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  1. I would like to pay for/order 1 box for me please! @Steve Jones
  2. Try 'em. If they don't work. Return them! However, if you want the 'best', order from Best Electronics! I have 2 sets from there and they're 'the bomb' for Kaboom!
  3. Did I miss "Elevator Action" on your signature line for POC?
  4. I tried this exact one and it ended up being way too stiff. I ended up purchasing New Old Stock OG Joystick PCB and installed it and worked like a charm!
  5. Will be tuning in to see what your creative mind comes up with next! Also still hoping someone talented with graphic arts software takes the previous challenge above to design a new Kaboom! Deluxe Cart Label
  6. "@!#[email protected]!" .... oh, wait, that's that other Q game! How about "Get your Kicks...with Champ Games Qix"?
  7. Finally got mine (after USPS lost the first one!). Absolutely love it. Played a few of my Activision games on my 7800 without smashing it in the OG 7800 slot! Very much a must have for any 7800 owner IMHO. Just a note that somehow USPS lost mine on the way the first time, so asked to have it sent priority the next try. @ChrisKewl was very easy to work with and has a "hit" product on his hands! Thanks Chris!
  8. One of my favs so will be a Day 1 buy for me.... but only after Elevator Action!
  9. Great interview. You mentioned you had also interviewed Thomas. Do you have a link / copy of that interview?
  10. Amaze balls! Looks funtastic! Can not wait!
  11. I remember programming this from one of the magazines I think BITD. God I loved this game!
  12. Arcade box. Interested. Please put me for 1 copy if not too late.
  13. Aha. That's what I was wondering...as a player, what it does! Thanks!
  14. @PacManPlus, for someone who doesn't know the programming background on these, in layman's terms, what does this give the player/user the originals cannot with this extra memory? (Asking for a friend )
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