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  1. I'm waiting for the special equipment to arrive so I can dump the ROM. This is NOT a hoax people. There are a few other games I plan on releasing as well.
  2. I have recently discovered the final version of Rockball in cart form. Once I have the special equipment required to dump the rom (it uses an eprom not easily read by some eprom programmers) I will be releasing this and a few other Roklan games for the Atari 800 over in the Prototypes forum.
  3. Atari was working on an 800 port of Liberator. Nothing has been found yet.
  4. I have some programming documentation for the trak-ball, Ill try and post it later for you.
  5. There is no spinner for the 5200 though, thus the trakball is the only other option.
  6. Has anyone ever considered adding trakball control to Gyruss? Having a more Tempest-like interface will give greater control I think.
  7. I'm looking for a C128 system. C128, 1571 and monitor. I have some C64 and Atari stuff for trade.
  8. No, as the author of the memo does not want them posted that way.
  9. This was from a printed memo, I found it in a lot of paperwork I purchased some time ago.
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