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  1. Hi Bohoki!


    I recently got my atari 5200 out, and had to of course had to take apart and clean the joysticks. One of them works, one works most of the way. But I want to use better joysticks. 🙂  I just ordered the other cables from ebay from ikonsgr.  

    Bohoki, I would like to purchase a few of your cable adapters. Do you have any for sale? I would be glad to purchase 4 or 5 of them, if that helps make it more worth your time. 


    1. argniest


      The 15-pin PC-to-Atari 5200 adapter  cables...that I have seen people on youtube talk about and mentioned you ;-)

  2. i would call it dogs of wor because i always thought the blue ones were dogs the red ones were tigers and the yellow ones were lions i guess there is no way that galaga will fit on a supercharger
  3. Hi bohoki,


    I’m new on this forum, but heard you had been producing and selling 15-pin PC-to-Atari5200 adapter-pieces.


    Would really like to buy one if you have any.


    Kind regards,

    Giles N

  4. i use 2 games galaxian i use the keypad each button corresponds to a level so i press 1,reset,2,reset... and the number shows in the upper corner then i use dig dug for up down left right and both buttons throw the air hose but popeye is a good one to test down with the ladder in the center missile command is good for checking if you hit all corners and for jitter or bad areas on the potentiometers but its not very useful
  5. a 5200 tracball does not have a jack for additional items but you could plug the tracball into the wico y cable
  6. late nite youtoobin lead me to "world of sports" on the amstrad and wham there was that oddball bmx game i though it was some kind of one off creation since every other version of california games was that dirt track full of logs and tires and not this hilly lawn of death with haybails you all probably know this but it was shocking to see lynx bmx on another system
  7. i didnt mean to criticize yea they look great so clean i just feel bad people cant play pole postion with it i almost want to offer to install a hi/low switch for $10 and use these kerjiggers https://www.ebay.com/itm/5-Pcs-AC-ON-OFF-SPDT-2-Position-Latching-Toggle-Switch-DT/252501590734
  8. those are pretty cool seems like a waste of a good connector to not put a 15 pin male passthrough connector on it i know cutting a rectangle hole is kind of hard and you have to do a couple slight bends to fit those controller nubs ooh what am i thinking just another hole out to a wire with a plug on it kind of like they did with the competition pro
  9. with the breakout boards you should not have to cut into an extension cord but it must be one of the extension cords that have the plastic ends not metal clad cause the metal shielding put the contacts out of reach for the 5200 you can see in my above pics i just use old solid wire eithernet cord i got when a school near me demolished a temporary solid wire is easy to strip and solder but is more fragile and subject to flex breaking i wish i stuck to a standard but all my batches have different colors to the contacts i used to try to keep the orange be the +5 and the green be the button ground but i gave up and just do my batches however i make the first one by having 8 wires it allowed me to run the 2 unused to the start button which i always left the brown and white brown
  10. i just do not have confidence in the blue plugs from china there may be good ones and bad ones but its impossible to know until they arrive the problems i run into is sometimes the solder cups are not well tinned and solder just wont stick another problem is the holes on the female side are a bit too small for the 5200 pins and can break them off when you pull the plug out another problem is the little contacts inside can be oxidized (super random) and not make a good connection the male pins seem to not have locking bulges and can push right out the back the last good ones i made were those silver housing ones i found someone with some old stock plugs its super annoying to go through all the work then find a bunch that have problems sure i run into a couple where i put the wrong wire somewhere but when it fails and i did nothing wrong its just not worth it i try to keep the costs low but having to deal with just one return repair and resend puts me in the red also 5200 is not my favorite system i'm a commodore 64 guy
  11. if anyone wants to make their own with an extension cable and 2 breakout boards the reason i use a jumper between pins 4 and 5 is i found some kraft joysticks used pin 5 also if you want to use buttons 3 and 4 of a pc joystick those are pins 10 and 14 of the joystick so you could run a wire from them to 5200 pins 14,13
  12. no its not properly designed they just took one of their standard sticks which are intended to be ambi but when used as a 2 button stick how can you rapidly press button one and button 2 its just not ergo also using the 5200 controller as the trim controls it was just a thrown together stop gap
  13. a top down indy500 or a champion sprint would have been cool i like the 5200 but the commodore 64 is my first choice
  14. pole position always bugged me i mean you bust your ass to be the top of the pole you start the race and then find out there are jerks already on the track the whole point of the pole position is to not have to deal with slowpokes till you lap them
  15. thanks for the report on another 5200 controller complaint now nobody has to click a listbait vid
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