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  1. Thanks! Yes, that's one of my main concerns with this type of games. If you want fast, smooth and good gameplay, you should be able to at least see clearly all the balls in play. That and having a fast and responsive control.. I really don't like all the modern versions that try to use a gamepad (inclusive an analog one) to control a bat and ball game.
  2. Hi all! I wanted to share a remix of an old project, as a little present before the end of the year. There was no time for more and P.M 3.0 needs a lot more time yet . This one is inspired by the old Arkanoid games (1, 2 and Tournament). Is a beta version, there is still work to do, but is already very playable, so I hope people enjoy it. To do (in the far, far future): enemies!, new type of bricks, more powerups, more levels, bosses at the end of every branch of levels, tittle screen, better graphics, music and more animations and sound effects. Right now it only works with a mouse (should add paddle and trackball support). At last, after all this years I made a mouse routine that works well using acceleration, so I hope it also works well in a real machine, with a low DPI mouse. In Altirra it runs very good using a modern mouse (remember to not have too much processes running in the background, if you want a "smooth" play experience). Also, the height of the screen is a little big (2.5 mode lines over the normal top area and 1.5 lines below, for a total of 28 lines of Antic4 mode), so I hope to get any feedback about these issues on real machines. Instructions: Start the game with the button or the space bar. Launch the ball with the button or the space bar. At the end of a level select one of the two exits to go to different levels. There is a max of 7 levels before completing the game, but you can choose different branches at every step, so try to figure the best route to get the highest score (maybe I should offer a reward for this ). Options: (change in the tittle screen, using the D, M and S keys) - Difficulty: arcade (a little easier then the Ark. games) or easy (very slow, for small children .. there is no scoring). - Vaus type: not working. - Mouse input acceleration: change between 0 (no acceleration) to 3 (max acceleration). - Starting level: all completed levels show here, but at the start of the game there are only 3 unlocked. Powerups (pills): - E: expand powerup, bigger paddle size - R: reduce powerup, smaller paddle size (x2 the scoring of bricks, while in use) - C: catch powerup, catch the ball for some seconds, drop it using the button or the space bar. - S: slow powerup, slow down the ball speed (the effect is accumulative, but the ball speed up after touching the top border or every 20 seconds) - P: extra player powerup, get an extra ball (max one per level) - B: break powerup, open the side exits so you can go to the left or right level - X: mega ball powerup, red ball that can destroy every type of brick - D: disrupt powerup, multi ball (3 of them, there are no new powerups created when this is active!) Scoring: - 80 points per normal brick - 50 points per every hit to "hard" bricks (the ones that need more than one hit) - while in use, the "R" powerup adds a x2 multiplicator to the score of every brick - 1000 points per powerup - 10000 per using one of the exits after catching the "B" powerup - 5000 points per completing a level without losing a ball (and destroying all bricks) - one extra player after 20000 points The NTSC version is the best one, only because of the frame rate (60 vs 50). But the speed, the gameplay and the colors should be the same between both versions. Only the speed of the sounds and some animations are a little different (and the mouse input rate: 1440Hz in NTSC vs 1350Hz in PAL). The NTSC version only run in a NTSC system, the PAL version only run in a PAL system. Regards! ..and Merry Christmas, there is still one hour left here Pad_versions.zip
  3. Yes! I'm sending a copy to you to beta test
  4. Uff.. it seems I have done a lot of those lately. If your original colors are for NTSC, then it goes something like this: (colors in hexadecimal format) NTSC --> PAL $0x --> $0x (same) $1x --> $Ex $2x --> $1x $3x --> $2x $4x --> $3x $5x --> $4x $6x --> $5x $7x --> $6x $8x --> $7x $9x --> $8x $Ax --> $Ax (same) $Bx --> $Bx (same) $Cx --> $Cx (same) $Dx --> $Dx (same) $Ex --> $Ex (same) $Fx --> $Fx (same) The last group (from $A to $F) being the same could be debatable, but it works for me in the overall look/feeling. Also I'm talking about colors in Altirra, that uses these two palettes as default: NTSC: PAL:
  5. Hi Miker. Is all advancing.. slowly, but advancing PM 3.0 should run over a 130XE and be something playable. I'm going to use the extra space to recover some graphic quality lost in PM 2.0, add more texture variation, and add some enemies and objects (mainly using P/M 's). Also, with a little luck and some optimizations, maybe all the thing will still run near 20FPS. All the main problems seem to be solved already (in paper), so I don't expect too much complications with this.. So, probably the next part will be ready in 2012.. anyways you are going to be the first to know when is ready, because I will ask you for more music Regards.
  6. Yep.. is all in this thread: http://www.atariage....ost__p__1260463 Time flies.. as always
  7. Another one for you Jose: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sP4NMoJcFd4&feature=relmfu
  8. Hey Tezz, I have a better solution.. just post whatever "work in progress" that you want, whenever you want, and make happy the lot of people that enjoy your demos, myself included The only thing that isn't fair here, is how much you have raised the bar for a "casual work in progress demo".. come on man, you make the rest of us look bad Regards.
  9. Er, Space Harrier with a limited amount of enemy types in between loading? You'll have to be more specific with the question Hmmm maybe.. any of the current levels that could run in 128k or 64k? (I suppose different levels need different memory sizes), the bonus stage? a level without a boss fight? a level with only one type of enemy and some trees? Go to sleep ..
  10. At least you have the option to shoot or to listen to the music
  11. Nop. No release. Yep. Good game . The only "problem" is that is difficult to replicate the control system. http://www.arcade-mu...hp?game_id=7859 http://strategywiki....wiki/Front_Line
  12. hahaha can "almost" picture that.. (you can always add the option to render like that to your Gui project.. I mean, if you have any enemies in atariland) The "alternate lines" seems to be a good idea, I would like to try it sometime. In your case, as you have a "tall" pixel of two scanlines you could alternate between one frame with the pixel with the first scanline in gtia9 and the second in gtia11, and the next frame with the same pixel in gtia11 and gtia9 order. Hmmm that's going to look funny in PAL now that I think.. because of the pal artifacting, every time you have a zone of gtia11 followed by a zone of gtia9. while you are at it, can you include 8 players (everyone with a color register) instead of 4 players + 4 missiles? and gtia 10 with 16 color registers? thanx..
  13. Sounds like flicker hell... If your gtia11 lines have the luma in 0 and some parts of your gtia9 lines use the luma in 15, you are going to have the "worst case" for flicker (alternating pixels of luma 0 and 15).. you could use luma 8 for gtia11, to average the flicker, but then I don't know how black will look. I did this many years ago to do a "horizontal rainbow effect" and it didn't look that bad in some small parts of the screen. Sure, in Altirra with frame blending is going to look like real 256 colors (but with the luma averaged between the two screens), but in a full screen of a real PAL TV... That project that I was talking (with frame blend in Altirra):
  14. Well, 16.16 would be more nice for your numbers You need 13 bits for your max integer value (8800), so if you are forced to 16 bit values, that gets you something like 13.3. In that case I probably would drop the 2 highest values (8800 and 4400.. this sound like Hz values ) and use a 12.4 representation, representing these max values as a "special" case in the code (and assigning them a special bit sequence..). If size (and speed) is not a problem I would go for a 16.8 or 16.16 representation directly. For the decimal part, 8 bits gives you something like "2.25 digits" of precision, and 16 bits gives you like "4.5 digits" of precision (P-M numbers use 8 bits of decimal precision by the way.. but could also use 16). This is the code I normally use to transform a float value (below 256) to a 8.16 byte representation: void FloatToByte3(float floatValue, int arrayIndex, bool approximate) { if (approximate) { // 2 ^ -(16+1) , approximation, this is like adding 0.5f previous to an (int) conversion floatValue += 1.0f / 131072.0f; } unsigned char byte1 = (unsigned char) floatValue; unsigned int decimalPart = (unsigned int) (65536.0f * (floatValue - (float) byte1)); unsigned char byte2 = (unsigned char) (decimalPart / 256); unsigned char byte3 = (unsigned char) (decimalPart - byte2 * 256); m_arrayByte1[arrayIndex] = byte1; m_arrayByte2[arrayIndex] = byte2; m_arrayByte3[arrayIndex] = byte3; }
  15. Very nice - something not too simple, yet not too vastly overambitious for A8 either. ExedExes had crossed my mind more than a few times as an interesting project I was trying to do something that looked good, was fun and played to the strong points of the A8. If I really wanted to do a port of E&E (at the level of SH for example), probably I would go for gr7 bitmap mode, with lot of software sprites and drop the parallax effect, because most of the time you have lots of enemies in similar vertical positions and lots of bullets.. and gameplay is most important than visuals for me (in this case). So that "door" is still open (but I suppose in that case, one should start doing something more simple, like a port of galaga). And Star Force is mostly my model for air enemies.. in fact you should recognize the "inspiration" for the flying enemies in the first picture . The SF patterns are very "A8 friendly", in the sense that many times you don't have more than one enemy per line. Hmmm why nobody has ever tried to do a port of Goldrunner? no fans?
  16. Well, the "year" started in July and I should be trying to generate money also, with some personal projects, so is not all "free time" Technically, all the screens are from code running in the A8 (well.. in Altirra), but the ones that still have a "future" are: pic 5, a fast platformer + shooter with simple graphics; pic 6, a pacman-alike that started as an experiment to get the AI of the original ghosts in some new mazes and test some new behaviors; and pic 6+7, a vertical shooter with exed&exes influences (at least the parallax and graphics.. should not talk to Sheddy about old games ). Pic 8 is a test for plasma effects in APAC. Pic 2 and 4 are two small programs that I wrote to test scroll in G8 (one pixel at a time) and in G15 (with sub pixel precision). Pic 1 and 3 are a test of a system to see graphics in G0, with all the possible brights; something that could be used for a simple rogue like game, with illumination effects. The other four are: one from my old software sprites thread, one example of a colorful "mario like" type of screen, one example of mid-scanline color changes and an old arkanoid like type of game, with 7 levels and that used the mouse as control.
  17. Sunny.. spring is already here Wow, is already September, that time of the year.. well last year I started working in October, so I still have time I suppose. That time I had a 3 month vacation.. now is one year.. maybe I should do something and don't get distracted with side projects Just for asking.. you win.. some pictures.. Well, they look colorful altogether.. and without a rainbow effect in sight Some oldies but goodies: Regards!
  18. Maybe you can contact him through some email address in the sites: http://www.erasmatazz.com/ or http://www.storytron.com/
  19. Nice to see the reaction to this thread, after almost two years of the epic 464-pages vs thread Jose, this is for you: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JbKKikXSjz0&feature=player_embedded
  20. Good work :thumbsup: +1 for the updated version in the future (with the enemies) (more than one hour to get to the top??.. hope it has a pause button x) ) (also.. at some point write about your compression techniques please!) Regards.
  21. Just under the dome in the first picture! Well.. maybe "towers" is a little too much for the "vertical area of the same color" under the base, but you get the idea..
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