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  1. Congrats on the find. If you are a collector and have any interest in programming games for an old system, Intellivision is the system. IntyBASIC, and the programming forum (https://atariage.com/forums/forum/144-intellivision-programming/) make creating your own games easy. Just thought I'd mention it.
  2. I'm very impressed by this. And pretty jealous because I'm pretty sure I couldn't do anything like that. It looks really nice.
  3. I wouldn't sell mine for $1,000! (though I just sold an O2 Power Lords CIB for over $300). I'm in the midst of an Empty nest downsizing and much of my collection will probably be getting sold over the next few months. I have lots of old systems and lots of intellivision stuff (mostly common stuff) but with IntyBASIC and so much activity, there's no way I'm giving up my intellivision or my LTO FLash.
  4. Have you tried eBay? https://www.ebay.com/itm/Fairchild-Channel-F-Video-game-console/324561609459?hash=item4b916122f3:g:M9MAAOSwxepgUctk
  5. Woo Hoo!! Pretty thrilled with my top 10 finish. Thanks to all the judges for the hard work.
  6. sorry you're not in the contest. I've had my eye on last place for quite sometime and don't plan on giving it up. Don't feel too bad. I had my submission ready (such that it is) on Jan 31 so I decided to wait. Yesterday I was playing around and it occurred to me I had never gotten around to actually submitting it. Finally did. (I think I made the deadline, not positive).
  7. Thanks for the great (and simple) explanation. I think I have covered most of what you mention with the important exception of the basic game_loop. I will be rearranging some things in my code and hope I can get things working. Whether I succeed or not, I still enjoy trying very much so thanks again for IntyBASIC!
  8. Thanks. I'm not sure why I was thinking COL1 = HIT_BACKGROUND instead of COL1 AND HIT_BACKGROUND. fixed that issue. I currently have like 16 GRAM for each of the two ships as they scroll across two screen positions so I guess I could cut that in half to speed things along (If I understand you correctly). I don't think I've ever used #backtab but will give a try. I definitely need the invaders to move faster. I hadn't considered moving a single invader each frame though it seems to make sense. I'm currently running in a big loop through all 36 aliens and it definitely bogs down if something else tries to happen (like a player shot). not too lengthy at all. OK, I have the #backtab working. (not that it was difficult). However, I don't understand how to update just one invader each video frame (as Oscar referenced). I mean I'm guessing this is related to the "On Frame" and 60 frames per second (NTSC). Currently I have a "For A = 0 to 35" loop and for each of the 36 aliens it gets the position, color and direction and anim frame, updates the screen, and then updates positions and checks to see if they have reached the end of row, etc. This takes a lot of time and bogs everything down. How do I set things up so that the processing is in sync (as much as it can be) with the frames? I know that seems like a pretty basic question but I think (as an old Top down business programmer) I just have a problem visualizing how the program is running along and then 60 times a second it jumps from where ever it is to a particular procedure and then comes back and proceeds where it left off. If that is what happens then how do I keep track of where I am?
  9. So, I'm basically trying to make a space armada kind of game. I know it's not groundbreaking but seemed fun. I really like the discussion here, and like the Sine curve program, but even with the code I don't understand it. (I haven't looked very long and I think I get what's it's doing but really don't get it in detail). but, for my space conqueror game the bad guys are scrolling across the screen and I'm pretty sure they are part of the background but I am trouble registering my bullets hitting the background. There is literally nothing on the screen that is not color 0 (black) except the bad guys but if I check for COL1 = HIT_BACKGROUND it registers a hit as soon as I fire. If I make sure the Y coordinate such that the bullet has cleared the gun it still seems to hit the background by hitting nothing. I'm stealing some of the code from Oscar's book if the gun looks familiar it's from the Raiders program. but even with the book I don't understand "IF COL1 AND $00FC THEN". I know how to convert hex to decimal just not always sure where all the parts come from. also, is there a dummies guide to PEEK and POKE somewhere? Is Poke or back tab faster/better than Print because I'm scrolling 36 spaceships using print statements.
  10. I think I get what your saying (though maybe not). In the case of these barriers there isn't a set way for the destruction to happen. If a single 8X8 card is used and we say it has 4 4x4 sections and each hit removes one section, the sections can be hit in any order so the destructions animation needs (I think) 16 frames to cover the possibilities but still doable. (as usual) Your explanation and knowledge is much appreciated.
  11. Thanks. That's what I was thinking. It just seems like the barriers are about 16 pixels wide and it takes 5 or 6 shots to get through them. That seems like a lot of animation frames and a lot of tracking to know which one to display. It seems like you would adjust a gram on the fly maybe but tracking that burns a lot of variables.
  12. So, Hypothetically 🙄, if someone was wanting to make a Space Armada type game using IntyBASIC, how would you make the little defensive barriers the player can hide behind? How do you make just part of it disappear when a bullet hits it from top or bottom? I'm a little confused how you put a block there then take just some of it away.
  13. extend it, don't extend it. It doesn't matter to me. I'm pretty sure my entry is not going to get any better. Although, maybe I could start on another entry if I had another month. But, you don't need contest to program a game and post stuff in the forum. I learn more reading the answers to other peoples questions than I do any other way.
  14. Speaking of the rules, this isn't a huge deal but I always use the IntyBASIC SDK. I use "Intynew Space_command" to create a folder within the Projects folder (named Space_Combat). My source file Space_Combat.bas is in this folder and the command "Intybuild Space_Combat" creates the Space_Combat.rom file. Do the judges want me to include instructions for building the rom without including the SDK or is everybody ok with the SDK version? Just wondering.
  15. Latest ROM Ok. I think you can now turn while you thrust or fire. (But you can't do all three at once. I can't get that to work). Added an option for guided missiles which makes the bullets always travel in the direction the ship is facing. It doesn't work well when it bounces off the edge as it immediately returns to the direction prior to the bounce (if the ship is still pointed in that direction). Haven't played it on real hardware in a while so might not behave as well as I think it does. Space_Combat.rom
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