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  1. Secret Quest is a good one! There are new elements in each space station to keep it fresh. You need some kind of map to find your way on the higher levels.
  2. It's interesting how some games like Checkers fly under my radar until a thread like this makes me want to try them out.
  3. That sounds right to me. I associate the small black manuals with the early text-label cartridges. The white/color manuals seem to go with the picture label (Warner era) cartridges.
  4. I like how the dog patiently waits for its chance to play.
  5. Glad you brought it up - hadn't thought about that before.
  6. Seems like Demon Attack, Star Voyager, and Trick Shot were the first three releases.
  7. It varies. On my copy of Double Dunk it's a glossy sticker placed directly on the box. But on Secret Quest the starburst is rounder (like a peanut butter cup) and it's printed on the box.
  8. I bet it's like you suggested - a shipping carton with the retail box inside.
  9. Maybe the Alamogordo dig stirred up some new interest in the Atari 2600.
  10. Venture uses both difficulty switches, in combination, to set the skill level. Make sure they are both set to B for easiest game play. If the game boots up and runs the cartridge is probably not defective.
  11. Maybe it's a sample that was pulled for a quality inspection.
  12. The second annual Southern-Fried Gameroom Expo is going to take place in Atlanta June 19-21, 2015. The event features pinball, coin-op video games, classic home consoles and more! I am not involved in the production of SFGE but I attended last year and it was very well done! Thought this years show is well worth mentioning. It's about two weeks away at the time of this post. Check the link. http://www.southernfriedgameroomexpo.com
  13. Great story and video. Thanks for posting! I wish there was still an Atari truck driving around letting people compete on 2600 games.
  14. I remember the Atari Nexus and when AtariAge was under construction. And RGVC (usenet) before that. Good times.
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