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  1. Do you know the reason for their decision not to release an updated version of Crownland?
  2. It's a pity it never got finished. I played Moon Cresta at the arcade quite often but also could't get it to run properly on my vbxe equipped XL.
  3. Only if you type in the program correctly (which I didn't...visions of the past).
  4. Thanks for the altirra hint 👍 but I wanted to see it on the real thing. 🤓
  5. Its been ages since I typed in a program. 😀 Had a program like that (for those that are curious it let's the cursor blink) back in the days of the 8-bit wars but for me it was and is one of the advantages that the cursor of the atari doesn't blink. Nice idea nevertheless.
  6. Good thing @x=usr(1536) and @Skyfox protected ATARIs legacy. 😉
  7. I never thought there would be a single actively used 600XL with neither an internal nor external (1064) ram extension to 64K left. Collecting reasons aside. Seems I was wrong.
  8. January, 11th, 2021 https://youtu.be/-fP-s4Plsp4 Intellidisc (5200) by @Ryan Witmer
  9. I want one pokey max 3 as well. I have also sent a pm to Duddie.
  10. 😎 Do you already know the dimensions of Pokeymax v3? Or to put it in other words, how much space is needed inside an ATARI?
  11. Found my Jaguar GD a few minutes ago in front of my door. Nice christmas present. 😀
  12. Well, I think it's safe to say that this project is dead. 😢
  13. Thanks for explaining your 😉 opinion a little bit further. For me the AMIGA version is something special 😀 because even 30 years after its initial release it still inspires artists to do conversions for different platforms.
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