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  1. Nice! Simple and difficult at the same time.. 48 levels? the side number is the optimal solution? the letters are the ranking? lame on purpose? () (I really like the transitions.. would like to know what graphic mode is that )
  2. Hmm .. you mean the "Solomon's Key" type of game: http://www.mobygames.com/game/spherical/screenshots or there was another one?
  3. Awesome! Really nice use of colors and animations. Very professional and fun-looking. Keep raising the bar, please
  4. Didn't knew that, but I always used .sb to put text on screen (with Mads) like: .sb " screen text test " (using single or double quotes do the same in this case)
  5. My generic macro to set memory to a predefined value: ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; SetMemory [address] [bytes] [value] ;-------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ; warning, using some page zero memory .macro SetMemory setMemPtr = 254 setMemCounter = 252 .if :0 <> 3 .error "SetMemory error" .else ldy #0 lda #<:1 sta setMemPtr lda #>:1 sta setMemPtr+1 .if :2 < 256 lda #:3 setMemLoop1 sta (setMemPtr),y iny cpy #:2 bne setMemLoop1 .else lda #<:2 sta setMemCounter lda #>:2 sta setMemCounter+1 setMemLoop2 lda #:3 sta (setMemPtr),y iny bne setMemB1 inc setMemPtr+1 setMemB1 lda setMemCounter bne setMemB2 dec setMemCounter+1 setMemB2 dec setMemCounter lda setMemCounter ora setMemCounter+1 bne setMemLoop2 .endif .endif .endm This doesn't need the address aligned to a page, or the number of "bytes" to be a multiply of 256.. For your example: "Let's say I want to store zeros in memory locations 32000 to 40000", the usage would be: SetMemory 32000, [40000-32000+1], 0 (yep, 8001 bytes because you specified 40000 inclusive ) This is all in MADS assembler syntax.
  6. Maybe the guy who is programming Ballblazer for the VCS? http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/130990-anyone-think-ballblazer-is-possible-on-the-2600/page__view__findpost__p__2338933 Yeah, that guy is a genius! Well, Ballblazer probably is my favorite most - played game in the A8, so I agree with that (A lot of times here in the forum I read that there was a version in the works for the 2600, but never could find a link to it, so many thanks to bringing the URL to my own topic )
  7. NRV

    FQ soon?

    Haha.. it seems Miker was just waiting for the moment to post that Hmmm.. nothing.. I have said nothing.. Unexcusable!
  8. Really, really sad.. rest in peace Raster.
  9. +2 for the questions also.. in fact let's add more, like: - what projects do you think would be feasible with the A8 + AtariMax combo and your current knowledge? - if you were to work in this as a (paid) job, how many months do you think it will take you to complete SH (with your last engine rewrite)? - was the project always "fun" to you? nah.. not sorry personally, when I create anything just for fun, I think the best reward is people's appreciation at the end.. and that they like it Exed Exes! nice memories .. I really like some of the classic Capcom shooters.. that one and Gunsmoke are among my all time favorites (Vulgus is also very intense, but with less variation.. simple enough for a port maybe ).. in fact I think I'm going to put the LCD on the side and play some rounds in the PSX, with the Capcom classic collections..
  10. Congratulations on getting to the finish line Sheddy! What a great "piece" of code (all 7843 files ) .. best conversion ever for the A8 IMHO. I always liked the original arcade game (I finished it with 3 credits at some point ), so I appreciate it more I suppose. I hope everyone at least look at your "comments.txt" file, to see how to manage a project like this over time. Please, take a (small) rest and start another "impossible" project, to fill those empty hobby hours (just asking.. apart from SH what other arcade games have you liked?) Regards.
  11. Hmm.. my knowledge about the 5200 is a little lacking, but.. If the only difference is to remap some addresses and with that cartridge you can have at least 64K, then it should be possible..
  12. Nop.. sorry, it was hibernating the first half of the year
  13. Nobody has said "a nice auto complete feature" so I suppose is too obvious? Anyway, I still have not used WUSDN, so I can't really comment (yeah I know.. shame on me )
  14. If you have the Express edition then it seems you will need a newer version, but if not, maybe is possible to "downgrade" the .vcproj by "hand". Where I work they used to do this (Microsoft provides you a conversion wizard to easily upgrade a project to a new version, in the best of their interests, but don't help you if you want to try to go back to an older version.. also in the best of their interests I suppose ). Normally, they will open an empty (or working) project file (.vcproj from your old VC++) in a text editor and then open the .vcproj that you want to convert, in another text editor. Then, they copy the necessary information from one to the other until it works, trying to "figure it out" what is needed. Hope that helps.
  15. Nice! Good luck with it.. I can imagine some applications running over that .
  16. I voted for tutorial without polish because you can always add the polish later (and that can be part of the tutorial). Also, if that is already the 7th item in your list, the faster the better . Fast prototyping is a good idea, because you are more motivated with something already working and playable. You can get the first level and the engine working and then the people here can add all the levels and some new ones. Seems good to use also gr.8 with some players for the door and the key. Why flicker?. Also, it sounds like you want to do the zoom effect? I remember that you talked about this before, but it was this? http://cymonsgames.com/asciiportal/ or this? http://portal.wecreatestuff.com/ I believe that the mechanics can get complicated, with some physics and objects included in the higher levels, but I'm not so sure. Hmmm it sounds like a good technical demo to try.. some basic lines and joints and some simple geometrical objects physics.. I suppose you can precalculate some reactions or hard code some animations and specific reactions. For anyone looking for good and "modern-retro" ideas, the finalists of the IGF 2011 were already announced. Take a look at most of the 2d entries: http://www.igf.com/02finalists.html and some others for inspiration: http://www.chimegame.com/ http://www.remar.se/daniel/herocore.php http://teknopants.com/games/shootfirst/ http://nifflas.ni2.se/?page=NightSky Regards.
  17. [offtopic] I like your new sig.. [/offtopic] Well, there are a lot Atari8bit-friendly concepts out there in the indie scene. Visit something like http://www.indiegames.com/blog/ and you are going to find some simply and fun games from time to time (very "portable"). For example this week I was thinking about this one: http://www.nonverbal.ch/colorbind.html (see the video)
  18. Seems is not possible.. the manual only speaks about those mythical "hxnums": hxnum - A hex number. It can be address or data. Hex numbers are treated as unsigned integers. dcnum - A positive number. Decimal numbers are rounded to the nearest two byte unsigned integer; 3.5 to 3.9 is rounded to 4 and 100.1 to 100.4 is rounded to 100. http://www.mixinc.net/atari/mac65.htm
  19. Please! an explanation! I suppose it doesn't make sense to run that in Altirra.. From what I get.. you can show players with data that doesn't come from the normal player base area? What kind of "LMS interference"? Regards.
  20. Well.. one vote for José, one for playability (fun) and one for 2d games. I like to see new screens, I think he is getting better with time. I wouldn't call his posts "spam", you can always ignore them and is not like he's doing 3 new threads per day, like in his good old days . Also I think he is getting results and this "small scene" needs all the "enthusiasm" that it can get. Is not like he is luring "good" programmers to the "evil" side, if the game proposed is not good then it probably will just fade away. Some people sometimes need the motivation that José provides (I don't understand how someone can fell "pressure" just by reading a post). About 2d vs 3d games I don't think one should replace the other, there is space for both. You can express different types of "fun" through different types of games, but I don't think that make one more "valuable" than the other. I myself have two other projects that are 2d and are in a state a lot more playable than P.M., because is more easy to "design a game" when you don't need to burn a lot of time in the technical aspects of the project. I also believe that the best games, specific to the capabilities of our machines, are still waiting to be written.
  21. Yes that's the main reason. We talked about this before and is not possible to use DLI's without wasting too much time (by the use of WSYNC). You can only trigger the change before the start of a line, only in narrow modes (32 bytes) and sacrificing a register like X or Y (preloaded with the PRIOR value), I believe.
  22. A "little". First I wouldn't need to do the IRQ processing to alternate between gtia9 and gtia11 every scan line. That would save me like 3000 cycles per hardware frame. Also I wouldn't need to update the "color" part of the screen (the gtia11 lines), but that doesn't take much time because I only update the parts of the screen that changed, between the current frame and the previous frame in that buffer (and those are few). It would look "brighter" but without any color.. (Is not a dumb question!) Regards.
  23. This is the code that I'm using right now in P.M to initialize things: .if .def IRQ_15KHz ; "init irq timer 4 and general clock" lda #0 ; volume = 0 sta AUDC4 lda #1 ; 0 ==> count one scan line (minimum resolution!), 1 ==> count two sta AUDF4 lda #1 ; 15khz mode sta AUDCTL ; "sync IRQs start (to an odd or even scan line)" sta WSYNC sta WSYNC lda VCOUNT Sync_irq_15KHz sta WSYNC cmp VCOUNT beq Sync_irq_15KHz sta WSYNC sta WSYNC ; "do the final fine tuning sync" lda #0 sta SKCTL :10 nop lda $00 ; 23 cycles lost to sync to a position "before a specific pixel" lda #3 sta SKCTL lda #1 ; just need to be different than 0 ? sta STIMER ; is this really necessary ?? .endif I use the 15 Khz mode and probably I'm doing some useless things, but it works . This is for my method of one IRQ every 2 scan lines, if one want to sync to an odd or even line (I don't remember which one). Probably too many "sta WSYNC" at the start is overkill, but I wanted to be sure. I really don't know if the set to STIMER needs to be there. Also I don't need to start the IRQs always at the same exact position, just before certain pixel, so I just need to account for the worst case scenario. I suppose that case are the instructions that use 7 cycles: BRK; ASL, LSR, ROL and ROR $FFFF,X; INC and DEC $FFFF,X.. maybe we can avoid those instructions if you want that the worst case is only 6 cycles.. I start the sequence of 64 IRQs, every frame, inside a DLI with the next code: .if .def IRQ_15KHz lda #4 .else lda #1 .endif sta IRQEN The sequence of IRQs ends of "natural death" because the last IRQ doesn't set IRQEN again, but I would like to terminate the IRQs inside another DLI, so to not have to use a counter (but, that never worked when I tried one year ago). Regards! (I hate using ' or " to mark comments in the code segments , I miss the old syntax coloring!).
  24. They are all good points.. nothing to say about that. Probably the first "game" version will use the assets that are already there (graphics and music), but I still don't know how many enemies (or objects) can I have on screen at the same time (infinite, I know, but I'm talking about playability ). Also I'm not interested in replicating the same map layouts (there are a lot by the way), so it will never be a "real" port anyway. As a Wolf3d fanatic myself I'm more interested in having something "new" to play, and I like designing maps and secrets. Also I could have some random elements in the maps, for re-playability. Well, there are a lot of versions, variations and expansions (fan made) of the original Wolf3d and its engine, this could be something like that.
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