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  1. Without the bowling ball, the cart is sort of useless, and without the ac adapter the system is sort of useless. Amazon is a great place for xavix stuff. http://www.amazon.co...&keywords=xavix Only 1 left of those, but it's tennis + xavix port NIB for $15 w/free prime shipping or add $10 for free shipping. You might as well order Baseball for $5 too: http://www.amazon.co...&keywords=xavix I really like the xavix port. Bowling is a great game, it's much better than wii bowling imo.
  2. Well, I haven't considered a lot of your points, and they seem valid. My understanding was wood is wood, but apparently that's not the case. I'm not prepared to pay the premium for your product, but there are others that will. So, I concede my rant, and good luck with your sales!
  3. I think there's roughly 5-10 people who have stated their interest for a multicart in this thread. You can post over at CosmacElf yahoo user group. While they aren't a full-fledged RCA Studio II group, I'm sure there would be some interest. On Atariage, you may want to consider starting a new thread specifically stating you are looking for interest in a RCA Studio II multicart. A similar project was started by an AA member here for the Arcadia 2001 that was successful: http://www.atariage....n-any-interest/. And I will post your call for interest in the flash cart/multicart list. You could also try posting at Digitpress's classic gaming forum. I'm sure you can get enough interest!
  4. I had to bite my tongue hard on the last thread, I simply would have bit through after seeing this thread, so my apologies for thread crapping. A good amount of work does go in to your original systems and controllers. They are pretty nice systems, and while I think the price for the original systems is outrageous, other people disagree and you've sold quite a few of them. But honestly, how can you justify charging an extra $250 on top of your already expensive price for using a different slab of wood and a "Solid Brass Black Label Product Tag"? Like, slapping a "limited edition" tag on something and spending, I don't know, $20-$50 extra on wood, and charging $1299 should be a crime. Oh, and it gets better? You want Cocobolo wood? $1884!!! For a CMVS Neo Geo...I don't even know how this can exist in a rational world... Edit: I like that you are offering different woods, and I think it's a nice service for your customers. I just think charging a fee that will more than cover the extra cost of wood would have been a better move than charging $250 for something that offers no real tangible benefit.
  5. Yep, as far as I can tell, the only requirement is 64kb for MSX 1 and 128k for MSX 2 which is pretty much the minimum for those I think. Also apparently another flash cart had problems running on the Turbo R ST, but this one was developed on an ST. I forgot to mention earlier that the microSD card supports FAT16, but not FAT32. The card will have to be formatted correctly before it can be used in the flash cart.
  6. No problem man:D, unfortunately I tried ordering the 1 slot version last night, and I received this message back today: Right now I’m out of stock. As soon as I produce a new batch I’ll contact you.
  7. Hey Mark, on Retrocollect, it said it would be available in a few weeks, and it's already been a couple. So, I think you're basically ordering with a week delay or so. So I did some digging here, and it looks like there's not much reason to have 2 slots. The cards are hot swappable, so the guy who made it says you can work with one and remove the other to copy stuff on to the disk, but I don't mind powering off the system for that purpose. The SCC SD version is the one you want, the SCC is much older. I'm not sure how to get the data on it, but I would have to think it's by using the floppy drives or a PC-to-MSX cable? A couple other things I discovered: People on the msx forum are pretty much hailing this as the "ultimate" cart. This is designed to work with the Nextor operating system, which will boot from the cart itself. Nextor is an updated version of MSX-DOS. Nextor does not currently have DSK support. So you can read disk images, but any saving will be done via floppy drives. Fortunately, the next version of Nextor will have DSK support so writing to DSK files will be possible. When a new version of Nextor is released, a new version of the MegaFlash SCC SD BIOS will be released. You can't use this cart in a slot expander. Taken directly from msx.org, "Nextor only assings two units per interface at boot time. So if you have a MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD and a floppy in your computer, you drives will be: MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD = A: and B: Floppy = C: and D: Then you can mount more SD units in E:, F:,G: and H:" User Manual: http://www.msxcartridgeshop.com/bin/MegaFlashROM%20SCC+%20SD%20User's%20Manual%201.00.pdf
  8. (Post from a year ago) I've always been a little confused about the MSX, but there's a new one on the horizon that I will most likely have to purchase. The MegaFlashROM SCC+ SD is an updated version of the MegaFlashROM SCC+ flash cart. There are some other options in the computer section of the list (second post in this thread) including the MSX SD drive (cheaper but unavailable), but this seems to be a pretty nice set of features. Does anyone know if there's an advantage to having 2 microsd card slots instead of 1 except for space? Any reason to buy another flash cart instead of this one?
  9. Gotta love giant easter eggs discovered 10 years after a games release!
  10. I'll take the CDi rf adapter if gzsfrk doesn't want it and I'm not too late.
  11. There is a great thread involving the RCA Studio II production manager going on in Classic Gaming General Right now. One of the things he has mentioned is a theoretical multicart for the system. If you follow this post, he goes on to say technical details about how he would create the multicart, and that it would probably only take a month for him to create. The whole thread is a great read, and if you have any interest in a RCA Studio II multicart, please let him know!
  12. This is amazing, thanks fauxscot and Blazing Lazers. I'm always interested in obscure hardware. I would be very interested in a multicart! It would be a nice revival for the Studio II, and you could make a small profit for your time. The roms are available online, but I also have a full set of carts (not Bingo), if you would like to make fresh dumps.
  13. Programmer here, reporting for duty! Edit: sorry I just liked his face, good luck with your sale!
  14. I donated as well, haven't heard anything. I just saw they have a forum though, and some of the posts are relatively recent: http://psxdev.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=17&t=224 Looks they are waiting on PCBs atm.
  15. This link shows the intro along with some of the other intros/demos: http://www.dragons-lair-project.com/community/related/homesystems/halcyon/ There is like 20 seconds of gameplay in this video around 3:00:
  16. Hmmm, I hope it's the red piece under the R-zone logo which is actually the cartridge top (missing in the item photo, visible in the stock photo). If it's the fold out plastic piece that you look at, then it may be unusable. The system projects a red lcd screen onto the fold-out piece in front of your eye. So they might say it works, as in the red lcd screen is shining from the system, but there is no reflector fold out piece to actually view the screen. Edit: looking at the pictures again it looks like it's missing the reflector fold-out piece rendering it unusable. You could possibly use a mirror? It might be a little bright...
  17. Lol, I bought only the dock, and then I bought a whole kit. I'll pm you. Edit: I had some troubles locating it today, I'll look again soon. Sorry, didn't mean to get your hopes up or anything.
  18. Wow, Mecha Hitler. How to defend myself? Curl up in a fetal position and rock slowly.
  19. Hey guys, this might not last too long, but for some reason TigerDirect has Max Payne 3 for $30 + shipping - $35 in rebates. Economy shipping is like $3-5. I found this on slickdeals, thought you guys might like the deal. slickdeals thread
  20. http://www.digitaltrends.com/gaming/nintendo-3ds-update-permanently-blocks-flash-cart-using-pirates/ This is what I thought, it was hacked very quickly, but Nintendo has been doing a better job of patching the system. So if you have a system with updated firmware, the earlier cards won't work. It took them about 3 months to hack the firmware mentioned in that article. So I think you can buy a flash cart whenever they hack the current firmware and then just never update your system? I don't really know much about them tbh.
  21. OK did some digging. The InviteNES has the best hardware vs. the powerpak and n8 everdrive. Both the n8 Everdrive and InviteNES have FDS support and the famicom expansion audio. Both support updates via microSD card, 32gb card support, and USB support. So far, the inviteNES doesn't seem to offer much more than the N8 Everdrive. Let's take a look at mappers: Powerpak (graph in middle of page) N8 Everdrive (graph at bottom of page) InviteNES Supports 000, 001, 002, 003, 004, 007, 009, 010, 011, 013, 018, 021, 022, 023, 025, 032, 033, 034 , 037, 038, 041, 047, 048, 061, 068, 069, 071, 212, 231, 232, 234, 241, 242, 243, 244, 246, 255 = A total of 37 mappers The InviteNES offers less than half of the mappers than the Everdrive does. The N8 Everdrive also supports nearly all of the mappers the InviteNES does except for 37, 234, 244, 255. It seems people over in Russia were just as confused as we were. But, even with the better hardware, the lack of mapper support and the higher price point make the InviteNES much less attractive. Unless I'm missing something, I see no reason to purchase the InviteNES over the N8 Everdrive. Personally, I'll be buying an N8 and awaiting the details on the Powerpak 2. Just an fyi, there is a small flag over on the right side to convert the site to English, but I definitely see what you're saying.
  22. I haven't been following this one too closely, but the InviteNES is almost ready apparently: http://www.famicomworld.com/forum/index.php?topic=8819.0 There was a pre-order in January, and he says it should be for sale on his website in February or March. From what I can gather, they should be ready for shipping by end of April? Also, I think there's a new paypal link for those of us not in Russia. Price isn't the best, $155 w/ shipping.
  23. "Riiiiiise From Your graaave" - Altered Beast "Darn it" - Spike on Vectrex "Can't buy a bucket" - NBA JAM
  24. Just an fyi, BunnyBoy may have a Powerpak 2 in the works: http://nintendoage.c...&threadid=92557 He's ramping down retrousb.com and spending the next year on a project, which is most likely a new NES flash cart. He states in the first post: "With other NES flash carts in development I believe mine will have unique features" Krikzz does amazing work, but if you're counting your pennies for the ultimate NES flash cart, it will be a while before we know which one it is. Also, the thread has photos of the new HDMI NES mod that's coming soon, it's pretty amazing:D
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