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  1. neat i'll put it on my mental inventory of working gamepads the only one i knew that had an analog thumbstick was the interact makopad aka pc powerpad pro
  2. i rigged a chain of stuff everything but my 2600 has auto boxes so it goes 2600,5200,nes,sega,playstation,n64 i also have one of those av to coax boxes in line too to attach plug and play games yea my old magnetbox 25" tv only has coax in
  3. bohoki


    i'm baffled as to what you have. what is this device you have that accepts a 9 pin keypad? what is its standard?
  4. bohoki


    i dont understand what you are trying to do maybe you could slowly explain cause i am dumb if you are trying to make a wireless keypad sorry i got nothing
  5. bohoki


    you can make an adapter to use a atari keypad but in order to use every column you need to disconnect a resistor inside and a keypad does not have enough buttons
  6. bohoki


    the 15 to 9 pin you showed i believe is for a specific joystick that has ibm and apple compatability the 15 to 9 pin you showed i believe is for a specific joystick that has ibm and apple compatability the reson i belive this is because the apple joystick uses pins 1,2,5 on the top row an atari used 1,2,3,4 and not 5
  7. bohoki


    the only one i am familiar with is an infrared one made by rockfire and i can not recommend it a pc to 5200 only works because they are very simple variable resistance and push button switches a nes/famicom controller is a serial device
  8. i was referring to the cheap $3 ones like here their cord is like 2 foot long but they generally work https://www.ebay.com/itm/Wired-6-Button-Pad-Gamepad-Controller-For-Mega-Drive-Megadrive-Sega-MD-Genesis/111834519151
  9. neat in case anyone buys one of those chinese 6 button controllers they do not come with a mode button but there are contacts on the board to add a mode pushbutton
  10. i always figure if i have it its not rare maybe tax avoiders?
  11. when pin 12 is used with the x,y the game switches to trackball mode you can notice it in the analog games instead of snapping back to center the cursor will stay where you leave it try experimenting i used a switch alternate between using pin 9 and pin 12 on an arcade joystick i made
  12. i'm only familair with 5 superbreakout,kaboom,missilecommand,starwars,gorf i'm not aware of any of the 5200 arcade conversion games that originally used an analog control in the cabinet
  13. i hope someone would make the pc to 5200 adapter i dont hate making them its just so tiring stripping all those wires each unit i have to strip 32 times and that is not counting the 4 cable shell strips i have no say on what people make i basically just use the 5200 faq schematic with a couple little tweaks aka the start button and grounding gamepad pins both 4 and 5 and i was selling them for like $10 i had to raise prices due to shipping costs it costs $2.68 first class a dollar store padded envelope is like 25 cents the 3 plugs are like 50 cents each and the capacitors are like 15 cents
  14. if i didn't already have one i wouldn't start now i consider the 5200 a kind of gen 2.5 system along with the colecovision instead of the 5200 maybe try a colecovision for another system with a weird controller or a sega master system the gun games are great
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