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  1. Well, the TI-cassette-cables have jacks and some cellphones take one (mine do). I think it's been covered a few times on this forum. Here's one (I hope). Cassette tape recorder alternatives
  2. Instructions below. Yes, you apparently have to use a tape recorder (or a substitute). You could go all cross-platform (emulation), and use disks there. TI-99/4A Development resources I think converting the compiled program to cartridge format can only be done cross-platform.
  3. Remember that you can save and load a TI BASIC or TI EXTENDED BASIC program to and from a cellphone or a computer (alternatives to the cassette recorder).
  4. You can compile your TI BASIC or TI EXTENDED BASIC program and convert to cartridge format. Then it can run directly from FinalGrom.
  5. For my games and demos, you can link to my page at http://sometimes.planet-99.net
  6. Yes, that's right, - and it doesn't affect "gameplay" as is.
  7. You could make your own random number routine in XB, thereby insuring that compiled XB would generate the same numbers. I will try and look into it. Anyone is more than welcome to beat me to it.
  8. I think it would be nice if a compiled program could use random number seeds, even if the random numbers generated differ from the not yet compiled program. Making procedural generation possible. Obviously one has to compile and run to see the effect.
  9. https://atariage.com/forums/topic/212292-pie-in-the-sky/?do=findComment&comment=2754729
  10. Thanks. Controls. Well, with one fire button only, I couldn't find a way to implement (a user-friendly) "reveal" and "flag" square options. Also, when play-testing, I move the "cursor" rather fast, and I couldn't get that speed and precision using a joystick. Hence keyboard it was. It should however have had better instructions on screen. But also that was often what one got BITD.
  11. 2nd attempt and same score of 520. This time I typed in my initials in uppercase. As said lots of good effects and somewhat frantic gameplay. Almost loosing my cool.
  12. Very high graphics quality - as usual. Well executed. Very cute. Love it. The alien bomb always appears just on top of you - even if there's no alien there !? One strategy then, is to move to one side for a while and then to the other. I think it would be much more challenging if the bomb was somewhat randomly off from right over spaceship.
  13. Try ftp.whtech.com in your browser. Maybe that's an okay solution !?
  14. Classic99 menu: Options, Options... and look under Joysticks:
  15. As long it's my missiles and not alien missiles. If it's going to be Cosmic Cretins from Outer Space II, then you could keep it here.
  16. Nothing beats emulation ... she said.
  17. Okay. I'm thinking I can take money too. I've had my share of challenges.
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