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  1. They have them at WalMart in my area. (Near Chapel Hill, North Carolina). Not sure of the price.
  2. regular controller I use my middle and pointer finger on one side and my thumb on the other side for the buttons. this is This allows me to hold the controller and use my other thumb on the disk. I have doubts about using my pointer and pinky on one side of the new controller while my thumb and and imaginary new appendage press the buttons on the other side. I get that this is new and moving forward, not just trying to play 40 year old games, (and I'm pretty sure I'll buy one regardless) but I am concerned I will not like the buttons. Back in the day, people were always hating on the intellivision controllers. I always thought they were simply fantastic. Not ideal for breakout or pong perhaps, but football, baseball, AD&D Cloudy mountain, NASL Soccer!!
  3. OMG, I forgot Skiing. all in all I probably spent more time playing skiing than any other game. It is a great game. Burger Time, Pac man, sub hunt and AD&D Cloudy Mountain are all great games too.
  4. (mostly from BITD) NFL Football NHL Hockey Major League Baseball NASL Soccer PGA Golf Space Battle Donkey Kong Arcade Safe Cracker White Water Lady Bug (don't judge me!) Honorable mention to Stunt Cycle because my 9 year old faux granddaughter loves to play it with me.
  5. I like that it's beatable but it could use one more level of difficulty (at least). How about a reverse, where you are the attackers and after defeating the alien squadrons you attack their home base, like a Boss level. (maybe sort of like star strike, but with fun added).
  6. Wait a minute, What's wrong with being a Boomer? I thought everybody here was old like me. (This is terribly disturbing news)
  7. This looks very awesome. I agree with IMBerzerk, not being able to change the controllers is very limiting for the intellivision and makes (IMO) most paddle games much less fun to play than they should be and sometimes just unplayable.
  8. I prefer the 2600 look (but would definitely play it either way). love the water motion. Very nice job.
  9. There are some free Roms here :https://atariage.com/forums/topic/290618-the-intellivision-game-vault-free-roms-4-new-games/?tab=comments#comment-4265405 And of course my personal fav - stunt_cycle_20180211.rom (still a WIP but I haven't worked on it in quite a while.)
  10. Huh, I did not know that. I usually use shut down wit a few minutes and then turn on the system. I did not do this time, I just kept restarting but I will keep that n mind.
  11. Yes, but I tried it again, and then again, and on the fourth time it worked. Install Wizard did tell me that my Asus Gestures is only partially installed for at least one of the users so maybe that was getting in the way. Anyway, all is well, my install worked, thanks for the help and I hope I didn't cause anyone undo alert.
  12. I have a small problem too. When I try and install the update I get a message that I am already installing it so I can't continue. Anybody know what I need to reset before the update will work or do I need to uninstall and start over? If I save the most recent backupdata file can I copy that and restore setting from it after uninstall/re-install?
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