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  1. You learn from your mistakes. But using 3 hours to find you Rem'd the line ...
  2. Ok, have it your way. There's debuggers for the TI (as I understand Millers Graphics has one) - never used them so I can't help you.
  3. I suggest a color scheme more along these lines ...
  4. Ok. The weapon should move up and down more slowly as you walk. And the weapon should be still, when you stand still or turn (without walking).
  5. Ha. And you can shoot the walls.
  6. Sometimes one can't see the forest for the trees - or can't see the tree for the forest. The problem you're describing is relatively simple. It's not a logical problem on a scale, where you have to setup different circumstances to analyze. From my viewpoint, all you had to do was, slowly single-step through the code in a debugger (I use Classic99) - and to your surprise you'll see that the LI R1,LIB4 doesn't execute, but rather the next instruction in your program executes. That should quickly lead to the Aha! moment. Of course set a breakpoint just before the mysterious code. The disadvantage compared with modern programming is, that you have to have the source code side-by-side (with the debugger). Nobody said it was going to be easy.
  7. It was actually quite good (if memory serves me well).
  8. Just realized that I'm not checking this site every day ... Many things going down the drain ... Too bad ... Logically I should have more time for TI ...
  9. That's based on Arkanoid (1986), which in turn is based on Breakout (1976). I've had a project like this (mostly like the 2600 Super Breakout (progressive level (game 7) (see below))) on for years, but using keys or joystick instead of a paddle has been a show-stopper. Had some ideas to workaround that (like having some keys "jump"), but now I've got new ideas (cool but probably unorthodox) ...
  10. Reminds me of Frantic Freddie. Played it somewhat on the Amiga. Here's a C64 version (II). Quite portable.
  11. Oh. Okay. That makes a difference.
  12. Very nice. The one in Don't mess with Texas "feels" a bit better.
  13. I renamed too (as you did), and loaded using the menu system. Also locking up if I drag and drop. And generally I've made no changes to the "classic99.ini". Well, it worked/works for me. Clicked/click "Load Cart". Only the following is enabled: Sound, Speech, 32K RAM and 4 sprites per line limitation.
  14. Apparently seems to be locking up with Classic99. Tried earlier version (of your game). Same thing. Works with JS99'er. Played it through to the end (took 1 minute). As an early demo, it's nice. When I "Reset" and choose the game again, it seems to be locking up.
  15. There's an error in your line 800. Should be ...
  16. I think the original disk version had the 838 cheat. The original cartridge version did not have the 838 cheat, though some people have reported seeing some cartridges with the 838 cheat.
  17. A few hours is luxury. What did you do in all those 10 hours a day ?
  18. Much less TI time, much more time worrying, doing some repairs, cleaning etc. Maintain social distancing Maintain at least 1 metre (3 feet) distance between yourself and anyone who is coughing or sneezing. World Health Organization Droplets: Breathing 2 meters. Coughing 5-6 meters. Sneezing 7-8 meters. Smaller than droplets: Implications of this are huge ... Dr. John Campbell
  19. Yes. Many programs, games etc. requires the 32K Memory Expansion.
  20. Family’s been at home for 14 days now. It’s been freezing cold at nights, so no projects outside. TI time and programming are at an all-time low. I’m an IT freelancer, and many jobs have been put on hold. I’ve been cleaning out indoors. Come a long way. A lot of boxes and closets are literally empty. I’m now concentrating on digital cleaning. Yesterday more than 150 TI project folders were reduced to 21 projects (quite a few platformers thrown into one). Next I’ll be working around the house with a caulk gun. With Netflix and all, we stare into screens a lot – most certainly too much. Daily walks though.
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