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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Lost the spacers while I was mucking about in my falcon. If anyone has some spare spacers I would be very appreciative.
  2. Fantastic rendition! If you do any more I'd love to hear how the pokey would handle flashman's stage
  3. Didn't know him but I am saddened to hear this
  4. Now all we need are to get some custom Atari style keycaps made. That my friends would be amazing
  5. Hey there, looking for Valforth for the Atari 8-bit computers. Preferably both manual and disks but if you only have one please still shoot me a PM Thanks for your time --Griz--
  6. This is amazing! I need one of these in my life.
  7. I would love for this to be archived somewhere. I have been looking for a copy of this for quite some time.
  8. When I was messing around with the Warp9 screen accelerator, I recall seeing an option for desktop backgrounds in the config panel. I didn't mess with that particular feature though so i'm not sure how well it works.
  9. Unfortunately no, i have been unable to find any documentation related to this card.
  10. I would also like a spare asap while I still have the money to throw at someone
  11. ya, hence the "I haven't had time to clean up the folder" thing. that folder contains both the compiled binary + source I do admit that I could have made that more clear
  12. i know kinda odd question, a friend gave me a nice old receiver that was litterally like 1/32 of an inch too wide to fit in my cabinet. I admit that I would rather like all of them but i doubt i could afford them let alone shipping. Anyway, what would you like for the amp as well as shipping to 73071?
  13. Guilty as charged. don't feel to bad though, I know how you feel... I REALLY tried to get that ct63 but alas... =]
  14. Sigh, got my kryoflux in works like a champ with 3.5in drive, unfortunately my 5.25 drive seems to be toast. Does anyone have a spare 5.25 drive around that they would be willing to part with? (preferably black faced (I know i'm horribly driveist))
  15. Compiled on 64bit Have not had time to clean up folder, but it runs aspeqt.zip
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