connector, and it has a CompactFlash interface that allows you to use SD cards through adaptors. It has a number of other improvements as well including 4x the flash memory and 512k SRAM which can be used as a ram disk. Neo Geo X: SD Card Adaptor Mod: The Neo Geo X system has a modified sd card slot that allows you to use extra game packs. The first and last pin are swapped, and the second and second to last pin are swapped on the sd cards. describe how to create a modified microsd adapter for use with normal microsd cards. describes how to convert your roms over to the Neo Geo X format. You can also follow this thread over at the Neo Geo forums. Arcade: IN PROGRESS: openJAMMA is the flash cart for your arcade? That's right, it's an open source JAMMA board with USB, Ethernet, wifi (w/usb wifi adapter), SD Card, and SATA ports on it. It also has video out, VGA, HDMI, and audio outputs. It doesn't run MAME right out of the package, but you can install it yourself. It's basically a MAME pc replacement that is projected to be under $100. Personally, I want to see a giant arcade cabinet with an SD slot on the side:D Spectrum: DivIDE Plus: This is an updated version of divIDE which has a CF card slot and an IDE connector on board. It has 512k ROM and 512KB RAM. This cart also has a pass-through connector so you can use another accessory like a Kempston interface (joystick, sound card, and more). It should be noted that there were hardware bugs reported with this cart, and I'm not sure if they were ever fixed. All orders are handled through SellMyRetro. DivIDE 2k11: The 2k11 version of divIDE is updated with a CF card slot on board. It has 8KB ROM and 32KB RAM, and is mounted vertically (easier use). There is no IDE connector on the cart. Dreamcast: IN PROGRESS: GD-Emu: A working prototype of an SD-based GD-ROM emulator has been created. This project is currently in prototyping stages. The link is for the blog site, and the most helpful posts are here and here. IN PROGRESS: DCIO: It's been stated in multiple places that the team working on the PSIO for PS1 is also working on a DCIO for the dreamcast. There's not a whole lot of information on this yet, and with the GD-Emu already in prototyping stages, we'll see where this one ends up. NES/Famicom: Everdrive N8: Famicom/NES Version The N8 Flash cart has been released for both the NES and famicom. You can use either cart on both systems using the correct converter. The famicom expansion audio works on the famicom natively and the NES with modification. It supports game genie cheats and FDS games as well. It uses the Cyclone II FPGA (like the Mega Everdrive), has 512KB for PRG/CHR, and 128k of battery-backed SRAM. Mappers can be updated via software updates. Also, the Famicom version uses microSD cards, and the NES version uses SD cards. Lynx: IN PROGRESS: Lynx Xcart (French): This is a microSD flash cart for the Lynx. From what I can tell, a prototype was made, possibly shown at an event, but it hasn't reached production yet. IN PROGRESS: Lynx Flash Masta cart is currently being worked on. If you follow the link, you will see a prototype playing an actual lynx game. Wonderswan: IN PROGRESS: WonderSwan Flash Masta cart is currently being worked on. One of the developers is hoping to have something working by the end of 2013! Studio II: IN PROGRESS: A RCA Studio 2 multicart is currently being worked on by RCA's production manager. He is also a new AA member, and gave us all quite the interesting read in this thread. Sord M5: DISCONTINUED: Sord M5 Multicart: The multicart has a nice list of games for this rather obsucure UK comp. This was made sometime in 2011, and some small batches of carts were sold in 2012. I'm going to try and get in contact with him to see if he's planning to make more. Oric: VAPORWARE: Cumulus: This is an SD-based floppy disk emulator that unfortunately never made it to production due to Turkish Customs regulations. It seems like it was in a mostly-working state, and it's available for anyone who wants to pick up the project. The Oric just can't get no lovin'. VAPORWARE/IN PROGRESS?: OricSD: A software developer created a site for this SD-based flash cart. Looking at the FAQ, I'm not sure if the developer is actually working on it, or if he thought someone else would be interested and work on it with him? This seems like a "If you build it, they will come" project, but they never showed up. VAPORWARE: Oric IDE Interface: It appears that this was a college project, and unfortunately it never reached a working state
  14. Someone created an English tutorial here: http://blog.falvarez.es/2013/04/megaflashrom-scc-sd-tutorial.html. Sucks about the 128k limitation though...
  15. I just put this up on the flash cart/multicart list the other day. I believe you can only put 50 roms on one card. Hope this doesn't ruffle too many feathers, but as it's already been stated, they really are just roms on a card. Neo Geo X: SD Card Adaptor Mod: The Neo Geo X system has a modified sd card slot that allows you to use extra game packs. The first and last pin are swapped, and the second and second to last pin are swapped on the sd cards. describe how to create a modified microsd adapter for use with normal microsd cards. describes how to convert your roms over to the Neo Geo X format. You can follow this thread over at the Neo Geo forums. There is a group buy going on, but they already have enough people.
  16. Yah, he spent a long time making it, I guess he's content that he got it working and he sent some out to 3do collectors. Maybe he just doesn't want to mass produce it for international orders? Hopefully it reaches the US sometime.
  17. It's the Tiger Game.com system. It's an early, interchangeable-cartridge LCD game system that could connect to the internet. They only came out with a couple handfuls of games, but they were big titles. Here's the wiki: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game.com
  18. Just bumping, I'm going to start opening them soon, please let me know if you're interested!
  19. I purchased a game.com collection from someone on a different forum, and most of the games are NIB. Instead of opening them up, I'd like to trade them for CIB games. I know they aren't worth a whole lot, but it may be worth it to a sealed collector looking to upgrade a bunch of games in their collection. This is FREE, but the catch is you have to pay for both of our shipping costs. I just started taking a look at them again, so let me know soon, thanks! My sealed game.com games: Batman & Robin Centipede Fighters Megamix Frogger Henry Indy 500 Jeopardy! Lights Out The Lost World: Jurassic Park Monopoly Quiz Wiz: Cyber Trivia Scrabble Sonic Jam Tiger Casino Williams Arcade Classics I am also looking to buy the game.com modem, ac adaptor, and a CIB Wheel of Fortune 2.
  20. Not sure if this is the place, but I feel like venting a couple stories: A long while back before ebay charged fees on shipping, I purchased an item for 7.00 with like 13.00 shipping fully knowing there was no way shipping was going to be near that price. The seller sends me an invoice with an extra 2.00 handling charge. No where in the auction did it state this fee was going to be added. I complained loudly and she says "no one ever had an issue with the fee, but i'll take it off for you" Package comes with paper covering the original box with $3.XX shipping stamped on. Recently, I bid on a laseractive sampler cd, I check out his other auctions to see if he has anything good, he has nothing, and I lose the auction. This was in the auction description, so I should have known the guy was a little off: Next, he sends me a message with links to his auctions inside, and another spam message about a week later. I respond: He responds: Then we go back and forth a little, but you get the gist. So I guess my pet peeves are hidden handling charges and receiving spam from sellers
  21. It is very rare, but for some reason they don't go for a whole lot. IMO $600 tested seems about right with no software. At least it's not completely untested, but $500 seems like the right price for it, maybe more since it has been a while since one was for sale I believe.
  22. StoneAgeGamer's Deluxe Version of the Everdrive N8 famicom flash cart can be pre-ordered starting on April 3rd at 12:00pm EST. You can also sign up to be notified when it is available through the same link.
  23. They probably didn't expect anyone to play past level 2 so they never programmed it Seriously though I commend you for playing the R-Zone. Sorry, I can't help.
  24. Not yet, I was hoping to wire up a parallel to mini din-8 for pc-engine, but I never got around to it. I believe the pinout is in the instructions though.
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