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  1. I saw today that if you select the 360 adapter (which also comes with the 5-in-1 adapter) with the Tankstick, it's only $50 instead of $60. For some reason the 360 adapter, 5-in-1, and ps3/xbox adapters are $100 when purchased all together with the joystick. Alternatively, you can purchase the 360/5-in-1 adapter with the Tankstick and add the ps3/xbox adapter to your cart which totals to $80 for the exact same thing. You even get to keep the free shipping. So that's $230 for the tankstick and all adapters except for the Wii U.
  2. Anytime:D I used their buttons in a mame arcade back in college, and they served our needs very well. The ability to play on consoles is pretty awesome. If you had a Battlestation II and one of these with all of the attachments (around $100), you would have dual arcade sticks for virtually every major console barring the N64 and Saturn. At $70, I can't see this being a poor deal even if it doesn't have joysticks/buttons of the highest quality.
  3. Yep, what I like is that even though the XBOX 360 adapter is $60, you also get the 5-in-1 adapter that's $20 with it: Also Includes Complete 5in1 Adapter And Cables For 2 Players On Xbox 360, Wii, PS1, PS2, Gamecube and Dreamcast
  4. Found these on slickdeals, figured someone might want them: Dual Joystick Tankstick
  5. I have a pretty good collection of controllers, but I'd really like to have that one. Last one on ebay went for over $200 I believe (just the controller). Also, these are pretty fun, famicom and super famicom controllers used with modems:
  6. Hey guys, I'll update the OP soon hopefully, but I just saw this today on AA: Coleco ADAM: ADAM IDE/CF Interface: A hard drive/Compact Flash interface that you can hook up to the Adam. The accessories kit comes with a 60MB pre-formatted card that contains most colecovision games and a slew of other software. You can read more about it on this AA Thread.
  7. That's the newer version of the cart, the older version was the 128-in-1. Same concept, dip-switch multicart which had a good amount of releases on it. Also, I have 3 Odyssey 2 Multicarts now and only 2 Odyssey 2's, these things happen:D
  8. We had our holiday decorating contest at work today. For the IT department we had a "Computer Nerd Christmas" theme, and I showed off the Vectrex. I love the animate function on Art Master.
  9. ********PENDING******** Hey guys, I got these during a black Friday Sale because they were so cheap, and then realized I didn't have a 3DS So passing on the savings to the AA community. I'd imagine these would make a good Christmas gift for someone's kids. $9 + shipping. I'd imagine total will be less than $15.
  10. The production value on the deluxe is truly phenomenal. Great job, SAG!
  11. I'd buy it for $35 shipped. LMK Also, I was unable to send you a PM, says that you can't recieve new PMs.
  12. Farscape season 1 six discs Farscape season 4 six discs $1 for a season of farscape? It is an excellent show, suprised these haven't sold yet.
  13. Please do yourself a favor and go here. Great gaming/pinball fun! There's also a used game store next door.
  14. Yep, I had no luck with the desoldering irons, but desoldering braids work great. Congrats on your first soldering job!
  15. It seems this disc gives access to a pokemon, Jirachi, and people don't really care about the demo. Gotta catch 'em all?
  16. I think it deserves to be on that list, but he knows his consoles for sure:) I have one too with a bunch of software and the "Save-it" card or something like that. The controllers (which are god awful) have gone for $100 in the past, but sold recently for $10. I've seen a system go for like $60 on ebay a few years back, but there was one on ebay last year that was promoted by gamesniped that went for $250+ (possibly $350). So I'm not really sure of the value, but rarity-wise, I'd say any system that only shows up on ebay once a year approximately is extremely rare.
  17. Cool man, a lot of them came from this AssemblerGames post, some of them were news to me as well:) YES, great news man, I'll update the posting. Thanks!
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