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  1. Maybe it's the language barrier but I thought: "Cool. Another conversion from C64 to ATARI 8-bit" just to find out (again) that it's not the case. So even though most of the users seem to appreciate the info perhaps STE'86 can put an OT: in the topic of such threads when posting in the atari 8-bit forum?
  2. People who are interested in C64 conversions visit there. I'd appreciate if you do not post OT stuff here.
  3. If you know that it is controversial why don't you post in the appropriate subforum? https://atariage.com/forums/forum/172-commodore-8-bit-computers/
  4. I'd vote for a buggy that looks like in the title screen (single wide instead of double wide).
  5. I am waiting for a conversion of Prince of Persia for decades so what was a little bit more than a minute to at least play the first level? 😀
  6. 👍 This can be blessing or curse. It makes programming more fun but on the other hand you already have to consider and to know all the limitations before you start your project. So therefore I'm quite interested to see where the Antic E approach + PMGs for extra colours leads.
  7. O.k. I just wanted to make sure there aren't too many mistakes just right at the beginning. 😀
  8. 👍 Just one remark: in the last animation phase the colour of the trousers switch from blue to white.
  9. Could an administrator move this topic to the above mentioned forum?
  10. You should convert Chopper Command to the ATARI 8-Bit first. 😀
  11. Ah, thanks. I think I understand now.
  12. @Rybags: Sorry for my newbie question but was my assumption correct that when using pokey timers one (or more) pokey channels get lost?
  13. That was my idea as well. I mean during speech there is no music in this game so losing pokey channels for sound output doesn't hurt, right?
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