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  1. Thanks for explaining your 😉 opinion a little bit further. For me the AMIGA version is something special 😀 because even 30 years after its initial release it still inspires artists to do conversions for different platforms.
  2. Except the original version. 😉
  3. That's great to read. I am looking forward to the final version.
  4. Are there any of the missing levels already done or do you just work on the picture tool?
  5. Are there any differences between bomb jake and bomb jack V1.5 (except for the name change)?
  6. Don't know any. Do you have a source?
  7. So hopefully you find 98 people more who want to have a dust cover for jag + cd not only @KevinMos3 and me. 😀 And when designing the dust cover for jag + cd perhaps you can also think about leaving space for the Jag GD inserted? I actually don't see a reason for not leaving space because as the power buttoned is covered there is no easy way to operate the jaguar with the dust cover installed.
  8. As much as I like the idea of getting better sprites I like the original release of bomb jack for the atari 8 bit because it came out of nowhere and was already a very polished product. BTW, what is the last release for public download (got a little confused with bomb jake/bomb jack)?
  9. Well, I have to admit that I don't like case modding very much but at least it shows passion for ATARI and that's what counts. 😉
  10. I'll smile if the improved ATARI version with TIX's sprites is ready before the improved c64 version will see the light of the day (it is already in development for more than five years and the motivation for the c64 coders was the atari version which they considered ways better than the original c64 conversion). 😀😀😀
  11. Well, this computer for sure looks ...different... 😈
  12. I was waiting for such a dust cover but do you plan to sell a version for jags with cd rom as well?
  13. Keeping my fingers crossed that demand for the 600xl cover will be bigger than expected. Never heard of the dust covers for the jaguar from grey. Do you have any link available?
  14. Looks good (as always) but I'd love to see a dust cover for both my 600xl and jaguar with cd rom.
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