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  1. thanks works neato in the emulator i am using
  2. i wonder what nukey shay has been doing lately if we find him maybe we could beg to have him look it over
  3. i wonder if someone could optimise atari 800s star island https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xajULLhhr5g
  4. check the archive.org someone been busy during the plague
  5. hmn the ideas i have for repair ive done this with genesis controllers where the outer wire sleeve cracks at the stress relief disconnect the inner wires pull them through then peel out the wire sleeve tube from the stress relief then lube up the wire with alcohol slip it back through the stress relief then put a ziptie on it so it cant pull back through with the competition pro i like making a little dongle with a start button and two 240k resistors so you can just play with the switch box open it up carefully peel the shielding away from the cord use an exacto to cut a bit of the white inner insulation and then with needle nose pliers pull the center wire out a bit more from atari's spiffy push on f-connector
  6. well you can do it the hard and cheap way or the expensive and easy way if you can solder a 15 pin female plug and a male 9 pin plug is around 50cents each and you just follow the pin to pin connections below and just use any old wire you have lying around like an eithernet cable or a cut up wall wart cord if you cant solder i would suggest breakout boards and neo geo extension cable i am in no way affiliated with these sellers the links are for illustrative purposes only https://www.ebay.com/itm/DB15-Female-D-SUB-2-Row-15-Pin-Plug-Breakout-Terminal-Solderless-Connector-SI-ps/313154202725 https://www.ebay.com/itm/DB9-Male-D-Sub-9-Pin-Plug-Breakout-Terminals-Solderless-Nut-Type-Connector-PLUEW/203056263360 https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-High-Quality-10FT-Controller-Extension-cable-for-NEO-GEO-AES-USA-SELLER/381701927963 you can also buy some pushbuttons for start pause and reset although i never use pause and reset i would suggest just wiring one to start and the others to # and * https://www.ebay.com/itm/3PCS-Micro-Lockless-Momentary-On-Off-Push-Button-12V-5A-Switch-Tact-Assortment/382864366387 so you would connect one leg of the switch to 15 pin units start =4 and 7,#= 8 and 1,*= 8 and 3 pause=4 and 6 reset= 4 and 5 wico connections all are in 15 pin to 9pin 9-7 10-8 11-6 (12-1) never needed but was there in case wico used its own trackball in the past future i suggest not connecting it 13-5 14-4 15-3 i could tell you to get a matrix keypad but i dont have the time to explain its pinouts
  7. my adapter is really just the 5200 faq "ibm gameport to 5200 adapter" with 2 tweaks 1) i add a start button 2) i connect gameport pins 4 and 5 together cause i ran into a weird joystick that used the other ground wire once i also attempt to make them as cheaply as is humanly possible and pass the savings onto you
  8. neat if you want to use that throttle on your solderless extensiob just swap the pin 13 to pin 6 (on the controller end just unplug the wire that goes to pin 6 and put it in the pin 13 socket )cause throttle is just y axis on joy2 but ive often found throttles with springs (which is dumb) that spring back to down its only real use to me is the pole position shifter or a locked thrott with river raid or dreadnaught i'm surptised you havent came up with some kind of lily tomlin phone operator board with a bunch of patch cords to select which button abcd is button one which axis is which heck you could even screw with teh matrix and make the frogger buttons in a more wasd configuratrion
  9. desert falcon i guess? ooh indy 500 i want a top view racer night driver would be good as long as it doesnt look like a blue wheelchair driving between yellow crayons i've wanted a pinball but not david midnigt madness pinball construction set looking thing
  10. i cant speak to console mods because i do not want to make things worse but to controllers there seems to be 4 things that can go wrong \ #1 the harness fails in some way often from tightly winding as per atari instructions or slamming it in a drawer there are 14 wires in that cable and if any one breaks you are done either a row will go out on the keypad a direction stops working or a button doesnt work #2 the flex circuit if a trace breaks you are done often it will be just one button on one side but still its game over for a "working controller" also the tin can get oxidied and turn a dark grey and not conduct so well combined with the carbon dots you may have a meg of resistance you can clean them with a pencil eraser i prefer using the white softer type but a new pink can do good just polish them up and test with a penny or paperclip to make sure its not a circuit path failure. on one controller i put little vaseline on each of the contacts and so far so good but who knows what its doing to the dots so eh its probably doing no good #3 the potentiometers they can get old and become jammed or jittery and good luck finding that type good news is im my experience it is rare for a pot to fail in the controller sometimes its just a missaligned pot arm and you can reset them to the right position with missile command knowing center is 6 oclock and 9 oclock #4 the carbon dots they can dry out or become gooey if they get gooey you are done get a new sheet of buttons if they are dry you can do litte skidmarks on a piece of paper with them and they often will conduct again
  11. halfpipe was always a pain bmx is super easy once you learn to keep your bike right on the top edge of the trail bmx is uniqe on the lynx well almost unique
  12. the only one that comes to mind is ghost manor it selects a girl or boy
  13. the adapter is a 2600 unit so it would work with everything ,hopefully it will work with your 5200 realize you need to use 2600 controllers and be careful hitting the switches while 5200 is on because it can loose connection if your slot is slightly dirty or loose
  14. neat i'll put it on my mental inventory of working gamepads the only one i knew that had an analog thumbstick was the interact makopad aka pc powerpad pro
  15. i rigged a chain of stuff everything but my 2600 has auto boxes so it goes 2600,5200,nes,sega,playstation,n64 i also have one of those av to coax boxes in line too to attach plug and play games yea my old magnetbox 25" tv only has coax in
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