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  1. Definitely interested in one "right now"! Yes and Please. If there's a list of people you need before you embark on this limited run, please put me on it. I'd also be in the market for Concerto and other flashcarts thereafter as well.
  2. This is incredible! Just played a bunch of fav's with it! Thank you so much for creating this! People are awesome! Curious if there's any way to get paddles to work on this (e.g. Arkanoid, Super Circus Atari)? I have the "2600-dapter II" and was hoping there's a way!
  3. Ooooh! I'd love to have one of these from him too!
  4. I received my new custom made 4-way controller from @RetroGameBoyz It's great for quick classic arcade game play on Pacman, DigDug, Donkey Kong, etc...! He's great to work with and nothing but a positive dude!
  5. Food for thought since I've had a recent experience. I just bought a 7800 from EBAY that had the BIOS conversion to play both NTSC and PAL, plus a compsite AV mod. I thought I'd try it and it would be possibly better and more compatible with troublesome carts. Au contraire! I tried a bunch of Homebrews from AA (and others) as well as some PAL carts and it was just bad all over. I ended up returning the unit for a full refund and will now steer clear of PAL BIOS converted 7800s.
  6. There's a fine programmer, @@Omegamatrix doing menu screen updates on key 2600 games. Not sure if he programs for the 7800, but perhaps contact him? Here's the link for this in the 2600 forums...
  7. Just curious (and adding to this thread may help...), is this the longest thread on AA forums?
  8. Kaboomer


    Consider this as noting pent-up cart demand!
  9. I also am a big fan of retrogameboyz.com and wholeheartedly approve. I worked with him to make this one above but a a dedicated 4-way 7800. Looking forward to get it this week and try it out on Bob D's Pacman Collection!
  10. I just bought a few from @CPUWIZ last week!
  11. Awesome and Amazing! @SpiceWare you truly are amazing! Thank you so much for this wonderful hack!
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