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  1. Has anyone ever seen a double disk drive for a C-64? I had one, don't know if its still buried in the attic or if it went to the dump years ago. Just curious thou wether if they ever released it or not. I can't seem to remember. Anthony
  2. He not only has the blue one but he has others in different colors. He even has mini's. The booklet looks like he might have made it himself. He is the "JUNK MAN"!
  3. I"ll call a spade a spade. Uncle Bubba is a FRAUD...He sold Auntie Redneck aka kz1327sc his stinkie Nike sneakers last month and now she probably is making him sell them again because lo and behold they are up for sale again. His nom de Plum kz1327sc bought 6 items from him last month and only got feedback for 2. Nice Guy. As for the writer who suggest many or most auctions on eBay are, shall I say shady, I disagree. Oh, I'm not saying that some aren't, but I think the great majority and I'd put it at least over 98% of auctions are legitimate. I think that many of the buyers are very ill informed and willing to overpay and get involved in bidding up prices to a point way over what they should be, but that is the auction process at its best. Hysteria RULES in the auction house!!!
  4. Gentlemen, The Joystick Jolter will tell you about 9 to 5. It was planned, may have been fairly far in proto, but I doubt there was ever any finished product. The game was supposed to be, now get this a secretary-boss fight-out. This was the proposed gameplay: A secretary's work is never done: dictation, typing letters, filing, and it all has to be done on time. Now, the boss wants coffee, and time is running short. can she keep up with the pace. I seem to remember seeing a short proto at CES, but far from a finished product. I can't find anything in my notes about it other than what I just gave you. Those words are directly from a Fox Games of the Century Titles Press Release.
  5. As usual I forgot to list the URL. I don't want to make it difficult for anyone. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1339362164
  6. Just listed Avalon Hill's Death Trap with usual assortment of great paperwork. I know it's not another Malagai, but it's not exactly an easy one to snag. GOOD LUCK to all interested.
  7. I'd like to thank everyone who has followed this one. I can't follow it up with another knockout punch, but I have added another pretty tough cookie. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1339362164
  8. I guess you would like a URL to get you there rather than searching. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1339115577
  9. I have a 5200 Prototype cartridge with backup authenticity paperwork included up on eBay. Currently I am the only eBay seller selling prototypes with any real authenticity. I am not claiming anyone is selling phonies, but I know exactly where and how this cartridge came to me.
  10. Hey BuyAtari, I think you should make one HUGE bid on the game and sink the competition. If you don't have the box, well what the hey. It's almost like having a hemi with no car to put it in. Being totally serious gang. You have no idea how great it was to realize that I had all this stuff in my attic that is actually worth something. It is going to give my wife and I a few extra dollars to splurge with. I can only hope this hits the stratosphere come time to close. I am and will be donating scans of many things I have to atariage so that all can see some of the "things of the past". I'm not a greedy person. Put yourself in this senario. You go up in grandmas attic and find granpas old Honus Wagner card. Grandma says, "you keep it Johnny, I have no use for it at my age." You have been out of work for a year and could use the money. What do you do? Keep grandpas card or sell and put yourself back on your feet again?
  11. Does anyone have or know of anyone who has a copy of the old Activision 30 second Television commercial for Enduro. If you know of a site that has it that would be just as good. Thank you for your time and anything you could tell me of this.
  12. Does anyone have a copy of or know anyone who has a copy of Activision's Television 30 second spot for Enduro. I know there are lots of sites that have archival copies of these things, but I am just interested in the Enduro commercial. Thanks for your time!!!
  13. Could it be that the "REAL" answer is hidden somewhere in this quote. "It brings out the kid in us all"
  14. I'm not hiding. Yes, it's my auction and I have a couple others up as well. And to add to that I will be a regular eBay seller of Atari 2600 "STUFF" for a while to come. I will say this to whoever is interested, I was offered $750 from an AA reader before I put the auction up so put 2 and 2 together and know I'm not dumb enough to let it get away any cheaper than that at the very least. I also have a son who played all these games with me in the early to mid 80s. And I have a 3 1/2 year old grandson who loves playing games on my computer(he's played almost everygame at www.t45ol.com ). So I figure at least on this game if I can't sell it for BIG bucks I'll just give it to one of them. Just a PS so that you all don't think I'm just greedy. I have just had to take a disability retirement at 55 after a year with no pay. So I figure this could pay a couple of bills for us. I have a lot to offer here and hope to be one of the gang, once you know me. Albert will vouch for the fact that I am already sharing with Atariage.
  15. Hey "DUMMY" you forgot to put up the URL http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...item=1338229330
  16. Well I put up my copy of Answer Software's Malagai. It's a nine 9 on Atariage's Scale. It is even rarer than normal due to the letter included with it from the manufacturer to the reviewer. The letter also mentions their never released game prototype of CONFRONTATION being sent along with MALAGAI to the reviewer. They asked for the cartridge back and I guess the "Dummy" sent it back to them. Who was that "Dummy"?
  17. Atari and others actually tried to control these "prototype, loaners, eproms or any other name they decided to call them" by having you send them back. Sometimes it was a tougher control than others. Depending on how you got along with the people in the marketing department. And yes Atari probably was one of the only with printed labels made especially for their carts. I remember CBS had Xerox copied labels from the Public Relations firm that handled their games. Some of the companies handled it themselves, but most of the other Large companies, other than Atari, used PR firms.
  18. OOOOPPPPSS!' I guess the URL would make it easier!!! http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...indexURL=0&rd=1 sorry
  19. Hey Gang, I put up a Joust Prototype and I am including with it the original press release from Atari on the games release. Not many of them around with this backup. I'm also putting up a retail version of the very hard to find MALAGAI on eBay today. Keep checking as I have lots of protos and press info that I will be selling on eBay. Good Luck to all and thank you for your time. Anthony Joystick Jolter(no funny remarks please. I've heard them all many times over)
  20. Yes, if I remember right it was shown and I even tried it at CES 1983 in Vegas. It could have been Summer Ces in Chicago, but I believe it was Vegas. If I can find my CES book I will post the definite date. It actually worked. Not perfectly mind you though. You sometimes tried going right and just kept going straight. I might even have the press handouts yet, but I can't be sure. I'm in the process of the great hunt of looking through 50 years of, as my wife calls it, "junk" .
  21. Hi, I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any idea of the going auction price of the Answer Software game Malagai.This is my first post so don't chew me up too much. Thanks, Anthony
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