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  1. Roklan Corporation was working on versions of Pursuit of the Pink Panther for the Atari 800 and Commodore VIC-20 it seems. Here is a one-screen demo I found. pinkvicdemo.bin
  2. At this time the owner of the archive doesn't want any of the source code released.
  3. 5200 Tempest is 32k and runs fine on a 16k 5200.
  4. The disk was found in the archive of a retired programmer who has graciously allowed me access to it.
  5. This game was originally developed on an Atari 800 computer using the Atari Editor Assembler cart. No cartridge was found but I did find a disk containing the source code. I converted the code to compile with DASM, which required a lot of editing. The resulting code compiled, but the game would not work. So I turned to my friend Thomas, who knows more about compiling 2600 code then I do. He was able to get it to work and I released it for all to enjoy.
  6. Joystick. I agree this would be awesome with the trakball!
  7. The code needed to be massaged a bit. I turned to the expert.
  8. Hey folks here is a rare find! Kickman for the 2600 programmed by Alex Leavens when he was at Roklan Corporation. CBS did not release this but I am releasing it now! It's quite fun to play. Plays great in Z26 and Stella, for Stella make sure you have Phosphor enabled in the video settings. Special thanks once again to Thomas Jentzsch for helping to get this game working. Press RESET to start the game. Left difficulty = balloon speed Right difficulty = kick length Kickman (1-8-82).bin
  9. Here is an early version of Anthony Weber's version of Gyruss. This unfortunately lacks collision detection and more levels. Music is pretty good though. The ship moves very smoothly as well, I really hope a later version is out there somewhere! This is an autoboot disk. Gyruss (Weber).ATR
  10. These games were programmed by Roklan in the eighties so they are not new. Some of them have been released before but I don’t know how complete they were so I posted all 4.
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