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  1. Thanks for the update John! So happy to see that Qix has moved our from POC and now a release! Looking forward to PRGE 2022 (crossing fingers)!
  2. Ok, so I see we're starting a 'How many different boxes have you bought from Marc' contest? I'll chime in at 60+ over the past few years. Do I win? What do I win? Seriously though, I also have to agree with all the Kudo's to Marc above. Bravo (and please continue this box service forever)
  3. I was wondering how Gorf was coming along as I purchased Champs' latest ROMs on their homepage today so came here to see latest updates. [email protected] is it time to update target release dates on Champs' home page for Gorf Arcade (especially Robotwar since it still shows June)? However it is still September so maybe there's still a chance for Gorf? Although maybe Al is still on his much needed vacation too.
  4. I'm curious what country / what state people are getting their packages so far!
  5. FYI, @Arenafoot if my clicking is correct, your US Color and B&W links are reversed.
  6. Oooh! A local video game store in Michigan? Please do tell where ....
  7. Is it just me, or is trying to find the .bin difficult. Any help is appreciated.
  8. Wonder how it would work with the Retron 77 ! ? ?
  9. Hey DoubleDown. Love your idea of a multi controller! Your creativity knows no bounds! Preference is, of course, Paddle controller (versus Driving), but a few other things to consider: (1) I know the paddle and driving controllers have different electronics/HW inside, however, wondering if it's possible to add a toggle switch to toggle between paddle and driving; (2) there are also a few other homebrew 7800 and 8bit/XE games that have driving controller as an option: Super Circus Atari, Arkanoid, Tempest, and I expect a few others potentially being released.
  10. Sorry, maybe it's on another thread, but how do I purchase a few shells and what is / why the controversy?
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