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  1. I recommend reading the description of what you ordered on the order page! "Additional Information Baby Pac-Man includes game cartridge, full-color, 8-page manual, and professionally printed box."
  2. Sadly, this controller fails at Kaboom, the gold standard for paddle evaluations. As you mentioned, there is not enough travel when rotating the paddle before one hits the plastic with ones fingers. This combined with the fact that it is also a "tight" control with a lot of friction makes it utterly useless for Kaboom and, IMHO, use at all. Stick with the original controllers for the 2600 and the modded Stella firmware for the Retron 77 with original controllers. I really wanted to like this controller's paddles, but, alas, it's a big 1/10 in my humble opinion.
  3. Yeah, I'm sure this is for when they lose the Atari lawsuit. Hope it works with the Retron 77 out of the box!
  4. I would be interested if the aesthetics are super sweet! As mentioned above, I (and suspect many others that travel in these forums) have their share of keypad controllers and also don't use them very much. Like Al mentions, I too don't see how you'd make money on them. However, if you're doing these as a Passion Project and to fulfill your artistic / creative tendencies, by all means. If they are reasonably priced, I'd be in for a pair!
  5. Yeah, I think I and others might be interested in that! Maybe a different colored shell for the midnight v. color versions! I saw there is a 128K and a 64K but looks like the 64K versions would be for the cart then from reading above. Let me know if you really would do a run, otherwise I'll contact Al with the bins and labels in this post.
  6. Stumbled upon this old thread. Is it still possible to make/order cart from AA for this Hack? (Tried the link above and it's dead)
  7. Agreed. I bought a PokeyOne Super Circus at the show last week and compared to my original Pokey I bought from AA a few years ago and my 51 y.o. ears cannot tell a difference at all! Amen for PokeyOne!
  8. Since that came out a few years ago, and he spoke last week about his own sequel, I don't think this is related.
  9. I've bought about 10 sets of these over the last 12 months from the same eBayer overseas. I use them on my VCS, 7800, XE so I don't ruin the ports from plugging/re-plugging in my various joysticks. Work great!
  10. I was at HSW's 2019 PRGE panel this past weekend in Portland and he said he still has the concept and nobody has thought of it yet. He said (paraphrasing) "I do have an idea for a Yars Revenge sequel...it's about 1.5 - 3.0 years out depending on things (most of the "things" are me just getting around to it though!)"...crowd laughs. He didn't say anything about someone else working on it though. I got the impression it was something he wanted to do.
  11. Highly recommend the Best lifetime paddles! Bought a pair and they are THE BEST!
  12. No, not me. I already have 3 ways to play 2600 carts on SD and 0 on 7800. I would definitely support 7800 only SD card support
  13. Curious if there a downloadable instruction manual?
  14. I dug through this thread trying to find a manual for this but only found box art. Curious if there exists a manual for this? Thanks!
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