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  1. Not a problem and I have no complaints. Thanks for the answers. I hadn't used the SDK or IntyBASIC in a while and thought maybe I messed something up when I installed the new version. Now that I know it is working as expected. I feel much better.
  2. This may sound odd, when I try the Intybuild command it will only find .bas files that match the name of the project folder. I created a new folder on my own in the projects folder and copied some old files to it and renamed them and tried Intybuild and it says "Unable to find user or example project ...". Is this new with 1.2 or am I misremembering or missing something? I created a new project and called it 2020_Stunt_Cycle. If I have a file called 2020_Stunt_Cycle.bas then Intybuild works great. If I try to build a file called Stunt_Cycle_20200719, it can't find it. I used to keep all my versions together in a single folder. I'm probably doing something wrong but thought I would I ask. if possible, How do I get the intybuild to find my file regardless of the name or do I need a new project folder for each version?
  3. I guess there's no point in me finishing my 'Stunt Cycle' game if their bringing in the big guns for an Evel Knievel game. Still, exciting news.
  4. I like the theme ideas. I also like the idea of team productions. Not sure I would get on a team for fear of not carrying my weight. Is it a team production when people give you code, graphics or music just because they are just really nice? (I don't have any issue giving credit for the help just wondering what constitutes a team, if it matters)
  5. Sounds like fun. Maybe it would motivate me to do something other than work and drink. (maybe) It does seem like the contests always bring in some new folks and new ideas.
  6. Yes Yes, I used the LTO software to download to my Intellicart and it worked great. I think it was the only time I ever used my Intellicart. (I am both happy and sad to say that I gave my intellicart away as part of Secret Santa a few years back since I had gotten the LTO Flash!)
  7. Thanks for the info. I've downloaded IntyBASIC 1.4.1 so I will start with that and see if I can get my my SDK put together correctly.
  8. Hey there all, just checking, is the current version of IntyBASIC SDK version 1.1? I have done virtually no IntyBASIC anything in more than year, getting close to two years. Thought I would try jumping back in a bit but wanted to load up the latest versions of everything. Thanks.
  9. Pretty sure we have a decent version Asteroids already. But if we're talking vector graphics, I would like to see a Star Castle clone. A good Space Invaders would be nice. Seems like Groovy Bee threw together an example several years but I don't think it went any further then that. (not trying to start a Groovy Bee thread).
  10. I agree that a cartridge slot is not needed. But I would like to be able play original and homebrew roms, and IntyBasic games on it using an sd card or similar.
  11. They have them at WalMart in my area. (Near Chapel Hill, North Carolina). Not sure of the price.
  12. regular controller I use my middle and pointer finger on one side and my thumb on the other side for the buttons. this is This allows me to hold the controller and use my other thumb on the disk. I have doubts about using my pointer and pinky on one side of the new controller while my thumb and and imaginary new appendage press the buttons on the other side. I get that this is new and moving forward, not just trying to play 40 year old games, (and I'm pretty sure I'll buy one regardless) but I am concerned I will not like the buttons. Back in the day, people were always hating on the intellivision controllers. I always thought they were simply fantastic. Not ideal for breakout or pong perhaps, but football, baseball, AD&D Cloudy mountain, NASL Soccer!!
  13. OMG, I forgot Skiing. all in all I probably spent more time playing skiing than any other game. It is a great game. Burger Time, Pac man, sub hunt and AD&D Cloudy Mountain are all great games too.
  14. (mostly from BITD) NFL Football NHL Hockey Major League Baseball NASL Soccer PGA Golf Space Battle Donkey Kong Arcade Safe Cracker White Water Lady Bug (don't judge me!) Honorable mention to Stunt Cycle because my 9 year old faux granddaughter loves to play it with me.
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