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  1. Great to see that you did not abandon the game. Have to give the latest GitHub versions a try. I am really looking forward to the finished version with sound effects.👍
  2. And not to forget MapRAM which lets us use the additional 2K with just a small modification.
  3. Even if it is final I will still hope for better bombs in the "normal" version. 😉
  4. Thanks for the info. Hope supply issues are resolved soon.
  5. But why? AVGCART is the ultimate solution for unexpanded ATARIs. Supply issues or will there be an updated version?
  6. And the "hidden" feature "high speed sio os for sio atr" is also very very nice. 😀
  7. Just installed a pbi cable to my AVGCART. Took approx. 2 minutes to connect it to both the AVGCART and the pbi port of my 600XL (64KB internal) and then to enable the ram expansion (+512K Rambo) with SHIFT-CTRL-M. Such an easy install. Highly recommended for every AVGCART user with unexpanded XL computers. 👍
  8. Yes, it is. I was playing it back in the days on an old Grundig TV and I recognized it there for the very first time (still have the original from Epyx).
  9. Yes, that's what I meant. Here's a link to a youtube video where you can see it right at the beginning. (0:20-0:23)
  10. Sorry for derailing this thread but when seeing the doves in this demo I wish there were a patched version of the Summer Games intro where the dove player missiles are corrected.
  11. I post here because the thing I noticed affects both PokeyMax 2 and 3 (with sid option). I disabled sid for testing purposes but I can still hear sid output when I play a tune. You can test it with the following basic code: 10 POKE 53772, 63: REM SET POKEYMAX INTO CONFIGMODE 20 POKE 53783, 0: DISABLE ALL CHIPS (SID, POKEY, PSG ETC) 30 POKE 53848,15: REM SET VOLUME ALL SID VOICES TO MAX 40 POKE 53829,25: REM SET ATTACK 1 (HIGH NIBBLE) AND DECAY 9 (LOW NIBBLE) VOICE 1 50 POKE 53830,68: REM SET SUSTAIN 4 (HIGH NIBBLE) AND DECAY 4 (LOW NIBBLE) VOICE 1 60 POKE 53825,29: REM SET FREQUENCY VOICE 1 HIGH BYTE 70 POKE 53824,69: REM SET FREQUENCY VOICE 1 LOW BYTE 80 POKE 53828,17: REM SET WAVEFORM VOICE 1 TO TRIANGLE Is this a bug in PokeyMax? Core is: 125M16HK
  12. As the topic was moved, here is my original reply: There are different solutions that allow you to use a sid chip in your ATARI. SlightSID, SIDari, PokeyMax and Evie-Board, perhaps more. And there are players that make use of these hardware extensions. Unfortunately there is no standard for mapping the sid into ATARIs address space so you need players that make use of the correct address. These are available SID players. http://atariki.krap.pl/index.php?title=SIDPlay&action=edit http://atariki.krap.pl/images/1/1b/SID_Player_d5fix.zip http://atariki.krap.pl/images/b/bd/SlightSIDPlayer.zip You can also try to convert SID-songs to POKEY but this is a manual process (so you have to enter the notes and instruments manually) because as far as I know .sid songs come with their own player routine. Wish there were a converter from Goat Tracker (for C64) to Raster Music Tracker (for ATARI).
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