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  1. Yes I can dump this for you no problem.
  2. Super Cobra was programmed by Roklan Corporation for Parker Brothers and Popeye was started at Roklan but finished at On Time Software. Both of those protos were found in the archive of a retired programmer who at one time worked for both companies.
  3. Mainly because 5200 Tempest cannot be played with digital controls. It also uses all 32k of ROM. Since it was originally meant as a 5200 exclusive we have no plans to make an XL/XE version. There is Tempest Xtreem and now Tempest Elite for XL/XE.
  4. Does anyone have a WHDLoad for Mean 18? Id really like to install this on my hard drive if possible.
  5. Correct. It came from the Roklan/On Time Software archive.
  6. Yes, they had a few VAX 11/780’s as well as some 11/750’s.
  7. Most likely was, this was done after the sale of Atari to Jack Tramiel so it looks like this is a list of what was on hand at that time.
  8. Jack never programmed anything for the 2600. My bet would be he worked on the Atari 8-bit version.
  9. I suspected he converted Joust for C64 directly from the Atari 8-bit version based on the source and data I discovered.
  10. I found this in an archive. I'm not sure if this is the final or an earlier version. Popeye (8-29-83).bin
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