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  1. ;******************************* ;* * ;* ATARI 5200 WIZARD OF WOR * ;* * ;* COPYRIGHT 1981 ROKLAN CORP. * ;* FROM BALLY/MIDWAY MFG. CO. * ;* * ;* 16K ROM CARTRIDGE VERSION * ;* 12/17/82 * ;* * ;* * WRITTEN BY * * ;* JOE HELLESEN AND JOE WAGNER * ;* * ;******************************* Hmm.....
  2. I am shocked and saddened by this news. I worked with Curt on so many projects over the years. He was awesome to work with and I always spoke to him regularly. It is hard to believe my good friend is gone. RIP Curt, my prayers are with your family.
  3. It wasn’t leaked to anyone. The only place that got it was games that weren’t.
  4. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/2020/07/joust-full-game-released-today-after-over-30-years/
  5. https://www.gamesthatwerent.com/2020/07/joust-full-game-released-today-after-over-30-years/
  6. We only know that the Octopussy version was being done by one of Parker Brother's subcontractors. PB decided they wanted a parallax scroller game instead so development on the other version was most likely cancelled.
  7. Here is an early version of James Bond 007 for the 5200. It was just reviewed on atariprotos.com For emulators this is a single chip 16k game. Enjoy! James Bond 007 (Early).bin
  8. I just disabled the color cycling code on the title screen for now.
  9. The long lost prototype of Joust for Commodore 64 has been found at last! It was programmed for Atari by Joe Hellesen at Roklan Corporation. I plan to show the game in public for the fist time since 1984 in September at VCFMW/ECCC (If it happens). The game's CRT image will be released after the show or earlier if the show doesn't happen.
  10. Hopefully the final version can be brought to the 5200.
  11. Looks good! Hopefully this leads to a new series of sports games! Champ Games Basketball and Hockey please!
  12. Yes, remember this game was for the Japanese market so it was being developed for the Famicom not the NES.
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