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  1. I prefer the 2600 look (but would definitely play it either way). love the water motion. Very nice job.
  2. There are some free Roms here :https://atariage.com/forums/topic/290618-the-intellivision-game-vault-free-roms-4-new-games/?tab=comments#comment-4265405 And of course my personal fav - stunt_cycle_20180211.rom (still a WIP but I haven't worked on it in quite a while.)
  3. Huh, I did not know that. I usually use shut down wit a few minutes and then turn on the system. I did not do this time, I just kept restarting but I will keep that n mind.
  4. Yes, but I tried it again, and then again, and on the fourth time it worked. Install Wizard did tell me that my Asus Gestures is only partially installed for at least one of the users so maybe that was getting in the way. Anyway, all is well, my install worked, thanks for the help and I hope I didn't cause anyone undo alert.
  5. I have a small problem too. When I try and install the update I get a message that I am already installing it so I can't continue. Anybody know what I need to reset before the update will work or do I need to uninstall and start over? If I save the most recent backupdata file can I copy that and restore setting from it after uninstall/re-install?
  6. These are all good. Another thing that might help is to us the X flip and Y flip bits in the Sprite command. Varying the X and Y flip along with the random sprites can be a bit jumpy, which sometimes works for what you're doing, but gives you more frames from a limited number of grom or gram elements.
  7. I don't understand the usage here but my thought was the same. a lookup table using just the number that make up the edges. however, The mention of the bias is eye opening. where does the bias come from? I made a (partial) Asteroids type game last year and the color of the asteroids was random but some colors seemed to appear more frequently than others and I couldn't find a fix for it.
  8. I don't really know all the rules of the game but I have never been able to get past the first screen. It looks pretty fun and seems similar to Qix (I think) I just can't seem to get the hang of it. The damn seal gets me right away.
  9. I agree with you totally. If they had made the controllers plug-in rather then hard wired then controllers could be included with games like Space Raiders and Indy 500 (and Star Trek maybe?). Overall I think most games make good use of the controllers. Back in the day, the sports games were my favorites and the inty controller was (is) awesome for those.
  10. yes that's true. but there are zero intellivision games that use a driving controller. No games (that I know of the) use the disk as as a steering wheel. One of my fav games was Atari's Indy 500. With the Atari driving controller it would not be possible to go from position 1 to position 5 without hitting positions 2,3 & 4 (unless you spin the wheel the other way). With the disc, you can go from 1 to 5 without hitting the positions between and I think this messes up the steering. At the very least, it means the programmer has to move the "car" through the in-between positions and this means the programmer decides on the speed and this is a problem. Just like pressing left on the disk but knowing that the Paddle will not get to the ball fast enough. pressing harder doesn't hlep. (IMO) This makes games similar to Pong, breakout, Kaboom, Circus, Street Racer, Warlords, etc. much less fun to play on the intellivision. Yes, the games can be fun and it couldbe said that the disc isn't "worse" it just requires the gamer to use a different strategy or something. And that might be satisfactory if the original versions of the games, especially arcade versions, had had these limitations. Personally, I think Astrosmash plays really well with the disk but a paddle option would be nice. I think paddle controllers would also have helped intellivision expand it's library a great deal.
  11. I love the controllers.but they are not without drawbacks. I never understood Mattel's decision to hard wire the controllers. It just seems odd (and dumb) to think every game would be best served by this single controller. They had to know that it would not be the best option for driving games, or even pong/breakout type games. For Sea Battle, Space Battle, and even NASL Soccer, I think the controllers are fantastic. but plugging in some paddle controllers or 4/8 way joy sticks for other games would have been nice. I know they did this on the Inty II but it was it too late. The decision seems even more confusing since the Atari 2600 had already made such great use of different controllers for different games.
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