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  1. Probably is not Lady Bug, RallyX, Turtles or JumpBug, but I would be ok with any of those 😛 The other well known Z80 arcade conversion there... yeah it would be a challenge (but it would be really nice having your version in the A8).
  2. After all the experiments from Vinscool, Synthpopalooza and other people, I would say that supporting custom note tables (3) and providing fine control over all the Pokey values per frame (7), when needed, are the most important. You can forget about number 6. It was that sometimes, some note tables or instruments, need to be used in specific channels. But you can give total freedom to the user in the end, there is no need to check everything.
  3. I would try with something like: BASE = $5000 SETVEC = *-BASE BUFFLEN = *+1 ERRNUM org *+24 org *+49 .sb +128, " START " (untested!)
  4. You made me remember that I typed that one, almost finished it, but lost it to the Atari Basic's lock up bug (could not save it 😕). Never tried again x) Probably the ones I played most: - Zurk: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-zurk_5952.html?version=5952 - Kooky's Quest: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-kooky-s-quest_2834.html?version=2834 - Avalanche: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-avalanche_442.html?version=442 - Spy Plane: http://www.atarimania.com/game-atari-400-800-xl-xe-spy-plane_4952.html?version=4952 Maybe Avalanche could interest you.. is a QBert clone in machine language, from Analog.
  5. There is already an A8 version of Raimais, so there is code done if you need it, but probably if there is a popular vote Bubble Bobble would win x) (and the graphics for the 7800 are already done in this thread: )
  6. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pac-Man_Vs
  7. Couldn't resist doing it with other colors of the A8 palette (Altirra default NTSC):
  8. As a general programming advice I prefer the other option, detecting the "just pressed" event, so a detection of a "key not pressed", followed by a detection of "key pressed". That way you know that no other application can mess with yours. Also, detecting "just pressed" feels more responsive than detecting "just released", from the user's perspective. But I understand that this doesn't protect you from messing with the next application
  9. What method do you use? When I did my pseudo clone I moved all balls by steps equal or lower than one pixel, many times per frame, checking if they cross over brick limits. With this there is no problem with the collisions (even if you hit more than one brick in the same frame), but the problem is that a higher speeds (and with more active balls) the processing cost is also higher. So I don't know if this method will work well with the 7800. Well.. probably there are ways to optimize this, like doing the fine steps only if we are moving through a zone with bricks on it.. but I never explored this solution.
  10. Is kind of funny that this can done almost equal (or better) in the A8 (G0, P/M's for the white "underlay" color, narrow playfield).. and the arcade uses a 6502 clocked at 756 KHz. How much do you like the original?
  11. Not that I'm participating, but I normally do two versions of my games NTSC and PAL.. would that be ok with the competition rules?
  12. Not trying to influence your opinion, I think both options are valid, but I just wanted to add a vote for some "mild" randomness. Probably one of the extreme examples for this is something like Spelunky (or Rogue Legacy for metroidvanias), and for sure that have some epic speed runs In my case, when I do any type of game I end testing it so much, that I feel forced to add some kind of randomization, so it still feels fun down the way. Without changing the order of rooms, I have experimented with changing the starting direction of the enemies, changing slightly the speed of some enemies and obstacles, adding a small random delay to the start of some periodic events, all with the intention that the player don't only memorize every pattern, but has to adapt to the small changes. Anyway, whatever you do is going to be a great game 😛 Saludos vecino.
  13. Ouch.. that fired some neurons that were sleeping for more than 30 years x) The vector line maze.. the sound.. It was in the Analog Compendium.
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