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  1. Not only was it advertised in comic books, Koo-Aid Man had his OWN comic! I got my copy by collecting proof of purchases. Still have it, too!
  2. It is obvious Facebook is pushing an agenda and only allows posts that go along with the narrative without allowing others with different viewpoints a chance utilize free speech to speak their opinions and have an open and honest debate. It seems the word compromise has disappeared from the public. Not everyone is going to agree and squelching anyone with a challenging a point of view is dangerous and outright censorship. I think I'll likely delete my account as well once I notify my immediate friends and family. Thanks for the nudge to get me to do so.
  3. If this does work please let me know. It is my favorite 4-button controller of all time and will hunt one down if it works
  4. Amazing job! Man, I really struggle at the Space Warp part. Still haven't gotten past the 1st round of it after several tries! This will DEFINITELY be an automatic buy when completed! BRAVO CHAMP GAMES!!! BRAVO!!!
  5. There are 7 x 12" Long-Player 12" Records and 13 x 7" Talking Story Books. This package was put together very well and has a nice guided menu system. Enjoy!
  6. Thank you to everyone involved in making Stella a reality on the Retron 77! I've been playing around with it and this is what it should have been out of the box! Quick question: Is it my TV or is there a little lag on games? Not complaining... just asking Again, AMAZING JOB YOU GUYS!!!
  7. Is this available in the store? I'd like to support the team and purchase a copy (when complete of course). \m/
  8. Thank you. Unfortunately I lack the part that states "assumes general Linux knowledge" so it is of no help to me. I use Linux Mint but that's as much as I know about the OS. Sorry if I'm making a mountain out of a molehill. I truly appreciate all help that you and everyone else has offered. I'm sorry I'm too dumb to figure it out. Trem
  9. Would you mind explaining how to do the upgrade? I've been up and down this thread and still haven't found solid instructions. I'm sure they are there. I just can't find them. Best regards, Trem
  10. Love this thread! If I want to add to the list, should I just post the results here?
  11. Has anyone started a compatibility list for the Retron 77? EDIT: Nevermind - I just saw the thread for it. I sure hope they add support for the Harmony cart and homebrews. So far I'm really digging this console
  12. It's a sad day... https://kotaku.com/atari-co-founder-ted-dabney-dies-at-81-1826349679 RIP Ted - you brought joy to millions
  13. I ripped the "Stella Gets a New Brain" CD back in 2011 to MP3. You can download it by clicking here.
  14. The primary stores I purchased games from were:
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