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  1. No on both questions. Game is unplayable with a digital stick anyway.
  2. THAT WORKED!!! It is now DSK1!! Thanks to everyone who helped!
  3. I think the key here is that yellow chip. I'm going to remove it and see if there is any labeling underneath. Also see if it works with it removed.
  4. I found that manual as well, the board does NOT match the diagram in several ways. I think this is a different board.
  5. I just acquired a PEB with an IBM 360k DSDD drive in it. When I go to use the drive, it only works as DSK2. I can't use any of the booting disk games since they only work with DSK1. I've looked at the drive and I cannot find a setting that would change the drive select to 1 instead of 2. Here is a picture of the drive's logic board, I don't see a terminator or a jumper select. Any ideas?
  6. Please do. I would greatly appreciate it.
  7. I can’t seem to find a II. It was listed as a II in the triton catalog but I’m nit sure if that was just a way for them to continue to sell an older product.
  8. I think I found it. All Star Baseball.dsk
  9. Does anyone have a copy of this game? I’ve been looking for it for a long time..
  10. Does anyone have a disk image of Return to Pirate’s Isle?
  11. He was the IT support guy for Atari, Atari Games and finally Midway Games West.
  12. The code was indeed found in a folder called WAR that was in Dave Shepperd's SYSOP directory on the VAX. He doesn't remember where it came from, other then he most likely found the files were sitting somewhere on the network and stored them there. We have no idea who started this project.
  13. The chips were found on a standard Atari made 5200 board. The chips were read correctly and are in fact the correct size.
  14. At long last, here is the ROM of Ed Logg’s version of Millipede for the Famicom. There is no sound as that wasn’t started yet. Looks like all work on this stopped in July of 1986. Thanks to TheRedEye and his crew for assembling this game from the source code found on the backup tapes. milli.nes
  15. Yes, all versions of Gyruss were programmed by On-Time Software and released by Parker Brothers.
  16. Nope. Dumping the game has no bearing on it's value. REAL collectors want the real thing. If there is only ONE in existence it is still worth top dollar.
  17. Here are the ROM files. If someone can get it working that would be great. Deluxe Invaders HI.BIN Deluxe Invaders Hi-Mid.BIN Deluxe Invaders Lo-Mid.BIN Deluxe Invaders.bin
  18. I gave the code to some NES coders but I haven’t heard anything from them since.....
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